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What is the name of the official KISS fan club?the Kiss Army
What is KISS' highest-charting single? (though it was originally a B-side...and a ballad)Beth
Which member of KISS put out a solo album with contributions from Cher, Katey Sagal, Janis Ian, Donna Summer, Bob Seger, Helen Reddy, plus members of The Doobie Brothers, Cheap Trick and Aerosmith? On the same album he covered "When You Wish Upon a Star".Gene Simmons
With the make-up and costume, what was the comic book style persona Gene Simmons adopted?The Demon
What is the name of the 1999 comedy film that reunited the original KISS line-up? It's the same as one of their song titles, the one that misled some to believe that they were a Michigan bandDetroit Rock City
The 1979 Dynasty album contained what disco-flavored hit?I Was Made for Loving You
KISS created a concept album in 1981 that was presented as a soundtrack to a movie that was never made. What is the full name of this album?Music from "The Elder"
What is Ace Frehley's real first name?Paul
Who did Kiss "meet" in the band's 1978 TV movie?the Phantom of the Park
The 1983 decision to perform without make-up coincided with their release of which gold record earning album.Lick It Up
What is the name of the band that Gene and Paul were in just before KISS?Wicked Lester
As of 2018, What is the most recent full-length KISS studio album?Monster
What is Paul Stanley's given first name?Stanley
What is Peter Criss' full, last name?Criscuola
What is the name Gene Simmons was given at birth?Chaim Witz

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