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"You Give Love a Bad Name" was a hit for what New Jersey band?Bon Jovi
What is the name for this band, named for its most prominent member, who were responsible for; "Fly Like an Eagle", "The Joker" and "Abracadabra"?Steve Miller Band
Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada is the home of what band, famous for the hits; "Takin' Care of Business" and "You Ain't Seem Nothing Yet"?Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Named for their guitarist, which Worcester, Massachusetts, USA band had their commercial peak with two singles from their 1981 album, Freeze Frame?The J. Geils Band
What UK band, formed in 1969, is best known for originating the songs; "Hold Your Head Up" and "God Gave Rock and Roll to You"? The band's name is similar to the Latin word for silver.Argent
Pasadena, California was the 1972 home of what rock quartet that currently has three members with the same last name, and has had three different lead vocalists, none of which share that last name?Van Halen
What London-born band, formed in 1967, is still active, as of 2019 and uses a name based on the sur-names of their original bassist and drummer, who remain with the band today?Fleetwood Mac
Formed in 1960's Jacksonville, Florida, what jazzy, bluesy, rocky group can claim; Eat a Peach, Brothers and Sisters, and At Fillmore East as their best-selling albums?The Allman Brothers Band
What UK quintet promoted their "Tottenham Sound", peaking in popularity in the mid-sixties with hits such as "Glad All Over" and "Over and Over"? They also had some songs without the word "over" in the title.The Dave Clark Five
"Brick" and "Army" are two of the better known songs by what band, formed in North Carolina, that is really just a trio despite the number in their name?Ben Folds Five
What San Francisco-born band has had at least 68 official members in their 53 year history (so far, because they are still active)? Included among this bands' former and/or current membership are; Michael Carabello, Michael Shrieve, Gregg Rolie, Cindy Blackman, Pete and Coke Escovedo, Jose Areas, and two different Chester Thompsons (Chester D. Thompson was a long-serving keyboard player for the group, and Chester C. Thompson was briefly their drummer in the '80s).Santana
What 28 year old (approximately, and as of 2019) band formed in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, has had a 16 year old bassist, a violinist, a trumpet player and a South African born vocalist/songwriter?Dave Matthews Band
What Birmingham, England group owes its 1963 origin to the namesake leader's encounter with a 14 year old singer/keyboard player and his bassist brother performing as The Muffy Wood Jazz Band?The Spencer Davis Group

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