Blackadder Quiz

One of the best comedies of all time, answer these questions on Blackadder, or else you are a WICKED CHILD!
Quiz by TheRealXboxNerd
Last updated: May 26, 2017
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First submittedAugust 11, 2012
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What is Blackadder's forename?
In 'Money', what is the colour of Percy's 'gold'?
In 'The Queen of Spain's Beard', who was Blackadder made to marry?
The Spanish Infanta
What was tied to the end of Baldrick's nose in order to catch mice?
What religion was Blackadder's aunt and uncle in 'Beer'?
In 'Captain Cook', what does Baldrick's cream custard have the texture of?
Cat Vomit
What play do The Prince and Blackadder go to see in 'Sense and Senility'?
Julius Caesar
What rank in the army was George in Series 4?
What do the drunkards wear to Blackadder's drinking party?
Comedy Breasts
In 'General Hospital', who has a girlfriend called Doris?
Captain Darling
In 'Ink and Incapability', what word(s) did Dr Johnson leave out of his dictionary?
In 'Money', Blackadder tells a sailor a story. What was the story about?
A Squirrel
General Melchett continuously confuses Blackadder with Corporal Black. What is Black's job?
What does Blackadder sell to Mr and Mrs Pants in 'Money'?
His House
What present does Blackadder bring back for the Queen on his voyage in 'Potato'?
A Boomerang
What is Blackadder's novel called in 'Ink and Incapability'?
Edmund: A Butler's Tale
What is the name of the dachshund who lives in Dunny-on-the-Wold in 'Dish and Dishonesty'?
What was Nursie's real name?
In George's painting in 'Captain Cook', who does Baldrick pose as?
A Nun
In 'The Black Seal', The Hawk intends to torture Blackadder to death over a period of fifteen years using which sort of creature?
In 'The Foretelling', what does Blackadder consider calling himself before settling on the slightly more fortunate name of Black Adder?
The Black Vegetable
In 'Corporal Punishment', Edmund is sentenced to death after eating General Melchett’s favourite pigeon. What was the pigeon's name?
Speckled Jim
In which series does Blackadder definitely not die in the end?
Series 3
In 'Head', what was the surname shared by 2 members of the jail staff?
In 'Major Star', what does Baldrick use for a false moustache to imitate Charlie Chaplin?
A Dead Slug
Level 89
Jan 16, 2014
Would you mind accepting "fake breasts" for the drinking party one and "cuts hair" for Corporal Black? Awesome quiz :)
Level 67
Jan 17, 2014
Both have been added, glad you enjoyed it! :D
Level 78
May 24, 2017
also fake or false boobs
Level 32
May 10, 2014
went through quite a few variations without hitting on "series 3" - you might want to include "Blackadder the Third", since that's what it's called
Level 67
May 10, 2014
Added Blackadder the Third for you :D