The Only Remaining European Country . . . #2

For each box, enter the only European country that fits the description excluding countries that have already appeared on the quiz.
Any reference to city population refers to urban agglomeration population according to
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Quiz by cornflakesfu
Last updated: December 10, 2022
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First submittedOctober 23, 2021
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The only country . . .
To be the site of a Level 7 nuclear event (INES scale)
To have an area of desert climate (Köppen climate classification BWh or BWk)
To entirely surround 2 other countries
To be a theocracy
Vatican City
To not be a member of the United Nations
To have no income tax
To contain the site of an assassination that triggered a world war
Bosnia and Herzegovina
To have a Muslim majority
To be a former member of the European Union
United Kingdom
To be home to one of the world's top 10 most-visited museums
To claim territory in Antarctica
To produce the majority of their electricity through nuclear power
To be a permanent member of the UN Security Council
To have a mountain peak over 4000 meters above sea level
To be home to one of the world's 10 largest companies (by revenue)
Where Karl Marx lived
To be home to one of the institutional seats of the European Union
To have a population density greater than 1,000 people per square kilometer
To be home to one of Europe's 10 busiest airports
To have had colonial possessions in South America
To have a building taller than 250 meters
To lose more than 10% of its population in World War I
To border at least 8 other countries
To share a head of state with another country
To contain a mouth of one of Europe's 10 longest rivers
To touch the Black Sea
To have been formally at war with the United States
To be one of the top 10 European countries by number of (incoming) tourists
To have a city that has been continuously inhabited since at least 800 BC
To change its name in the last 5 years
North Macedonia
To have the same first 4 letters as another country
To depict a geographical feature on the flag
San Marino
To have a population that is less than 25% urban
To be on the Balkan Peninsula
To be mentioned by its current name in multiple plays by William Shakespeare
To have a Catholic majority
To have its highest point be less than 300 meters above sea level
To have territory in the Western Hemisphere (overseas territories not included)
To have one of its official languages also be an official language of the United Nations
To have a flag consisting entirely of red, white, and blue
Czech Republic
To be landlocked
To not use the Euro
To be a Nordic country
To have an island larger than Maui (~1,900 square kilometers)
To be in Europe
Level 86
Oct 23, 2021
If you Google "countries with no income tax," you will probably see some lists that include Andorra. Andorra used to have no income tax, but they established one in the 2010s.
Level 58
Oct 24, 2021
Great quiz!
Level 47
Jul 26, 2022
Finished with 15 seconds left!
Level 57
Oct 28, 2021
Nominated :)
Level 88
Nov 1, 2021
Excellent quiz!
Level 69
Nov 3, 2021
Great quiz- I really love these. A note on Marx- he lived in Brussels, Paris, Cologne and London, the latter for the longest time, so maybe the question needs to be more specific.
Level 86
Nov 3, 2021
More specific how? Only one of the 4 countries containing those cities is still available by the time you get to that question.
Level 76
Nov 3, 2021
Level 67
Nov 12, 2021
I had no idea Andorra was technically ruled by the President of France and the Bishop of Catalonia! You learn something new every day....
Level 43
Jan 24, 2022
Maybe come up with a different clue for Ireland. It won't be long before it's incorrect. Catholicism is rapidly on the decline in Ireland and the church nowhere near as popular as it once was.
Level 86
Jan 24, 2022
Looks like there's a census coming for Ireland in 2022 (was supposed to be in 2021 but got delayed due to you-know-what). If that census shows Catholics are no longer the majority, I'll change the question. I would be surprised if it happens, though; that would be a pretty sharp drop from 78% in the last census only 5 years ago.
Level 86
Sep 29, 2022
Well, I ended up changing this anyway to make another clue work.
Level 46
Apr 4, 2022
How does Poland have multiple cities with over 1 million inhabitants? As a Pole I can assure you that it's only Warsaw - the second biggest city, Krakow, is estimated to have 850 thousand inhabitants.
Level 86
Apr 4, 2022
"Any reference to city population refers to urban agglomeration population according to"--citypop has both Warsaw and Katowice at over 2,000,000 for urban agglomeration population.
Level 50
May 19, 2022
that is a lie. City of Katowice has around 370k. Katowice + other cities around that city (for example Chorzów, Sosnowiec, Zabrze, Rybnik, Gliwice and many more) add up to this 2 milion. How can you count population of mulitiple cities as population of one city?
Level 86
May 19, 2022
From the CityPop glossary: "(Urban) agglomerations and metropolitan areas include a central city and neighboring towns (suburbs) forming a connected region of dense, predominately urban population. Their population is economically and culturally linked to the central city (e.g., by commuters)." The Katowice urban area seems to fit that definition to me.

