Horror Movie Trivia

This quiz covers a wide range of eras....you've been warned!
Quiz by olebiatch
Last updated: May 20, 2012
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In John Carpenters 1978 "Halloween", Michael Myers is named what in the credits?
The Shape
True or False: Bela Lugosi turned down the role of the monster in Universals 1931 release of "Frankenstein" because the monster had no speaking lines?
Clint Eastwood made his silver screen debut in what 1955 Universal horror movie?
Revenge Of The Creature
In Jaws, when we first see the shark, Hooper says "That's a 20 footer" which was retorted by Quint saying what?
Freddy Krueger has a nickname. What is it?
The Springfield Slasher
In the cartoon adaption of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" who provided the narration as well as the voice of The Grinch?
Boris Karloff
After killing Alice at the beginning of "Friday The 13th Part 2" Jason stops what from making noise?
Tea Pot
What is a "boomstick", according to Ash Williams?
Jennifer Aniston made her silver screen debut in what horror movie?
Toho released "Godzilla" upon America and Japan in 1954. The same film is called what in Japan?
After his historic role as Dr. Frankenstein's monster, Boris Karloff became know as?
Karloff The Uncanny
In "The Shining", the name of the hotel that the Torrance family checks into is the Outlook. What real hotel inspired Stephen King to write this modern classic?
The Stanley
Who was "The Man Of A 1,000 Faces"?
Lon Chaney
We have come to know Jason's mask has red markings on it. In "Friday The 13th Pt 5" the masks marking were not red, but.....?
In 1933 we saw King Kong climb the Empire State Building. In the 1976 remake, Kong shunned the Empire State Building and climbed what to the top?
Twin Towers
In "It", all the main charecters belonged to a group named what?
The Losers Club
This silent, German Expressionist film stars Max Schreck and is one of the more horrifying adaptations of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" Name this classic movie.
In what year does Alien take place? ( Note: there are two different answers to this and both are acceptable and you only need to use one or the other )
True or False: Bela Lugosi was Universals top prospect for the part of 1931's "Dracula"?
The legendary Alice Cooper provided 2 songs to "Friday The 13th Pt 6". One was "He's Back". What was the other?
Teenage Frankenstein
Forrest J Ackerman released which iconic monster mag in 1958?
Famous Monsters Of Filmland
What hand does Freddy wear his glove on?
The man behind the creation of Universals Classic monsters was make-up artist.......?
Jack Pierce
True or False: Tobe Hoopers "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is based on a true story?
Buck Dharma of Blue Oyster Cult wrote a song about his favorite movie monster. Who is it?
In 1933's King Kong, sfx workers used which substance to make Kong?
What is Lon Chaney Jr's real name?
Creighton Tull Chaney
OK, think back very hard.....what is Jason's final body count for ONLY "Friday The 13th Pt. 4"
In Universals 1931 "Dracula", what flower is used to keep the Count out of houses?
Which Stephen King novel was the first of his to be made into a movie?
Scream is loosley based on what real life serial killer?
The Gainesville Ripper
In the original 1958 version of "The Fly", Francois Delambre is played by which horror icon?
Vincent Price
Which 1928 silent horror movie gave Batman creator Bob Kane the inspiration for the evil and manical "Joker"?
The Man Who Laughs
John Carpenter originally wanted to call his now classic movie "Halloween", what?
The Baby Sitter Murders
Level 33
Oct 30, 2014
A couple things. 1) Great quiz! 2) The hotel in the shining is the Overlook, not the outlook, 3) maybe consider adding more time 4) Technically, in Friday the 13th part V the villain was not Jason, but someone dressed up as him, so Jason's mask has always had red markings.
Level 33
Oct 30, 2014
For the Blue Öyster Cult question had me thinking, "What songs by them have monsters in the title?" I was sure either "Nosferatu" or "Don't Fear the Reaper" would be the answer.
Level 48
Apr 1, 2022
Fred Krugers nickname is the Springwood Slasher not the Springfield Slasher. Nice Quiz otherwise!