Ultimate Percy Jackson Quiz

Answer the Q's...If you want me to add more just comment them! Check out my blog ---> percyjacksonforlife.blogspot.com Each Purple Box Represents a New Character **FULL NAMES REQUIRED** Purple Box = New Character (Excludes Gods) White Box = Things Related To That Character Red Box = Question About Titles Green Box = Percy Jackson Related Blue Box = Well...You'll See When...No...If...You Get There
Some Answers May Appear Multiple Times
Includes Some Questions About Things Related To Percy Jackson
Full Names are Required
I Do Not Own Anything Percy Jackson Besides This Quiz
Quiz by jamesjunkers
Last updated: January 3, 2014
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Title of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 1
The Lightning Thief
Title of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 2
The Sea of Monsters
Title of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 3
The Titan's Curse
Title of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 4
The Battle of the Labyrinth
Title of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 5
The Last Olympian
Author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Rick Riordan
Title of The Heroes of Olympus Book 1
The Lost Hero
Title of The Heroes of Olympus Book 2
The Son of Neptune
Title of The Heroes of Olympus Book 3
The Mark of Athena
Title of The Heroes of Olympus Book 4
The House of Hades
Title of The Heroes of Olympus Book 5
The Blood of Olympus
Author of The Heroes of Olympus
Rick Riordan
Main Character
Percy Jackson
Non-Godly Parent
Sally Jackson
1st Non-Godly Step-Parent
Gabe Ugliano
2nd Non-Godly Step-Parent
Paul Blofis
Godly Parent
Roman Form
Main Character's Half-Brother
Main Character's "Pet"
Blackjack or Mrs. O'Leary
Pegasus or Hellhound
Main Character's Girlfriend
Annabeth Chase
Non-Godly Parent
Frederick Chase
Godly Parent
Roman Form
God(dess) Of
Wisdom, Battle Strategy
Satyr Friend
Grover Underwood
Favorite Food
Tin Cans/Enchiladas
This Character is on a Quest to find the lost God ___________. The quest is accomplished in Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 4
Praetor of Camp Jupiter Taken by Hera
Jason Grace
Godly Parent
God(dess) Of
Sky, King of Gods, Lightning
Previous Character's Sister
Thalia Grace
Godly Parent
Currently a Hunter of _____
Roman Form
Other Praetor of Camp Jupiter (full name not required :D)
Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano
Godly Parent
Previous Character's Sister
Currently the Queen of the _____
One of the Demigods of the Prophecy of Seven (The Other Male Greek One)
Leo Valdez
Godly Parent
Roman Form
God(dess) Of
Forge, Fire
This Character is the Creator of the ________
Argo II
This Character was upset after what "animal" died
This "animal" was a _________
Mechanical Dragon
One of the Demigods of the Prophecy of Seven (The Other Male Roman One)
Frank Zhang
Godly Parent
God(dess) of
Also a Descendant of the God of the _____
One of the Demigods of the Prophecy of Seven (The Female Roman One)
Hazel Levesque
Godly Parent
God(dess) of
Underworld, Dead, Riches
What happened to this Character in Alaska When She Was With Her Mom?
She Died
This Character's "Pet" Horse
One of the Demigods of the Prophecy of Seven (The Other Female Greek One)
Piper Mclean
Godly Parent
Roman Form
God(dess) of
Love, Beauty
This Character's Special Power
Male Demigod Found During the Titan's Curse; Plays Cruscial Role at the end of The Mark of Athena
Nico di Angelo
Godly Parent
Previous Character's Sister
Bianca di Angelo
This Character Dies in The Titan's Curse "One Will Perish at their Fater's Hand"
Zoe Nightshade
Instructor at Camp Half Blood
Guardian of the Undeworld (Similar Name to Previous Character)
Main Character's Arch Enemy
Clarisse La Rue
Godly Parent
Kronos' Host
Godly Parent
God(dess) of
Travel, Thieves
Main Character's Role Model (Well Maybe Not So Much After The Mark of Athena)
Greek From
Camp Half-Blood's Oracle
Rachel Elizabeth Dare
This Character can see through the ________
Camp Jupiter's Augur
This character cuts up ________
Stuffed Animals
Previous Two Characters both have the gift of ________
This gift is given by the god(dess) _______
Previous Answer (god(dess)) likes to write poems. Which kind does he like to write the most?
Who does the main character meet on an island (daughter of Atlas) in the Battle of the Labrynth?
Who is the Lighting Thief?
Luke Castellan
What do they get in the Sea of Monsters?
Golden Fleece
Who must withstand the Titan's Curse (normally)?
Who created the Labrynth that was seen in the Battle of the Labrynth?
Who is the Last Olympian?
Who is the Lost Hero?
Percy Jackson
Who is the Son of Neptune?
Percy Jackson
Who is the main guardian of the prize that awaits a Daughter of Athena as shown in the Mark of Athena?
Who closes the Doors of Death at the Tartarus side of the House of Hades?
Iapetus (Bob)
How many heroes' blood (Blood of Olympus) does Gaea need in order to succeed?
What is the name of the series by the same author that features Egyptian Gods?
The Kane Chronicles
What is the title of book 1 in the answer to the previous question?
The Red Pyramid
Book 2?
The Throne of Fire
Book 3?
The Serpent's Shadow
What is the title of the short story crossover featuring the two series combined?
The Son of Sobek
What mythology does the author plan to feature in his next book series (1st book to be released in 2015)?
Norse Mythology
Level 10
Jun 12, 2013
Level 15
Aug 17, 2013
It's been stated as both, but I will add enchiladas as another acceptable answer
Level 32
Oct 11, 2013
Frank's last name is ZhAng with an a. Also, could you accept Mrs. O'Leary as Percy's pet as well? He refers to her as "my dog" a lot in the series.
Level 15
Nov 11, 2013
Sorry, Zhang has been corrected - Mrs. O'Leary and Hellhound are now acceptable answers
Level 33
Jun 2, 2015
For the fifth book in the Heroes of Olympus can you just accept "Blood of Olympus" and not "THE blood of olympus"
Level 20
Jun 29, 2015
I typed in percy Jackson and the lightening thief instead of just the lightening thief bu it wasn't accepted
Level 33
Feb 3, 2016
And for Hercule's Roman form, you spelled form wrong
Level 14
Sep 18, 2016
Arch enemy is misleading; I thought it would be Gaia
Level 69
Feb 15, 2017
Hephaestus should also be the god of blacksmiths, and hermes for messenging as well. Nice quiz tho!
Level 51
Nov 16, 2019
Could you add in May Castellan? I think she's a really important character.
Level 51
Mar 14, 2020
And also you should add in Maria di Angelo, Tristan McLean, Esperanza Valdez, and Marie Levesque if you're going to include Sally Jackson, Gabe Ugliano, Paul Blofis, and Frederick Chase.
Level 28
Dec 20, 2021
I typed in percy jackson for who is the lost hero and it didn't work.
Level 20
Mar 24, 2022
Bruh I typed in Piper McLean and didn't get tit right 😭

Otherwise, great quiz!

Level 62
Apr 12, 2023
change arch enemy wording, got it wrong because they are on the same side, possibly bully
Level 34
Mar 5, 2024
There are three crossover short stories:

The Son of Sobek

The Staff of Serapis

The Crown of Ptolemy

Otherwise, great quiz!