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29,9332021-10-29 The Only Remaining European Country . . .
26,8292022-02-24 The Only Remaining Asian Country . . .
26,7232022-05-20 The Only Remaining U.S. State . . .
21,9402022-12-10 The Only Remaining European Country . . . #2
6,9892021-10-29 Le seul pays européen restant...
6,3592021-08-01 North American Sports Teams Furthest From Any Other
2,6192021-11-04The Only Remaining U.S. President . . .
2,3642023-02-03Four Largest Metro Areas in Each U.S. Megaregion
1,8752023-02-13NFL Teams by Super Bowl Record
1,3022022-02-24The Only Remaining Asian Country . . . 2
1,1142021-10-10Five Largest Metro Areas in Each U.S. Census Division
1,0282021-10-19Smallest Countries with Cities over 1M
6532021-07-17Florida or New York?
3462021-10-17Most Isolated North American Sports Teams by Division
3002020-09-30Most Popular Routes Airplane Journey
2732022-10-19Programming Languages by Alternate Definition
2342023-02-13Super Bowl - Pick the Winner
2272021-10-26NHL Teams from North to South
2162021-03-06California or Texas?
2102023-01-10NFL Head Coaches with Best Winning Percentages
2062020-10-01NFL Teams from North to South
1932019-01-13U.S. History by Decade - Multiple Choice
1872018-09-01NBA Teams that Have Never Moved or Changed Names
1862022-02-12Longest-tenured NFL Head Coaches
1722018-08-16Name Origins of U.S. State Capitals
1692023-01-23NFL Teams from East to West
1682023-01-05The Only Remaining U.S. State . . . #2
1672021-10-26Biggest Countries OR Cities - Eurasia Top 75
1492021-10-26Third-Largest Cities Over 1M
1472021-10-26Countries with Third-Largest Cities Over 1M
1392018-07-12NHL Teams from East to West
1362021-10-09Big 4 Sports "Teams of the Decade"
1332021-10-26U.S. States Where a Foot of Snow Might Not Cancel School
1332021-11-05U.S. Presidents Who Were Lawyers
1312021-10-26North American Sports Dynasties
1302018-09-21U.S. Presidents Who Were Generals
1272021-10-26Largest U.S. Metro Areas not in a Megaregion
1192023-03-25States with U.S. Civil War Battles
1192021-11-05North American Cities Whose Most Recent Championship is a Super Bowl
1162018-10-21Technologies in Civilization V
1132020-12-28U.S. States by Election Winning Percentage
1112018-07-29Acceptably Misspelled Countries
1102018-12-01Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trivia
1092018-08-0721st Century Big Four Sports Champions
1072018-11-11Ten Largest Metro Areas in Some U.S. Megaregions
1052018-07-20Nearest Capital Journey - European Capitals
1012019-02-03Super Bowl Rematches
1012018-12-01Most Common World Series Matchups
992018-07-09MLB Teams from North to South
992021-10-26U.S. States Where Any Amount of Snow Can Cancel School
962018-07-10Most Misplaced NFL Team in Each Division
962019-02-24Top 5 Cities Per Civilization
932018-08-30North American Sports Teams Starting with B, C, G, P and R
932021-10-26Biggest States OR Cities - U.S. Top 50
912019-01-16College Football Rivalries - Who's Won More?
902019-01-19All-time Longest-tenured MLB Managers by Team
892019-03-10Kansas or Nebraska?
892021-04-22Smallest Countries with Long Names
892018-12-01MLB Teams by World Series Record
882018-12-29Country Names that Can Be Split into Two Words
872023-02-17NFL Teams with the Same Name for 60 Years
822019-01-09Which is Bigger? Countries vs. States
822021-10-26Best Picture Multiple Choice 2000-2019
822018-09-13Simpsons Trivia - Season 5
812020-01-01NFL Teams with Quarterback Consistency
812019-02-03Only NFL Team to . . .
802018-07-21States with American Revolutionary War Battles
782018-07-10NBA Teams from North to South
762020-12-28U.S. States by Election Winning Percentage (Bad)
732018-07-22Countries with World War II Battles
692019-01-10Best Picture Multiple Choice 1980-1999
692018-10-18Simpsons Trivia - Season 6
692020-10-03Biggest Biggest Cities
662019-01-09Harry Potter Chapter Titles Matching
662021-11-05North American Cities Whose Most Recent Championship is an NBA Title
652021-04-24U.S. National Parks by Nearest Major City
652020-10-10Biggest Non-Biggest Cities
652018-07-30Biggest Countries with Short Names by Area
652018-09-01MLB Teams with the Same Name for 100 Years
642018-07-06States with Three or More FBS Schools
632018-08-11Longest Country Names with No More than 2 Different Vowels
622018-04-28The Soccer Quiz for Americans
622018-08-11Shakespeare Characters by Quotes
612018-07-10MLB Teams from East to West
592022-07-27North American Sports Teams by Time Zone - Pacific
592018-07-13Top Five North American Pro Sports Venues by Capacity
592018-06-28North American Sports Teams by Time Zone - Central
582018-09-02Most Isolated North American Sports Teams
582018-09-01MLB Teams that Have Never Moved or Changed Names
582018-08-07Beta Cities
582020-10-10Biggest Countries OR Cities - North America Top 25
572018-11-25Final Fantasy Villains
572018-06-28North American Sports Teams by Time Zone - Eastern
572018-07-09Busiest Airport by Time Zone
572018-11-17Languages of U.S. State Mottoes
562018-07-12NBA Teams from East to West
562022-11-02Olympic Host Cities by Distance from Athens
562018-09-01Simpsons Trivia - Season 4
562018-08-14Summer or Winter Olympic Host Countries - Not Both
552018-06-23Next Big City on the Interstate
542018-12-20U.S. States with Former French Territory
532018-06-29North American Sports Teams by Time Zone - Mountain
532018-07-29Biggest Countries with Long Names
532018-12-11NBA Teams by Finals Record
522018-07-30Biggest Countries OR Cities - World Top 180
522019-10-13Michigan or Ohio?