If I find time to look into it, I'll consider changing it, but the current clue seems correct to me.

Level 77
Oct 10, 2022
So you have to change it from "multiple cities" to "multiple agglomerations" because now it's false. The caveat is not enough.
Level 85
Aug 13, 2022
If you're counting urban area and not city proper, Greece has multiple 1m+ cities too.
Level 86
Aug 13, 2022
Not according to the source used for this quiz.
Level 83
Oct 10, 2022
Thessaloniki metro area is just over a million, but not the urban area.
Level 79
Sep 28, 2022
The Winter's Tale has a famous reference to a setting on the "coast of Bohemia", so arguably the Czech Republic.
Level 86
Sep 29, 2022
Fair point. Made some adjustments to address this.
Level 72
Oct 10, 2022
Great quiz, but my ipad doesn't like the settings for some reason I have to scroll up and down to see each question and type my answer. Bloody frustrating as you waste more time doing that than answering.
Level 74
Nov 22, 2022
Today I learned that Liechtenstein is more state than city
Level 66
Nov 22, 2022
That was fun, ty. Needed multiple takes.

I feel bad for Slovenia though :/ It's more than just 4 letters!

Level 86
Nov 22, 2022
Slovenia has a more interesting clue on the original quiz. :)
Level 35
Dec 10, 2022
But in Poland there is only one 1000 000 city, and its Warsaw. Silesia its not a city, its region with lots of cities that have 300000 - 500000. But not 1mln
Level 86
Dec 10, 2022
I have decided to remove the "To have multiple cities with population greater than 1,000,000" clue and replace it with something else. The new clue will be up as soon as the changes are approved.
Level 60
Jan 27, 2023
Wow, much harder than the original, this’ll require a few more takes to master :)
Level 52
Jan 30, 2023
I love these quizzes! Could you make a third one please?
Level 86
Jan 30, 2023
Thanks! I think it'd be pretty tough to come up with a third set of new clues, but never say never, I suppose.

Don't forget to try the rest of the quizzes in the series if you haven't already.

Level 52
Apr 12, 2023
I am quite late to reply, but if I make the questions is there a way you could actually make the quiz?
Level 86
Apr 13, 2023
I suppose. You could also try making the quiz yourself if you're interested. Making quizzes is not that difficult--the editor is pretty user-friendly.
Level 52
Apr 14, 2023
I have made a few quizzes, I just don't know how to do the map part. I´ll get started on it.
Level 67
Mar 13, 2023
Brilliant quiz! I'm not sure how so many got the flag answer -either that feature is much more obvious to others than to me or they made very good use of process of elimination and time. I was playing on mobile though which made it a bit trickier
Level 61
Apr 25, 2023
Estonia also depicts a natural feature, it shows a forest.
Level 86
Apr 25, 2023
Umm, Estonia's flag is just three horizontal bars of solid color?
Level 55
Mar 21, 2024
I think they mean it represents a forest, which it does but it's not specific where it is or what forest it is.
Level 45
Jun 7, 2024
Iceland also has many desert in it's boundaries
Level 86
Jun 7, 2024