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2,4352018-01-11Name All the Countries in Europe
8882018-01-25Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in Turkey
6392018-01-24Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in Greece
5412018-01-13Biggest Cities in the Northern Hemisphere
4282018-01-2717 Most Spoken Languages in the USA
3762018-01-20Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in Italy
3672018-01-05Fc Barca 2017/18 starting XI
3342018-02-07History of United Kingdom Quiz
3162019-11-29FC Barcelona Knowledge Quiz
3012019-04-02European Geography True Or False #1
2972018-01-07Best Balkan Countries to live in
2852018-01-18Most Popular Sodas in the U.S
2722019-05-28Poorest countries in Europe
2432018-01-30Top 10 Most Mormon U.S States
2202018-01-31Countries Involved in the Balkan Wars
2192019-03-28Hard Geography Knowledge #1
2052018-01-28Top Majority Christian Countries Quiz
1952019-03-28American History - Multiple Choice
1932018-01-08Most Populated Countries in the Balkans
1742018-02-10Which City in the Americas?
1732017-09-21Closest Countries To Greece
1702018-01-14Countries Closest to South Korea A-Z
1702018-01-0710 Hardest Languages to Learn
1642018-01-13Iraq War Countries
1522018-01-07Albanian Speaking Countries
1512018-01-21Italian Cities With More than 150,000 People
1412018-01-04Best Soccer Teams in The World
1392018-01-20Countries That Hate The U.S
1382018-01-06U.S.A General Knowledge #1
1352018-01-19European Countries with a Lower Population then Syria
1342018-01-21French Cities With More than 150,000 People.
1342018-01-2622 Most Populated Capital Cities in Europe
1292018-01-13Closest Countries to Saudi Arabia
1252018-01-20Most Liked Countries by Americans
1222018-01-04Countries with most Human rights Violations
1212018-01-13Biggest Cities in Scandinavia
1182018-03-16True or False? Geography
1172019-12-11Countries With The Most Homicides
1142018-01-24Brazil's World Cup Opponents
1112018-01-12Least Guessed European Countries
1072018-02-21Which Country in Europe?
1062018-01-10U.S presidents that Have Visited China
1062018-01-06Asia General Knowledge #1
1052018-01-06Most Dangerous Cities in Europe
1022018-02-11Les Pays Ayant 8 Lettres
1012018-01-20Hardest U.S Colleges/Universitys to Get Into
992018-01-13Russian-Speaking Countries Quiz
982018-01-05Poorest Countries in Asia
952018-01-16Countries of the Ottoman Empire
932018-03-14Easy Geography Knowledge #1
922018-02-01Countries which got there Independence Throughout Most of Cold War
912018-02-149 Most Influential Men in History
902018-01-2610 Most Visited Countries in Europe
902018-02-19Top 10 Most Islamic African Countries
872018-01-23U.S Cities with at Least 600,000 People
872018-01-03Richest Countries in Europe
852019-03-26UEFA Champions League Knowledge
822018-02-1110 U.S States With The Highest Poverty Rate
812018-01-31All Island Countries
802018-01-06Highest Rated Fifa 18 Players
762018-01-07Least Populated U.S States
742018-01-04Safest States in the USA
742018-01-13All The Capitals of Asia
732018-01-20Most Populated Cities in Europe
722018-01-11Countries in Africa where Homosexuality is Illegal
702018-01-19European Countries that start With JETPUNK
682018-01-12Most Favorable U.S Presidents
682018-01-25Closest Countries to Ireland
672018-01-07Colors on the Flag of Seychelles
652018-01-21Days of the Week in Italian
642018-01-06African General Knowledge #1
642018-01-04Best Soccer Players ever
642018-01-12European Countries by HDI
632018-01-15U.S States Trivia
632018-01-2820 Countries with the Highest Number of Internet Users
622018-01-04Richest U.S States
622018-02-28Countries With The Most Americans
612018-01-17Cold War Facts Quiz
612018-01-11Top 10 Countries with the Most Mcdonald's
602018-01-06U.S.A Presidents Knowledge #1
592018-01-05Richest Fast Food places in USA
582018-01-22Spanish Cities with More Than 220,000 People
582018-01-19Countries that Have 6 letters in their Names
562018-01-11Most Spoken Languages in Europe
552018-02-01Most Popular Social Medias
552018-04-14Top 30 Most Famous Countries
542018-01-06European Knowledge #1
542018-01-07Soccer Teams with the Most Champions Leagues.
