Sharks: Test Your Knowledge

I am a shark biologist and a shark lover. Let's see what you know about sharks!
Quiz by olebiatch
Last updated: May 23, 2012
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As a Tiger Shark matures, these fade away.
This shark is responsible for the most attacks on man worldwide, has an unpredictable behavior pattern and can go from docile to deadly in seconds. Hint: it is not the Great White!!!!
Bull Shark
The upper lobe of this sharks caudal ( tail ) fin is generally somewhere around the length of it's body. This shark is the.......?
Thresher Shark
True or False: Sharks have terrible eyesight?!?!?
The Wobbegong is also known as the....?
Carpet Shark
True or False: Blacktip and Whitetip Reef Sharks ( among a few other requiem species of shark ) display certain types of behaviors to divers that tells divers if the sharks are docile, nervous, agitated or ready to attack?
In the movie "Jaws" what type of shark did Hooper and Brody dissect on the pier? BTW- this type of shark would rarely if ever be seen as far north ( Long Island ) as depicted in the movie.
Tiger Shark
Growing up to 60 feet, but usually no more than 50, the Whale Shark is the worlds largest fish. What is the second largest fish on Earth?
Basking Shark
The Great White, Goblin, Megamouth, Basking, Porbeagle and Mako Sharks belong to the same family of shark known as......?
Mackerel Sharks
A Hammerheads favorite meal is venomous. However, evolution has made the Hammerhead immune to it's poison. What is this tasty snack of the Hammerhead?
The smallest shark is only some 15-20 centimeters long. What is it?
Dwarf Lantern Shark
The Great White, Tiger and Bull Sharks are the 3 deadliest sharks. These three are commonly referred to as the..........?
Terrible Triad
In GENERAL, sharks can hone in on the smell of a drop of blood from about how far away?
One Mile
Sharks generally have 5 gill slits/gills on each side of their body. Some sharks have more. What is the most some species exhibit?
A tad off topic but it's some fun trivia anyway......In "Jaws" when we first see "Bruce The Shark", Hooper says "That's a 20 footer!" Quint retorted by saying what?
Which one of these is NOT a real living shark? Galapagos, Gulper, Spinner, Stunner, Copper, Salmon or Ganges?
This shark has a few different sub-species but we'll talk about them as a whole here....this shark is a favorite of sportsmen. It is an aggressive battler, a rather spectacular jumper ( sometimes upwards of 20 ft out of the water ), has a nasty reputation amongst divers and is by far the fastest shark known, reaching speeds of 30 mph. This is the........
Mako Shark
One way to tell females from males is an extra set of "fins" on the bottom midsection of the shark. These, however are not true fins but the male reproductive parts. Do you know what they are called?
As much as I am pleased that MOST countries have outlawed any type of fishing for Great Whites we cannot avoid what has happened in the past. With that said, the largest fish ever caught on rod and reel was a 24 foot, 3,427 pound Great White. Who caught it? This man was also Peter Benchley's inspiration for the charecter "Quint".
Frank Mundus
This rather large shark inhabits he cold waters from Maine north to the Arctic. As an adult, it is usually blind due to parasites. It's meat is poisonous but Inuits detox it by drying it out, much like jerky. Do you know what shark this is?
Greenland Shark
Level 67
Mar 21, 2022
Fun quiz!

In the question on Thresher Shark, the possessive pronoun "its" is misspelled. There should not be an apostrophe.

Level 60
Jun 3, 2022
thought it was lionfish and not stingray lol