insane family guy trivia

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Quiz by macromanosky1
Last updated: May 7, 2012
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First submittedMay 7, 2012
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waht does Spock say when he wins the lottery?
live long and suck it
what is Lois' dad's full name?
carter pewtershmidt
where does Peter meet Jesus?
record store
the Super Devil carries a jar of _________.
(4 cont.) this let's him make people commit ________.
what band's bus breaks down in front of the Griffins' house?
what Alanis Morisette album is the soundtrack to Carter's '96 AND '97?
what show do Peter and Carter rip off to make money?
Dawsons creek
what candy comercial features Lincoln's asassination?
what is God's room mate's name?
Level 17
May 31, 2012
you spelled mentos wrong. it's not mint-o's
Level 21
Jun 2, 2013
On the show, though, it is Mintos, presumably for copyright reasons.
Level 44
Oct 26, 2017
Yeah it's for copyright reasons
Level 36
Jun 22, 2012
you should have allowed 'suck it' on the Spock one. He says it alone like 6 times.
Level 15
Jul 10, 2013
You spelled Pewterschmidt wrong.
Level 31
Aug 6, 2013
You spelled Pewterschmidt wrong and you should accept record shop. Store is almost never used in England, among other countries, so it would be nice if you accepted shop. Also, keep capitals constant to improve the appearance of the quiz. Other than that, very good questions. It was pretty challenging.
Level 14
Feb 18, 2014
5/10! i feel like i should have gotten mentos and carter pewterschmidt lol, i spelled them at least close to correctly
Level 44
Oct 26, 2017
It's spelled like you commented
Level 48
Apr 24, 2014
Natalie Merchant wrote "Tigerlilly." Not Alanis. That is a big mistake.
Level 43
Dec 25, 2014

Jagged Little Pill is the correct album for Alanis.

Level 51
May 17, 2023
As already stated, Pewterschmidt is spelled wrong...I spelled it correctly and got it wrong. Also JAGGED LITTLE PILL is Alanis Morissette's album.