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17,0982023-01-15 Uzbekistan Country Quiz
7962023-04-05Zufällige Deutsche Kfz Kennzeichen (2 Buchstaben)
4592022-05-10Llanfair in 15 seconds
4292023-02-19Cardinal Directions of Featured Languages
3012019-11-23The 24 (Elder) Futhark Runes
1942022-09-02Selected Geography of Cambodia on a Map
1732023-02-04Erste Städte in deutschen Himmelsrichtungen (mit Karte)
1362022-07-15Deutsche Städte anhand Ihres römischen Namens
1352022-06-18Balkan-Romance languages with a Map
1122023-01-16100 Most popular foods in the world
892023-01-14Azores islands with a map
832022-06-04Countries with most followers of Jainism
762022-06-30Stadtbezirke von München (mit Karte)
712022-06-19Flags of the German States (Bundesländer)
702022-06-28Municípios (Concelhos) dos Açores com um mapa
702022-12-23Personen der Weimarer Republik nach Bild
702023-01-14Ilhas dos Açores com um mapa
672022-06-17Freguesias dos Açores com um Mapa
662023-04-15Polnische Städtenamen auf Deutsch
622018-12-31Bodies of water by bordering countries
612018-12-3110 Countries Most and Least likely to fight for their country
582023-03-06Cities & Settlements of Namibia (With Map)
522019-02-15Geography facts #1
482023-05-14All 100k Cities of Colombia - With a Map
472022-09-26God of which mythology?
472022-08-03Largest Cities in Cambodia with a Map (50k+)
462023-04-15Tschechische Städtenamen auf Deutsch
412022-05-13Cities of Malta with a Map
412022-10-27Locations of famous photographs
392023-04-12Top Languages of Writing Systems
392023-05-06Video Gaming - Acronyms and Abbreviations
392023-05-14Ciudades Colombianas con 100 mil habitantes - Con un mapa
372022-12-23Flag Ratios - Click Quiz
352023-02-04First German cities by cardinal direction (With Map)
332022-12-12Japanese Prefecture Kanji Matching
312023-01-14Azores Islands - Map Quiz
302019-03-07Second largest cities by European country
302022-09-05Languages by the word for "street"
302018-12-31Countries that border that River
272018-12-31First country alphabetically by Letter
272023-01-25Most popular writing systems
222022-07-15German Cities by their Roman name
222023-02-2410 Largest Namibian Cities on a Map
212022-12-10Dunyo mamlakatlari - O'zbek
212022-12-23People of the Weimar Republic - Pictures
212022-12-09Πρόεδρος της Ελληνικής Δημοκρατίας
212018-12-31Countries with Compulsory Voting (Enforced and not Enforced)
192018-12-31Sierra Leones Provinces and Area
192023-04-15Moderne Chinesische Städtenamen
182023-04-22Anagramas - Estados de México
182022-06-30Boroughs of Munich (With a Map)
172023-01-19Countries by Chess Players
162022-05-10Numbers 1-10 in Welsh
152023-01-09Happy New Year! around the world
152023-01-22US Cities - Top 15 Car Factories
152023-02-05Cidades de Faro com um mapa
152023-02-21Regions of Namibia (With a Map)
142023-02-25Biggest elevation extremes - Countries
102023-01-04Common Nahuatl loanwords
102023-01-14Quiz do Mapa - Ilhas dos Açores
102023-04-08The 8 Great Cuisines of China
92023-01-17Alpacas or Llamas
92022-12-26The Elder Scrolls - Main Video Games
82023-02-07Concelhos do distrito de Faro com um mapa
82023-04-05Random German license plates (2 letters)
82022-06-28Azores Municipalities (Concelhos) with a Map
82022-11-28Cambodia in Images
72022-06-16Azores islands Parishes (Freguesias) with a Map
72023-02-23TurboGrafx 16/PC Engine Games A-Z
52022-08-22The Khmer Alphabet (Full consonant values)
32022-07-10Presidents of Greece-3rd Hellenic Republic
32023-03-22Every League of Legends Ability A to Z Extreme
32022-12-12Japanese Prefecture Romaji Matching
22023-04-08Images of Fonts
22022-08-05Alle Paraworld Missionen
22022-08-05Every Paraworld Mission
12022-08-22The Khmer Alphabet (Consonant value only)
12022-12-16Subdistricts of Prabumulih
12022-05-28Ghost towns in Houston County, TX
12022-12-20Titles of the head of State of Burkina Faso