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Sandwiched between France and Spain containing no airport and only two main roads.Andorra
Southwestern African country with a exlave named Caminda producing 60% of the oil productionAngola
Recived its name from the latin word(argentum) which mean silver despite having every minerals EXCEPT from silver. Also 3rd largest boron producer after Turkey ant the U.SArgentina
Greatest country in Africa in AreaAlgeria
Leading nation in OpiumAfghanistan
Caucasusian country where a big genocide killed 1,5 milion in the early 20 century.Armenia
Mount Obama is the highest mountain on this island northeast in the lesser antilles, before Obama won the election in 2009 it was known for Boggy Peak.Antigua and Barbuda
Country where it is usually to be invited to a walk to clear the head. This is also known as “Spazieren Gehen” in the country`s language.Austria
Great Island where the capital has an exlave named Jervis Bay territory which was bought and developed to give the capital access to the seaAustralia
700 000 bunkers spread all around the country for militaristic preparationAlbania
Fist muslim-majority country in the world.Azerbaijan

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