512019-02-15Biggest Second-Biggest Cities
512018-08-25Simpsons Trivia - Season 3
502018-09-24U.S. Cities in Civilization V
492018-08-15U.S. Cities with Standalone Names on Wikipedia
492018-07-29Biggest Countries with Short Names
492018-07-29Smallest Countries with Short Names
492018-07-11Longest-tenured NBA Head Coaches
482018-07-04U.S. Urban Areas by Time Zone - Eastern
472018-07-04U.S. Urban Areas by Time Zone - Pacific
472022-01-06What Do They Have in Common? - European Countries
472019-01-14Best Picture Multiple Choice 1960-1979
472018-09-14U.S. Presidential Firsts #4
462018-10-24Countries By Most Similar Country Name
462018-08-01Biggest Countries with Long Names by Area
452018-12-25Simpsons Trivia: Marge vs. the Monorail
452018-11-11States that Span Two Megaregions
452018-07-07FBS Schools by Time Zone - Mountain
452018-09-30English Cities in Civilization V
452019-11-03North American Cities with Most Pro Sports Teams Per Capita
452018-07-06FBS Schools by Time Zone - Eastern
452021-11-05North American Cities Whose Most Recent Championship is a Stanley Cup
442019-01-09U.S. State Capital Multiple Choice
432018-11-18Ten Closest Megacities to 0° 0°
422018-10-25Countries with Most Unusual Names
422019-03-03Biggest Countries OR Cities - South America Top 20
422019-02-10U.S. Presidents Who Appointed Many Supreme Court Justices
422018-07-07FBS Schools by Time Zone - Pacific
422019-07-28Highest IMDb-Rated Disney Animated Films
412018-08-12U.S. Presidential Firsts
412018-07-09U.S. Cities by Chinese Pronunciation
412019-12-11Most Successful NFL Teams of the 1990's
412018-08-10Summer Olympic Host Cities from North to South
402018-08-03Most Title-Starved Sports Cities
402018-08-12Top Ten U.S. States by National Park Area Percentage
392018-08-12U.S. States without National Historical Parks
392018-07-16Japanese Premodern History
382019-02-14Biggest Cities Outside the Tropics
382020-01-06Least Successful NFL Teams Since 2002
382018-07-16Cities by Top-Ranked Attraction
372018-07-07FBS Schools by Time Zone - Central
372021-11-05Cities Whose Most Recent Championship is a World Series
372018-07-19Harry Potter Names by Chinese Pronunciation
362018-07-04U.S. Urban Areas by Time Zone - Central
362018-11-04Countries By Most Similar Country Name #3
362019-01-10NFL Teams' Biggest Victims
352018-08-02Biggest Countries OR Cities - The Americas Top 60
352018-08-19Countries of Europe Cryptoquip
352018-09-12Simpsons Trivia: Cape Feare
342021-10-19Most Urbanized Countries With Exceptions
342018-12-04Countries with Human Ancestor Fossils
342019-10-25Biggest Cities in Original U.S. Territory
342018-08-11Countries with at Least 4 Different Vowels
342021-10-14Where's the Capital?
332019-10-02Interior U.S. States
332020-01-19Most Successful NFL Teams Since 2002
332018-07-04U.S. Urban Areas by Time Zone - Mountain
332018-12-23States of the Oregon Trail
322018-08-19The Simpsons' "Mediocre Presidents"
322018-10-14Scrabble Languages
322018-08-18U.S. Presidents in the Cabinet
322018-08-22Nearest Capital Journey - Asian Capitals
312018-10-12Elements with Highest Scrabble Scores
312018-08-12U.S. States with Three or More National Historical Parks
312019-01-09Which is Taller?
