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U.S. State Capitals Quiz0-4.991,373,987
Canada Provinces and Territories0-4.99257,783
South America Capitals Quiz0-4.99371,884
Island Countries Quiz0-4.99589,789
Countries That Border Russia0-4.98377,710
Counties of England Quiz0-4.95597,417
Biggest Mediterranean Islands0-4.3650,290
Islands by Country #10-4.86152,152
Mediterranean Countries Quiz0-4.99175,042
Commonwealth of Nations Countries0-4.93208,329
Africa Capitals Quiz0-4.99547,429
Flags of Europe Quiz0-4.99895,475
Flags of Asia Quiz0-4.99452,146
Europe Cities Map Quiz0-4.99302,309
East Asia Cities Map Quiz0-4.9693,856
States of Mexico0-4.93112,929
States of India0-4.92124,563
Countries that Border Poland0-4.99132,968
Countries that Border China0-4.97215,973
Australian States and Territories Quiz0-4.97106,060
Biggest Cities in New Zealand0-4.5720,650
Countries of Africa0-5.001,812,869
The 13 Colonies Quiz0-4.9791,117
Countries of North America Quiz0-5.00738,366
Countries that Border Iraq0-4.9793,550
Counties of Ireland0-4.89138,229
Countries Bordering France0-4.89327,616
UK Immigration by Country0-4.93114,829
Countries Bordering Germany0-4.99300,346
Central American Countries0-4.96125,273
North America Capitals Quiz0-4.99160,404
Capitals of Oceania Quiz0-4.98193,078
States of the U.S. in Alphabetical Order0-4.98311,086
Asia Capitals Quiz0-4.98518,075
Countries of the Soviet Union0-4.99151,132
Countries Bordering Saudi Arabia0-4.95101,778
Countries Bordering Brazil0-4.97107,292
Modern Countries Conquered by Alexander the Great0-4.9293,792
Countries Bordering Turkey0-4.9998,977
Countries Bordering Austria0-4.98101,152
Countries Bordering India0-4.98131,045
U.S. States By Population0-4.81118,836
Biggest Cities in Germany0-4.94233,527
Countries Formerly in Yugoslavia0-4.9494,514
Biggest English Cities by Century0-4.9288,252
Germany Country Quiz0-4.86118,637
Cultural Symbols of Australia0-4.2144,713
Official Cities in the UK0-4.89204,305
Russia Country Quiz0-4.8793,416
Japan Country Quiz0-4.91106,208
Asia Capital to Country0-4.9597,743
Word Scramble - U.S. States0-4.95399,440
American Islands0-4.0814,994
Asian Islands0-4.4218,587
New Zealand Country Quiz0-4.5557,818
Regions of France Map Quiz0-4.97113,461
States of Germany Map Quiz0-4.93110,114
Canada Provinces Map Quiz0-4.99532,597
Europe Capital to Country0-4.99202,562
France Cities Map Quiz0-4.96123,248
Australia Cities Map Quiz0-4.87112,468
UK Cities Map Quiz0-4.95402,564
Germany Cities Map Quiz0-4.9094,560
Regions of Spain Map Quiz0-4.96154,969
Provinces of China0-4.96124,027
Regions of Italy Map Quiz0-4.95118,587
Italy Cities Map Quiz0-4.97114,087
Australia Map Quiz0-4.94287,557
Central America and Caribbean Map Quiz0-4.85799,341
Top 10 Coldest U.S. States0-4.9291,503
Confederate States of the U.S. Civil War0-4.91105,785
Counties of England Map Quiz0-4.95268,722
Flags of Africa Quiz0-4.99322,001
Flags of Oceania0-5.00185,730
Flags of North and South America Quiz0-4.99264,377
U.S. States that Start with M0-4.91138,205
U.S. States that Start with N0-4.95122,016
Top 10 Largest U.S. States by Area0-4.94123,062
Countries Closest to Australia0-4.99134,927
Countries Closest to Israel0-4.9190,787
Countries Closest to Canada0-4.93160,061
Countries Closest to Alaska0-4.9089,592
Countries Closest to Japan0-4.95104,276
Countries Closest to Italy0-4.97152,510
Countries Closest to Spain0-4.96174,999
Countries Closest to Turkey0-4.9596,120
U.S. States that Border Canada0-4.91130,626
Countries Closest to Africa0-4.96119,517
Largest Islands of Greece0-4.5528,964
United States Map Quiz0-4.963,633,660
Europe Map Quiz0-4.993,824,609
Middle East Map Quiz0-4.981,187,900
Africa Map Quiz0-5.001,790,473
East Asia Map Quiz0-4.991,263,980
Oceania Map Quiz0-4.97514,221
South America Map Quiz0-5.001,284,553
Australian Immigration by Country0-4.5354,558
Oceania Physical Geography0-4.2411,024
Countries that Bordered the USSR0-4.93131,432
European Countries with the Fewest Borders0-4.98132,737
United Kingdom Country Quiz0-4.96102,877
Countries Closest to the United Kingdom A-Z0-4.94153,816
States of Germany0-4.95102,295
Melbourne Suburbs0-4.6430,163
Australia A-Z0-4.4035,548
Asia Map Quiz0-4.99676,314
