Color Phrases

All of these answers have to do with a various color!
Quiz by WittyreaderLI
Last updated: January 24, 2013
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Color Filled Answer
This type of virus is caused by mosquitos
Yellow Fever
Expression meaning you are pleased beyond belief
Tickled Pink
Group of girls led by Rizzo in Grease
Pink Ladies
Drink that gets its color from dye, not from ingredients
Pink Lemonade
A contagious disease contained to the ocular region
Pink Eye
The biggest shopping day of the year
Black Friday
According to Michael Jackson, it don't matter if you're _____ __ _____
Black or White
Expression meaning that you are brusied all over
Black and Blue
A fancy affair requiring tuxedos
Black Tie
Do not cross if you want to avoid bad luck
Black Cat
Disease that killed millions in the 14th century
Black Plague
Band that features Fergie
Black Eyed Peas
This is a carbonated beverage made from Orange, mandarin and lemon juice
Noise that you can't hear that is in the background
White Noise
If you are inspecting something, what does someone use to check for dust?
White Glove
Color Filled Answer
What you see before you die, supposedly
White Light
When someone is really pale, they are..
White as a Ghost
Burger chain featuring tiny burgers
White Castle
Famous building that burned during Madison's term
White House
Beatles album which contains Martha My Dear
White Album
Surpreme court case that ruled seperate but equal
Brown vs Board of Education
Charlie Brown's younger sister (full name)
Sally Brown
A drop in electrical supply to prevent a blackout
Harry Potter character to become Ron's first girlfriend
Lavender Brown
Author of Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown
Famous restaurant where Hollywood stars hang out
Brown Derby
Villain of the third Austin Powers movie
Item needed to get into Willy Wonka's factory
Golden Ticket
Theme song of EPCOT's American Adventure
Golden Dream
A phrase used to describe movies back in the olden days
Silver Screen
Color Filled Answer
Another way to say that someone is angry
Seeing Red
Time when communism was suspected
Red Scare
Snoopy's Alter Ego
Red Baron
A late night flight
Red Eye
Childhood game where you break through opposing team's arms
Red Rover
Warning sign that something is wrong
Red Flag
Whoopi Goldburg and Oprah Winfrey movie
The Color Purple
Medal given to someone who is wounded in the military
Purple Heart
If someone is good with plants, it is said they have a..
Green Thumb
This band has a musical called American Idiot
Green Day
Movie featuring a crime fighting Seth Rogen
Green Hornet
Old TV show featuring a woman who wants to go back to city life
Green Acres
Famous song that Kermit sings about his color
It's not Easy being Green
We all live in a _______ _________
Yellow Submarine
Beverage similiar to Mountain Dew and name of a pop song
Mello Yello
Level 77
Jun 16, 2014
You should have made this as 2 or three quizzes, it's so many questions that you have to scroll back and forth and I think it's hard to read with multiline clues. Or perhaps reduce the clues to shorter 1-2 word ones? There's also still at least 2 typoes in it: bruised all over, Whoopi Goldberg (thought I saw a third, but can't find it now). The basic idea is solid, but there are already quizzes with answers containing a certain colour. However, your questions don't overlap too much so there's originality there.
Level 25
Jul 15, 2017
Great quiz but "Brown vs the Board" should be enough, especially with so many questions
Level 32
Oct 7, 2017
I really enjoyed this quiz but I would have loved a bit more time.
Level 67
Jun 24, 2019
Couldnt the drink be blue curacao aswell?