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2592019-10-06All North American Capitals
1532021-08-02Anagramme - animaux
1242018-10-17Trois mot qui décrits un pays
1112019-08-03Animaux 1
1072019-08-06Pays par drapeau
952019-08-31Quelle capitale va avec ses drapeaux?
772018-10-10Pays bordure du Togo
752018-10-10Pays bordure du Azerbaïdjan
742022-02-25What fruit is this?
682019-08-06General knowlage 3
612019-08-09Pays Bordure du Belize
572022-03-01What colour is this?
552018-10-08Famous buildings or sites #1
472019-10-05Guess the country by it's capital
462019-09-04Quelle capitale va avec ses drapeaux 2?
452018-10-15Places in the world that have New
442019-09-15Guess the airport by IATA Codes
432018-10-21Animaux 2
412019-08-31Famous Canadian Celebrities
392021-11-24Countries in their languages
372021-11-29Countries in their native language pt. 3
362018-11-14General Knowlage 2
352018-11-14General knowlage 1
352019-08-06general knowledge
342021-10-06Foods #1
342021-11-04What animal is this?
332019-09-21Catogory guess
332018-11-06Chef de file mondial
312021-10-15Name these instruments
292021-12-014 letters words
282019-10-15General knowledge 2.0
282018-10-04Quess the thing
282019-08-03Word scramble
262021-08-11Guess the things - Part 5
262021-11-25Country in their native language Pt.2
262022-01-10Four letter words part 5
262019-09-04Word scramble 2
252021-08-13Guess the thing - Part 8
252022-02-07Mot en français - Partie 1
252018-11-07Famous buildings or sites #3
252019-08-12General knowledge #4
252022-09-14Canadian Geography
242022-05-02What animal is this
242021-12-014 letter words part 4
242021-08-13Canadian History
232022-03-02Re-write the following words
222021-08-07Guess the thing - part 4
222022-09-14What is this?
222022-01-10What is this?
212018-10-10Famous Building or Sites
212022-02-07C'est quoi ça?
202018-11-08Famous Buildings or Sites
202020-09-17What is this?
192021-08-16Guess the things - part 10 (super long)
182022-02-28Who is this - singers
182021-10-18Cities in Prince Edward Island
172020-09-17What is This #2
172021-12-014 letter words pt.3
172022-02-25What is this - part Canada
172018-10-10Guess the thing 2
172021-08-13Guess the thing - part 7
162021-08-13Guess the thing - part 6
162021-11-18What is this = long edition
152020-09-24Whatis this #3
152021-11-10Multiple choice random stuff
152021-12-014 letter word pt.2
142022-04-11Things related to Ukraine
142021-08-04Name of the country - Flags
122021-08-13Guess the things part 9 (Extended version)
112019-08-09Qu'est-ce que c'est? 1
112022-02-08Who is this - Eurovision edition
92022-02-09Who is this - Eurovision edition part 2
82022-02-23Who is this - Eurovision part 3
82021-07-15Eurovision artist by song
72019-10-13Dévine la ville ou Village
62022-05-02Canadian provinces and territories by area
52021-08-03Eurovision artists by songs part 2