Caribbean / Lesser Antilles Map Quiz0-4.99105,842
Countries Closest to United States by Continent0-5.00114,671
Countries of Europe - One Minute Sprint0-4.811,024,699
African Capitals by Map0-4.9989,740
Largest Indonesian Islands0-4.5439,418
Largest Philippines Islands0-4.6017,344
Four Main Islands of Japan0-4.4221,227
Canary Islands0-4.5915,189
Regions of New Zealand0-4.6621,516
Neutral European Countries of WWII0-4.95114,700
EU Capitals with No Hints0-4.93100,929
European Countries with One Border0-4.96138,153
15 Biggest Island Countries0-4.99120,933
Biggest Cities in the U.S. - Extreme0-4.93120,845
Oceania Geography Quiz0-4.5219,212
Islands of the Galápagos0-4.443,907
Top 10 Most Populous U.S. States0-4.97125,638
Top 10 Least Populous U.S. States0-4.94149,144
Top 10 Poorest U.S. States by Median Income0-4.8493,661
Countries of Europe by Population0-4.98111,643
Countries with Multiple Big Islands0-4.9299,569
Every European Country Shape0-4.95156,512
Top 10 Biggest African Countries by Area 0-4.99168,666
Top 10 European Countries by Coastline0-4.84117,496
Top 10 Most Populous European Countries0-4.97173,292
10 Biggest Asian Countries by Area0-4.97115,123
10 Biggest European Countries by Area0-4.99146,567
10 Biggest American Countries by Area0-4.9799,644
Nauru Country Quiz0-4.5418,287
Top 10 Most Populous Asian Countries0-4.96130,580
Top 10 Most Populous African Countries0-4.98126,988
Largest Scottish Islands0-4.238,883
U.S. State Flags0-4.83114,577
Countries of Europe with an Empty Map0-5.00259,431
Countries of Asia with an Empty Map0-4.99190,361
Countries of Africa with an Empty Map0-5.00202,723
Countries of the Middle East0-4.96152,995
US States with an Empty Map0-5.00477,689
15 Largest Cities in Europe With a Map0-4.98179,240
15 Largest Cities in Asia With a Map0-4.9797,956
Canadian Islands on the Map0-4.3111,848
Top 10 Most Populous American Countries0-4.97104,943
Top 10 Biggest Economies in Africa0-4.99100,111
Top 10 Biggest Economies in Asia0-4.8791,362
Top 10 Biggest Economies in Europe0-4.95160,118
Largest Virgin Islands0-4.244,581
Top 10 Hottest European Countries0-4.89103,768
Top 10 Hottest U.S. States0-4.8291,125
Top 10 Smallest U.S. States by Area0-4.97146,084
East Asian Islands on the Map0-4.5028,331
Countries of Europe After World War II0-4.97148,466
Countries of Europe Before World War I0-5.00117,218
Top 10 Coldest Asian Countries0-4.9694,192
Top 10 Coldest European Countries0-4.94148,132
Europe by Borders in 30 Seconds0-4.99343,438
Countries With the Most Islands of at Least 10 Km²0-4.86126,991
10 Westernmost Countries in Europe0-4.94115,007
Total United States Immigration by Country0-4.9289,147
10 Northernmost Countries in Africa0-4.98119,620
European Capitals - Map Quiz0-4.9894,279
South American Capitals - Map Quiz0-4.98103,755
Oceanian Capitals - Map Quiz0-4.9532,607
U.S. State Capitals Map Quiz0-4.89111,479
Europe by Capitals and Borders in 30 Seconds0-4.92158,228
"Stan" Countries - Map Quiz0-4.9794,519
Largest Islands in the British Isles With a Map0-4.5426,769
U.S. States or European Countries by Population0-4.9697,896
Top 10 Languages Spoken in Europe0-4.96164,871
African Island Countries0-4.9582,238
Asian Island Nations0-4.7283,396
Countries that Beat the United States0-4.85106,725
Most Visited Countries by Australians0-4.9066,398
North America Map Quiz0-4.97157,579
Three Band Flags of Europe0-4.98145,177
Most-Visited Countries by U.S. Presidents0-4.98158,195
Biggest Trading Partners - Australia0-4.8438,334
Top 10 Richest Countries in Europe0-4.91119,496
Saintly Islands of the Caribbean0-4.2120,256
Most Populous Islands of Europe0-4.4221,072
The Only European Country ...0-4.93138,999
Countries that Visit Australia the Most0-4.8652,243
African Countries with the Shortest Names0-4.98107,572
Asian Countries with the Shortest Names0-4.98110,373
The Only African Country ...0-4.9895,984
Closest Countries to North Korea0-4.9395,758
100 Biggest Cities in Europe with a Map0-4.96269,007
Flags of Countries That Border France0-4.9088,560
Flags of the Mediterranean0-4.96110,936
Tuvalu Country Quiz0-4.8217,136
Eastern Europe Map Quiz0-4.91104,407
Which City in Europe?0-4.8688,645
Provinces of Turkey0-4.94154,782
Which City in Australia?0-4.5620,815