Insane Call of Duty Zombies Trivia

WARNING: This contains story spoilers and contains elements from every map pack. It is quite difficult
Quiz by TankDempsey
Last updated: May 11, 2012
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First game to feature zombies mode
Call of Duty: World at War
First ever zombie map
Nacht der Untoten
Weapon you always start out with
Colt M1911
Strange chest that gives you a random weapon for 950
Mystery Box
Weapon that shoots green bolts of exploding energy
Ray Gun
Power-up that makes all weapons a one-hit kill
Power-up that replenishes your ammunition
Power-up that kills all zombies that are on the map
Power-up that boards up all windows
Power-up that activates all boxes and makes them cost only 10 points
Fire Sale
2nd zombie map (asylum)
In order to open the door in the beginning of the asylum, you must activate ______
The Power
Costs 1000, and creates a barrier
Electric Barrier
Perk that increases health
Perk that increases reload speed
Speed Cola
Perk that revives teammates faster
Perk that increases fire rate
3rd zombies map (swamp)
Shi no Numa
If you activate three in the first swamp hut, you hear coordinates
American marine who is voiced by Steve Blum and calls zombies "freakbags"
Tank Dempsey
Russian man who loves vodka and has had many wives
Nikolai Belinski
Japanese man who has a katana and isn't as funny as the other characters
Takeo Masaki
German doctor who has schizophrenia and worked for group 935
Edward Richtofen
Creatures that appear every 5th, 6th, or 7th round
Strange substance that powers the machines and wonder weapons
Element 115
Weapon that shoots electricity and kills up to 10 zombies instantly
Wunderwaffe DG-2
115 came to earth in a ______
This is the song used in the official trailer for the "swamp" map
The One
American operative who was captured at the asylum, and was contacted through radios in the swamp
4th and final zombie map of WaW (factory)
Der Riese
Machine that upgrades weapons
Machines located throughout Der Riese that transport you across the map
Stuffed animals that appear when you play "hide and seek"
Teddy Bears
Special grenade that plays a song that distracts zombies and then explodes
Monkey Bomb
Buyable melee weapon that's an insta-kill until round 10 (introduced in "factory")
Bowie Knife
Group of scientists who developed the zombies, wonder weapons, and machines
Group 935
Nazi leader of the group mentioned above
Dr. Ludwig Maxis
Daughter of the above leader. She haunts all the maps
Samantha Maxis
Easter egg song on "factory"
Beauty of Annihilation
Sequel to COD:WaW
Call of Duty: Black Ops
5th zombie map (theatre)
Kino der Toten
You can use these on the theater projector to see hidden images
Film Reels
The only standard WaW weapon to appear on "theatre"
Weapon that releases a powerful wave that pushes back any zombies in front of you
6th zombie map (pentagon)
President who appears in "pentagon" and in the campaign
John F. Kennedy
President who appears only in "pentagon"
Richard Nixon
Secretary of defense who appears in "pentagon"
Robert McNamara
Cuban dictator
Fidel Castro
Scientist that uses teleporters and steals your weapons in the pentagon map
Pentagon Thief
Power-up that gives you a mini-gun
Death Machine
Gun that freezes zombies
Winter's Howl
7th zombie map that resembles an arcade game
Dead Ops Arcade
Final boss fight in the arcade zombies game
Cosmic Silverback
8th zombie map (cosmodrome)
Enemies that fly down from space and steal your perks in the cosmodrome
Space Monkeys
Perk that eliminates falling damage, splashback damage, and makes you explode when dolphin diving
PhD Flopper
Perk that allows you to run faster and for longer distances
Special grenade that opens a black hole
Gersch Device
Special grenade that explodes into three more grenades
Matrioshka Dolls
In order to access the PaP machine on cosmodrome, you must launch this
The Rocket
Scientist who is replaced in the soviet cosmodrome backstory
Lead scientist at the soviet cosmodrome backstory
This is the mechanism that must be repaired in the easter egg on "cosmodrome"
Kassimir Mechanism
During the easter egg on the cosmodrome, you need to spell out this word:
You can use these to travel quickly above the cosmodrome
Lunar Landers
9th zombie map (lighthouse/shipwreck)
Call of the Dead
Special boss that you can fight on shipwreck; he uses a giant electric stagelight
George Romero
Actress who played Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Actor who played Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elm St.
Robert Englund
Actor who played Machete
Danny Trejo
Actor who played Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead
Michael Rooker
Easter egg song from shipwreck
I'm Not Ready to Die
Weapon from shipwreck that turns zombies into humans
The characters from the main story arc have been trapped behind a _______
In the shipwreck easter egg, you acquire this for Richtofen
Golden Rod
Explosive sniper rifle that does a lot of damage
Perk that increases accuracy and makes headshots easier
Deadshot Daiquiri
10th zombie map (temple)
The 31-75 JGb215 is basically a ______ ray (what does it do to zombies?)
Instead of power in the temple, you activate it by releasing the ______
The explorers from the past
Brock and Gary
When you activate the easter egg in "temple", the sun is replaced by an __________
At the end of the "temple" easter egg, you recieve this
The Focusing Stone
11th and (so far) final zombies map (space station)
When you begin the "space station" map, you start out here
Area 51
Dual wielding electric pistols
Zap Gun
This weapon makes zombies inflate and explode
Wave Gun
These special grenades have random effects when detonating
Quantum Entanglement Device
This astronaut moves around the map slowly and tries to grab you
These large machines will break through the space station and take away gravity and oxygen
You need one of these to breathe in space
PES (Spacesuit)
Perk that gives you the option of a third gun
Mule Kick
Device that allows you to hack/modify aspects of the map
The Hacker
You play this game to start the space station easter egg
Samantha Says
When you pull the lever next to the MPD, you need to collect the zombies' ________
The MPD is a __________ (hint: samantha rises out of it)
Richtofen does this to the golden rod and focusing stone
Fuses them
What does Richtofen want to have the power of?
What do you blow up at the conclusion of the space station easter egg?
The Earth
How many perks currently exist?
Level 9
May 14, 2012
haha, good. I was worried I made it too hard. glad to see there's someone as knowledgable as me
Level 10
Aug 12, 2013
you should accept randon box as that's waht we always call them
Level 32
Apr 30, 2015
I love the fact you accept "nuke" as "Ka-Boom" XD
Level 20
Jan 2, 2016
I got 100% everything except Moon cause j never played it.
Level 25
Feb 15, 2016
got 80/101 and never waw and played kino and five once. but i play black ops 3 zombies every day
Level 16
Jun 14, 2016
i play call of duty black ops 3 even know I'm 8
Level 22
Aug 19, 2016
no one cares
Level 74
Jul 10, 2016
God damn that was difficult! I've never (properly) done any of the easter eggs so that was very hard for me
Level 30
Jul 6, 2017
Quite long