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2982018-04-05Norges fylker (med kart)
1912018-04-12Countries That Have Sent a Sattelite To Space
1212018-04-23Memorizing the Countries of Europe
1002018-01-07Norway Quiz(HARD)
912018-12-08All digits of pi
772018-03-12Den norske kongerekken
752018-12-21Countries that ends with y
712018-04-16Geography Now! Countries on A
712017-12-28The Alphabet- fast typing
712018-05-01Deep South- Name the states
682018-06-08FIFA World Cup 2018- Participants
662018-03-15Fylker i Norge (med bilder)
662017-12-23Capitals that are hard to spell(HARD!).
612017-12-17Elements That Have Only One Letter In Its Symbol
592018-06-1410 Funny Shaped Islands
552018-05-1350 US states(inspired by Geography Now episode of the 50 states)
552018-04-19The Midwest- Name the states
552018-04-1510 Største øyene i verden
552018-07-12Germany quiz
502017-12-05Hard capitals quiz
442019-03-08Geography Now! Countries starting with C
422018-04-19Overseas departments and territories of the U.S.
422018-01-16The Nations of Africa
402018-01-10DNA-full name
402018-02-20Flags in the Norwegian flag
392018-03-13Norges fem høyeste fjelltopper
382018-03-251000 Siffers of Pi in 1000 Seconds(almost)
372018-04-14VGS i Oslo
362017-12-30Square numbers to 50
352018-02-06States in the U.S that begins with "M"
342018-01-31Geography Now! Countries on B
342018-03-02Countries With the Longest Names for places
332018-03-30Which Planet in our Solar System?
332018-02-27Every Time Norway Have Finished 1st In Vinter-Olympics
302018-03-26UNESCOs Verdensarvliste i Norge
292018-01-23Capitals Whose not the Greatest City
292018-01-07DNA Nitrogenbases
272018-01-16Prime Numbers between 1-100
252018-06-06Administrerende by i alle fylker
242017-12-26Divide by two
232019-12-12Countries of the World Quiz -with one country missing
222017-12-05Nordic Countries Capitals
222018-02-07Mount Rushmore- Four Presidents
212018-03-2610 Largest Islands
202017-12-05Landlocked Countries in Africa by Landcode
202018-04-19The West- Name the states
202018-04-19Country by UNESCO Heritage Place
202018-02-27Countries with the Most Vinter Olympics Medals
202018-03-14Easy Fractions
182017-12-24Oceanian Countries
172018-04-19The North East- Name the states
172018-01-07Famous Persons By Their Quotes
142017-12-29The Nations of Asia
122018-11-09Klassifikasjon etter antall kanter
62020-03-28Top fem norske Jetpunk- quizzere