The Binding of Isaac Repentance all Trinkets

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Last updated: October 22, 2021
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(WoTL) (Unused)
Game Squid
(Rebirth) Imaginary Friend
???'s Soul
(Rebirth) It glows with power
A Missing Page
(Rebirth) Trickle charge
AAA Battery
(Rebirth) Luck of the draw
Ace of Spades
(Rebirth) Faith up
Bible Tract
(Rebirth) Evil Up
Black Lipstick
(Rebirth) Wealth of health
Bloody Penny
(Rebirth) Eternal life?
Broken Ankh
(Rebirth) It kinda works!
Broken Magnet
(Rebirth) It's broken
Broken Remote
(Rebirth) Wealth of chaos
Burnt Penny
(Rebirth) Wealth of gas
Butt Penny
(Rebirth) May you see your destination
Cain's Eye
(Rebirth) Your feet feel stronger
(Rebirth) Yay, cancer!
(Rebirth) I remember these
(Rebirth) It calls out to its brothers.
Child's Heart
(Rebirth) Wealth of wealth
Counterfeit Penny
(Rebirth) Cursed?
Cursed Skull
(Rebirth) DMG up
Curved Horn
(Rebirth) Evil up
Daemon's Tail
(Rebirth) Revenge from beyond
Eve's Bird Foot
(Rebirth) It stinks
Fish Head
(Rebirth) Wealth of answers
Flat Penny
(Rebirth) Blub blub!
Flat Worm
(Rebirth) Speed up
Goat Hoof
(Rebirth) Zip zoop!
Hook Worm
(Rebirth) Consume thy enemy
Isaac's Fork
(Rebirth) Dead friend
Isaac's Head
(Rebirth) Payment Received
Judas's Tongue
(Rebirth) Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy
Liberty Cap
(Rebirth) There's something inside it
Lucky Rock
(Rebirth) Luck up!
Lucky Toe
(Rebirth) Faith's reward
Maggy's Faith
(Rebirth) Tastes like burning
Match Stick
(Rebirth) ???
Missing Poster
(Rebirth) It emanates purity
Mom's Pearl
(Rebirth) ???
Mom's Toenail
(Rebirth) Wish granted
Monkey Paw
(Rebirth) Uh-oh!
Mysterious Candy
(Rebirth) ???
Mysterious Paper
(Rebirth) Master of lockpicking
Paper Clip
(Rebirth) It feels lucky?
Petrified Poop
(Rebirth) Poison shots
Pinky Eye
(Rebirth) Wub wub!
Pulse Worm
(Rebirth) Challenge up
Purple Heart
(Rebirth) Piercing shots
Push Pin
(Rebirth) Your rage grows
Red Patch
(Rebirth) Woop woop!
Ring Worm
(Rebirth) Faith up
Rosary Bead
(Rebirth) It feels lucky?
Rusted Key
(Rebirth) Don't swallow it
Safety Cap
(Rebirth) Your rage grows
Samson's Lock
(Rebirth) YES!
Store Credit
(Rebirth) Gulp!
Swallowed Penny
(Rebirth) The left-hand path reaps dark rewards
The Left Hand
(Rebirth) Well, that's not coming off
(Rebirth) Fetal Protection
Umbilical Cord
(Rebirth) Wooosh!
Whip Worm
(Rebirth) Wiggle waggle!
Wiggle Worm
(Afterbirth) With darkness comes power
Black Feather
(Afterbirth) Pop! Pop!
Blasting Cap
(Afterbirth) Blind to damage
Blind Rage
(Afterbirth) Bounce back!
(Afterbirth) Creepy bombs
Bob's Bladder
(Afterbirth) Fartoom!
Brown Cap
(Afterbirth) Keep your friends close...
Child Leash
(Afterbirth) You feel cursed... kinda.
Cracked Dice
(Afterbirth) I'm stuck in a loop...
Endless Nameless
(Afterbirth) Effect not found?
(Afterbirth) You feel faded
Faded Polaroid
(Afterbirth) Feel lucky?
Golden Horse Shoe
(Afterbirth) Karma up
(Afterbirth) Pft
Lazy Worm
(Afterbirth) The poop is moving...
Lil Larva
(Afterbirth) Itchy, tasty...
(Afterbirth) You feel her love
Mom's Locket
(Afterbirth) Never again!
(Afterbirth) It's double down time!
Poker Chip
(Afterbirth) Bleep Bloop Blop
Rainbow Worm
(Afterbirth) Feels greedy
Rib of Greed
(Afterbirth) Fuse Cutter
Safety Scissors
(Afterbirth) Extended stat effect time!
Second Hand
(Afterbirth) It shines for its brothers
Shiny Rock
(Afterbirth) Stores are open
Store Key
(Afterbirth) The ground below feels hollow...
Stud Finder
(Afterbirth) It Pulls
Super Magnet
(Afterbirth) Floooooooooop!
Tape Worm
(Afterbirth) Lil charge
Watch Battery
(Afterbirth †) Feed them magic!
(Afterbirth †) I wonder what it is
Bag Lunch
(Afterbirth †) They are growing...