312018-06-13Timelocked U.S. States
312018-08-12Top Ten U.S. States by Water Area Percentage
302019-12-11Least Successful NFL Teams of the 1990's
302018-08-04Smallest Country with Letter - Area
302021-10-19Five Least Urbanized Countries by Continent
302017-12-07Bad Translations of Movie Quotes
302019-01-05Longest-tenured MLB Managers
292019-01-11NBA Finals - Pick the Winner
292018-10-26Countries with Most Average Names
292018-10-27Countries with Most Unusual Names by Length
292018-08-04Largest Country with Letter - Area
292018-08-02Alphabetically Rearranged European Country Names
292018-08-18U.S. States Cryptoquip
282018-10-22Chinese Cities in Civilization V
282018-07-15MLS Teams from North to South
272019-03-31Top-Rated Movies by Setting
272018-08-02Letters in Country Names
272018-08-04Largest Country with Letter - Population
262018-05-07Disney Movie Titles in China
262018-08-15U.S. Presidential Firsts #2
252018-08-25Capitals of Europe Cryptoquip
252018-06-30Countries by Longest Overlap
252021-03-07Each State's First Surviving Sports Franchise
252018-07-18Multi-Sport Rival Cities
252018-08-02Middlest Countries - Area
252018-08-27U.S. Presidents born Outside the Eastern Time Zone
242019-01-22Best Picture Multiple Choice 1927-1959
242018-08-02Middlest Countries - Population
242018-09-20NFL Teams Cryptoquip
232018-08-02Alphabetically Rearranged NFL Team Names
232018-08-02Alphabetically Rearranged MLB Team Names
232022-01-25States that Beat Minnesota
232018-10-12Smallest Countries by Population and Scrabble Score
222018-07-10Cities by Chinese Pronunciation
222019-11-10Big Largest City, Small Capital City (U.S. States)
222018-12-11NBA Teams by Record in Finals Games
222018-09-12U.S. Presidential Firsts #3
222018-08-01Smallest Countries with Short Names by Area
222019-08-15Bellwether States
212018-10-12Elements with Lowest Scrabble Scores
202018-08-05Alphabetically Rearranged NBA Team Names
202018-07-14City Comparisons: Asia vs. the World
192018-10-28Countries By Most Similar Country Name #2
192018-10-12Biggest Countries by Population and Scrabble Score
192019-11-24FBS Schools Furthest From Any Other
192019-11-10Remote U.S. State Capitals
192018-09-01NBA Teams with the Same Name for 50 Years
182018-08-12U.S. National Historical Parks by State
182018-08-02Alphabetically Rearranged U.S. State Names
182018-11-18European Capitals by Distance from 0° 0°
182018-09-01MLB Stadiums That Haven't Changed Names in Fifteen Years
182018-08-02Alphabetically Rearranged U.S. President Names
172018-08-19Countries of Asia Cryptoquip
172018-07-17Cities by Top-Ranked Attraction #2
172018-11-17U.S. State Mottoes that Aren't English or Latin
172018-09-30Original Capitals of U.S. States
172018-10-05Countries of Africa Cryptoquip
172018-09-21NBA Teams Cryptoquip
162018-11-1825 Biggest Cities by Distance from 0° 0°
162021-04-24US National Parks by Time Zone - Eastern
162018-07-20Nearest Capital Journey - U.S. State Capitals
162018-08-27U.S. States by Vowel-Consonant Pattern
162021-04-24US National Parks by Time Zone - Mountain
162018-11-18Ten Closest European Capitals to 0° 0°
152021-04-24US National Parks by Time Zone - Central
152018-07-15MLS Teams from East to West
152019-02-18U.S. National Parks by Description
152019-02-18U.S. National Parks by Density
152019-02-16Wikipedia - Most Popular for 2018
152018-08-01Smallest Countries with Long Names by Area
152019-11-10Farthest State Capital-Largest City Pairs
142022-09-11The First U.S. President to . . . (Click quiz)
142018-08-04Smallest Country with Letter - Population
132019-01-10MLB Teams' Biggest Victims
132018-04-21Countries By Combined Population of Other Countries
132018-07-13Cities by Chinese Pronunciation #2
132018-09-01NFL Stadiums That Haven't Changed Names in Ten Years
122018-08-26U.S. Presidents Cryptoquip
122018-10-18The Iron Chefs
122018-07-07US National Parks by Time Zone - Pacific
122018-09-30Non-Original U.S. State Capitals
122018-09-20MLB Teams Cryptoquip
112018-08-05Best Pictures by Runners-Up #2
112019-11-10State Capitals by Nearest Major City
112018-05-28U.S. National Parks by Low Density
92018-08-30Countries of Europe by Vowel-Consonant Pattern
82021-04-24Newest U.S. National Parks
82018-07-08Quizzes for Jetpunk Badges
82018-06-26State-to-Country Population Equivalents
82018-08-05Best Pictures by Runners-Up
72018-10-18Good Eats Episode Topics (Seasons 1-2)
62018-08-11Best Pictures by Runners-Up #3
62018-04-23Countries By Combined Area of Other Countries
62018-06-25State-to-Country Area Equivalents
62018-12-04Best Pictures Cryptoquip (1973-Present)
52018-10-14Primordial Elements
52018-07-23Bad Translations of Song Lyrics - Disney
52019-02-10North American Sports Bosses
42018-08-31NBA Arenas That Haven't Changed Names in Ten Years
42017-12-11Bad Translations of Movie Quotes #2
42018-11-18U.S. State Mottoes Without Common Words