542018-01-17Countries With Only Yellow, Red and Blue in their Flags
522018-01-05Champions League Winners 2005-2017
512018-01-03Most Dangerous Countries in the World
512018-01-09Countries bordering Switzerland
512018-01-05Name all Albanian Prime Ministers since 1992
502018-01-19Countries with Highest Favorability of the U.S
492018-01-15Poorest Countries in Africa
492018-01-24Guess The Country #1
482018-01-16Countries of Austria-Hungary
482018-01-20U.S States that Begin With JETPUNK
482018-01-19Countries Bordering Italy
472018-01-11Countries that Border China
462018-01-2920 Countries with the Lowest Number of Internet Users
462018-02-10Top 30 Countries by HDI
452018-01-28United States A-Z
452018-03-02Which Country in Asia?
442018-01-2620 Most Populated Country Capitals
442018-01-11All Countries in NATO
432018-01-07All Dictators of Soviet Union
432018-03-17Top 10 Most Expensive Soccer Players
422018-01-06Most Spoken Languages by Native Speakers
422018-01-06Asia General Knowledge #2
422018-01-14Most Known U.S Presidents
422018-01-08Facts about-United States of America
422018-01-03Safest Countries in the World
422018-01-05Poorest Countries in the Americas
412018-01-2720 Pays les Moins Peuples du Monde
412018-03-18North Korea Country Quiz
412018-01-04Countries by Military
392018-01-13UEFA Europa League Winners
392018-01-22United States Country Quiz
392018-01-28Most Guessed Capital Cities
382018-01-11Countries That Start with H
382018-01-21Numbers in Italian
382018-02-20UEFA Champions League Trivia
372018-04-14American Cities by Population
372018-01-07Richest Countries in North America
372018-01-04Smallest Countries by Area
372018-02-20Top 10 Worst Asian Soccer Teams since 2013
372018-01-13Countries that End in E
372018-02-18Famous British People Quiz
362018-01-13Countries that End in I
362018-02-08Biggest Cities in Nevada
352018-01-21Most Populated Capital Cities Quiz
352018-01-26Countries with the Lowest GDP with Exceptions
342018-01-06European Knowledge #2
342018-01-10Facts about-France
342018-01-132017-18 La Liga Teams
332018-01-17Eastern Bloc Quiz
322018-01-19Asian Countries that Start with JETPUNK
322018-01-18Italian Phrases
322018-01-21Country Questions #1
312018-01-08Richest People in the World
312018-01-15Biggest Countries in Europe #2
312018-01-07City to Country #2
312018-01-06City to Country #1
302018-01-23Top 10 Milk Producing Countries
292018-01-2720 Smallest Countries by Area
292018-01-20Top 11 Most Populated Countries in NATO
282018-01-06Least Populated Countries in Africa
282018-01-07European Knowledge #3
282018-01-05Countries with lowest GDP in Europe
282018-01-2720 Countries with the Highest GDP
282018-01-20Least Populated Countries in the World
282018-01-15Most Democratic Countries Quiz
272018-01-2720 Countries with Highest Life Expectancy
272018-02-03Pays ou le Français est une langue officielle
272018-01-29Name the Country Quiz
252018-01-04Top 10 Biggest Countries by Area
242018-01-28Countries with the Lowest Human Development Index with Exceptions
232018-01-13Most Guessed Countries on Jetpunk
232018-01-07U.S.A Presidents Knowledge #2
232018-01-07Biggest Countries in World- Africa #1
232017-09-21English in Asia
232018-03-11Name The Country By Flag
232018-01-20Poorest Countries in the World
232018-01-29Arabian Desert Countries Quiz
222018-02-09Dijko's Geography Knowledge
222018-01-10Facts about- World War 2
212018-01-10Most Populated Cities in the World
212018-10-06Countries Of Europe - 30 Second Sprint
212018-01-06Most Followed People on Instagram
212018-01-21Least Guessed Countries
202018-01-13Country Trivia #1
202018-01-06European countries by Life Expectancy
192018-02-18Famous Americans Quiz
192018-01-08European Knowledge #4
182018-01-06Least Peaceful Countries in the World
172018-01-06Least Populated countries in Europe
162018-01-06Most Corrupt Countries in the World
162018-01-07Country Capitals #2
152017-10-09European countries Up to the letter L in Nato
142018-01-10Countries with the Highest GDP
142018-01-04Countries with the Highest GDP
142018-01-07Country Capitals #1
132018-01-04Countries with best HDI
132018-01-12European Countries in the European Union
132018-01-05Countries in Warsaw Pact
122018-01-07Countries with Highest Life Expectancy
112017-11-05Countries In Central America
102018-01-13Countries with the Fastest Internet Speeds
92018-01-04Countries With Lowest Life Expectancy
92018-01-04Countries with the Lowest GDP per Capita
82018-01-12Youtubers with the Most Subscribers