Simpsons Trivia - Season 3

Answer these questions about each episode of the third season of The Simpsons.
Quiz by cornflakesfu
Last updated: August 25, 2018
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"Stark Raving Dad"
Homer gets into trouble for wearing a what to work?
Pink shirt
"Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington"
What is the title of Lisa's scathing essay about government corruption?
Cesspool on the Potomac
"When Flanders Failed"
What object does Homer use to semi-intentionally curse Flanders?
"Bart the Murderer"
What is Bart the mafia bartender's signature drink?
"Homer Defined"
What process does Homer use to determine the button that prevents two nuclear meltdowns?
Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe
"Like Father, Like Clown"
Krusty's father is finally persuaded by a quote from what famous Jewish entertainer?
Sammy Davis Jr.
"Treehouse of Horror II"
What "very selfish" thing does Lisa use the monkey's paw to wish for?
World peace
"Lisa's Pony"
Lisa is upset at Homer because he failed to get her a what?
Saxophone reed
"Saturdays of Thunder"
What is the name of Martin's space shuttle-like soap box derby racer?
Honor Roller
"Flaming Moe's"
What is the secret ingredient in a Flaming Moe/Homer?
Cough syrup
"Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk"
Homer spends ten minutes daydreaming that he is frolicking through the land of what?
"I Married Marge"
Ten minutes after being born, what does Bart (intentionally?) light on fire?
Homer's tie
"Radio Bart"
Groundskeeper Willie ensures that no one will ever fall down the well again by putting up a what?
"Lisa the Greek"
Lisa still loves Homer if which team wins the Super Bowl? (hint: this episode aired in January 1992)
Washington Redskins
"Homer Alone"
What is the name of the resort spa where Marge goes to unwind?
Rancho Relaxo
"Bart the Lover"
Bart sends Mrs. Krabappel a photo of which hockey hall of famer?
Gordie Howe
"Homer at the Bat"
What is the name of Homer's bat?
Wonder Bat
"Separate Vocations"
The Career Aptitude Normalization Test (CANT) tells Bart his ideal career is what?
"Dog of Death"
What condition does Santa's Little Helper have?
Twisted stomach
"Colonel Homer"
What is the name of the song Lurleen uses to try to lure Homer into sleeping with her?
Bunk with Me Tonight
"Black Widower"
What 80's television show is a key element of Sideshow Bob's murder plot?
"The Otto Show"
Otto becomes enraged when Homer calls him a what?
"Bart's Friend Falls in Love"
The opening scene, where Bart steals Homer's jar of pennies, parodies which film?
Raiders of the Lost Ark
"Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?"
What is Herb's genius invention?
Baby translator
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