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"Itchy & Scratchy Land"Bart is annoyed when the gift shop has no "BART" license plates, especially since they do have plates for what other "popular" name?Bort
"The PTA Disbands"When the teachers go on strike, who takes over teaching Bart's class, much to his embarrassment?Marge
"Treehouse of Horror V"Who dies from an axe to the back in every segment of this episode?Groundskeeper Willie
"Bart's Comet"When Flanders' bomb shelter is not big enough to fit the entire town, who is forced to leave?Ned Flanders
"Round Springfield"Which idol of Lisa's dies in this episode?Bleeding Gums Murphy
"Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)"What is Mr. Burns' ultimate act of villainry?Block out the {sun}
"Homie the Clown"Krusty proves he is a terrible gambler by betting against which famous exhibition basketball team?Harlem Globetrotters
"Lisa's Rival"Ralph wins the competition by presenting a diorama consisting of what?{Star} {Wars} action figures
"Homer Badman"Homer gets into trouble because of a gummy shaped like what famous work of art?Venus de Milo
"And Maggie Makes Three"Homer uses pictures of Maggie to partially cover up his demotivational plaque, revealing what inspriational message?Do It for Her
"Fear of Flying"Marge's fear of flying stems from the fact that her father was a what?Stewardess
"Homer vs. Patty and Selma"Which physical education class is Bart forced to take because he shows up late and has no other choice?Ballet
"Another Simpsons Clip Show"Name one of the "other halves" in the failed romances of Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa retold in this episode.Mindy / Jacques / Laura / Ralph
"Bart of Darkness"Nelson tricks Bart into falling and breaking his leg by telling him which part of his body is showing?Epidermis
"Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"The adults' strange behavior of rushing to be home before dark leads the children of Springfield to conclude they are what?Reverse {vampires}
"Homer the Great"What new secret society is formed after the Stonecutters disband?The Ancient Mystic Society of {No} {Homers}
"Lemon of Troy"After losing the lemon tree, the Shelbyvillians are forced to resort to making juice out of what vegetable?Turnip
"A Star is Burns"Homer's initial inclination is to give the grand prize to which film?Man Getting {Hit} {by} {Football}
"The Springfield Connection"Homer discovers that Herman is running an illegal operation to counterfeit what?Jeans
"Sideshow Bob Roberts"How does Homer justify voting for Sideshow Bob?He doesn't agree with his {Bart}-killing policy, but he does approve of his {Selma}-killing policy.
"Bart vs. Australia"What hilarious and cruel punishment does Australia want to give Bart for defrauding one of its citizens?Booting
"Bart's Girlfriend"Which fictional festival, featuring Groundskeeper Willie, turns out to be an elaborate scheme by Principal Skinner to catch Bart misbehaving?{Scotchtober}fest
"Two Dozen and One Greyhounds"What is the name of Santa's Little Helper's mate? (hint: she's a racing dog)She's the {Fastest}
"Lisa on Ice"Because she failed second grade gym, Lisa imagines a future in which she is banished to where? (hint: it's actually a peninsula)Monster Island
"Lisa's Wedding"According to "Friar Wiggum," an esquilax is a horse with the head of a rabbit and the body of a what?Rabbit

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