Bat Wing
(Afterbirth †) It looks dead
Black Tooth
(Afterbirth †) Drips with blood...
Bloody Crown
(Afterbirth †) Can't hold it!
(Afterbirth †) Stat booster
Cracked Crown
(Afterbirth †) Drain me
Crow Heart
(Afterbirth †) I think it's broken
Dim Bulb
(Afterbirth †) Hold the door!
Door Stop
(Afterbirth †) Stuck!
Duct Tape
(Afterbirth †) =
(Afterbirth †) Charged friends
Extension Cord
(Afterbirth †) Angelic Spoils!
Filigree Feather
(Afterbirth †) It looks brittle
Finger Bone
(Afterbirth †) It also stinks!
Fish Tail
(Afterbirth †) Double moon
Fragmented Card
(Afterbirth †) Danger charge
(Afterbirth †) I bring Conquest
Locust of Conquest
(Afterbirth †) I bring Death
Locust of Death
(Afterbirth †) I bring Famine
Locust of Famine
(Afterbirth †) I bring Pestilence
Locust of Pestilence
(Afterbirth †) I bring War
Locust of War
(Afterbirth †) Uncorked
Lost Cork
(Afterbirth †) Eww
(Afterbirth †) Seems magic...
Nose Goblin
(Afterbirth †) Foop foop!
Ouroboros Worm
(Afterbirth †) ...
Pay to Win
(Afterbirth †) Wealth of flies
Rotten Penny
(Afterbirth †) Feels lucky...
Silver Dollar
(Afterbirth †) Regen!
Stem Cell
(Afterbirth †) Boing!
Super Ball
(Afterbirth †) Sick...
(Afterbirth †) You stink
Used Diaper
(Afterbirth †) It needs power
Vibrant Bulb
(Afterbirth †) That's a hard nut to crack!
(Afterbirth †) Make a wish
Wish Bone
(Afterbirth †) My faith protects me
Wooden Cross
(Repentance) t's broken9Reroll your dest
(Repentance) Watch the world burn
A Lighter
(Repentance) Give them a home
Adoption Papers
(Repentance) Attack buddy
Apollyon's Best Friend
(Repentance) It feels empty
Apple of Sodom
(Repentance) Unleash your inner demon
Azazel's Stump
(Repentance) Virtue's reward
Beth's Essence
(Repentance) My faith protects me
Beth's Faith
(Repentance) Wealth of purity
Blessed Penny
(Repentance) Look between the rooms
Blue Key
(Repentance) Ding!
Brain Worm
(Repentance) Double vision?
Broken Glasses
(Repentance) Bombs are key
Broken Padlock
(Repentance) Mystery medicine
Broken Syringe
(Repentance) Wealth of power
Charged Penny
(Repentance) It's leaking
Chewed Pen
(Repentance) Infested
Cricket Leg
(Repentance) Call to the other side
Crystal Key
(Repentance) Wealth of misery
Cursed Penny
(Repentance) His special customer
Devil's Crown
(Repentance) Bonus roll
Dice Bag
(Repentance) Oops!
Dingle Berry
(Repentance) Fun extras
Expansion Pack
(Repentance) No more spikes
Flat File
(Repentance) Sing for your friends
Forgotten Lullaby
(Repentance) Finally!
Found Soul
(Repentance) Gather round
Friendship Necklace
(Repentance) Mega farts
Gigante Bean
(Repentance) Less is more
Gilded Key
(Repentance) A brittle blessing
Hollow Heart
(Repentance) Walk the path of the saint
Holy Crown
(Repentance) Stay frosty
Ice Cube
(Repentance) Don't chew on it
(Repentance) Money talks
Keeper's Bargain
(Repentance) Looks familiar...
Kid's Drawing
(Repentance) Mini friend
Lil Clot
(Repentance) Free goodies!
Lucky Sack
(Repentance) ???
Modeling Clay
(Repentance) A piece of her love
Mom's Lock
(Repentance) HP up
Mother's Kiss
(Repentance) Forget me not...
(Repentance) Don't want!
Nuh Uh!
(Repentance) 6
Number Magnet
(Repentance) Voltage starving
Old Capacitor
(Repentance) Push in case of emergency
Panic Button
(Repentance) Luck way up. Don't lose it!
(Repentance) Friends from beyond
Polished Bone
(Repentance) Controllable buddies!
RC Remote
(Repentance) Twice the bang!
Ring Cap
(Repentance) Faster explosions
Short Fuse
(Repentance) Revel in death
Sigil of Baphomet
(Repentance) What could it open?
Strange Key
(Repentance) Bang!
Swallowed M80
(Repentance) It feels lucky
Teardrop Charm
(Repentance) Seek the stars
Telescope Lens
(Repentance) You feel braver
Temporary Tattoo
(Repentance) I'm seeing double...
The Twins
(Repentance) Death awaits
Torn Card
(Repentance) A hole in your pocket
Torn Pocket
(Repentance) Walk the path of the wicked
Wicked Crown
(Repentance) Give it to me
Your Soul
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