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Name one of the other cities he sold monorails to.Brockway, Ogdenville, North Haverbrook
Who wrote this episode? (hint: red hair)Conan O'Brien
When Homer is told he needs an anchor to stop the monorail, what does he think of using first?Bart
A family of possums lives inside the monorail. What does Homer call the big one?Bitey
Who was the (real-life) celebrity guest on the monorail's maiden voyage?Leonard Nimoy
Who voiced the monorail salesman? (hint: also voiced Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure)Phil Hartman
At the town meeting, what false name does Mr. Burns give when he suggests that the money be given back to the nuclear power plant?Mr. Snrub
According to the intensive three-week monorail conductor training course, what does "rail" mean?Rail
Complete the song lyric: "What about us brain-dead slobs?/You'll be given _____ ____!"Cushy jobs
The episode begins with Mr. Burns being fined $3 million for doing what in Springfield Park?Dumping radioactive waste
What boring, sensible thing does Marge suggest they use the money to do?Fix Main Street
What is the name of the monorail salesman?Lyle Lanley
The monorail was not the only foolish purchase Springfield ever made. Name one of the others.Popsicle-stick skyscraper, Giant magnifying glass, Escalator to nowhere
What does Homer ultimately credit with saving the monorail?Donuts
According to the salesman, a town with money is like a what? ("Nobody knows how he got it, and danged if he knows how to use it!")Mule with a spinning wheel

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