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Who was The Beatles' drummer before Ringo?Pete Best
The Commodores' 1985 hit "Nightshift" was a tribute to two recently departed singers. Name either of them.Marvin Gaye or Jackie Wilson
New Orleans' musical brothers, Art, Charles, Aaron and Cyril, share what surname?Neville
What band had Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton as guitarists (though not all at the same time)?The Yardbirds
Who sang the theme song "I'll Be There For You" for the TV show Friends?The Rembrandts
In 1979 a single was released by Fleetwood Mac that broke the record for the most musicians used on a single record. The original quintet's numbers were boosted by the addition of the USC's marching band. That single was?Tusk
What composer has recieved the most Oscar nominations (46 as of 2019) in the music categories?John Williams
What famous musician plays a Martin nylon-strung classical guitar named "Trigger"?Willie Nelson
What renowned musician was raised largely by his aunt Mimi and uncle George, when for a variety of reasons, parents Julia and Alfred were disinclined to do so?John Lennon
What singer/pianist was the first African-American to host his own TV show?Nat King Cole
What 1959 Ray Charles hit was originally improvised live at the end of a concert after the evening's scheduled repertoire was exhausted?What'd I Say
What band issued the musical exhortation to their listeners to "make a little birdhouse in your soul" ?They Might Be Giants
What black artist was the first to earn an Oscar in a music category?Isaac Hayes
Before he became a solo hit maker, this artist sang with the gospel quartets; The Highway Q.C.'s and The Soul Stirrers.Sam Cooke
An unlikely center-of-the-musical-universe, he has been called a "real life rock 'n' roll Zelig' for his strange accumulation of L.A. experiences. He was a stand-in for Davy Jones on the Monkees TV show, He worked for Sonny & Cher and for Linda Ronstadt's band The Stone Ponies. He started an "English Disco" that hosted; Zeppelin, Andy Warhol and Elvis Presley. As a DJ for the local rock radio station, he was one of the few record spinners given total autonomy over his set list. In this position, he was said to be the first DJ to play; The Sex Pistols, VanHalen, and The Go-Gos. In the movie "Rock and Roll High School" he drove the Ramones' pink Cadillac on screen. Brian Wilson wrote a theme song about him for his radio show, and Nancy Sinatra had a booth dedicated to him at Canter's Deli. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and has contributed vocals to recordings by Lita Ford, Blondie and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. To top it off, he was the subject of the documentary film "Mayor of the Sunset Strip" a title he has held since the '60s. Who is this remarkable man?Rodney Bingenheimer

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