American History - Multiple Choice

Answer all questions, and you have 4 options. Best of luck!
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Last updated: March 28, 2019
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1. Which American Founding Father Was Commander Of The Revolutionary War?
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
2. What Was The Name Of A Minor Undeclared War The U.S Fought Against France From 1798 to 1800
Proxy War
American-Franco War
Quasi War
Canren War
3. Who Was The American President When Britain Burned Down The White House in 1814
James Monroe
James Madison
Andrew Jackson
John Quincy Adams
4. The U.S Had A Period Of Time When Gold Was Discovered In Their Land. Wheir Was It Found?
Kentucky and Tennessee
Massachusetts and New Hampshire
Maryland and Virginia
California and Nevada
5. During The Civil War, The Union Army wore Blue as the color of their uniform. What was the color of the Rebel's uniform?
6. What Was The Name Of A Popular Civil War General Who Became President Of The U.S From 1869 - 1877?
Ulysses S. Grant
Andrew Johnson
Chester A. Arthur
James K. Polk
7. How Many States Were In America When William McKinley Was Elected President In 1897?
8. Name Of Democratic Nominee For President In 1928
Richard Fyrd
Al Smith
George McGovern
Robert M. Franco
9. Name Of U.S President When The Great Depression Breaks Out
Benjamin Harrison
Robert M. Franco
Woodrow Wilson
Herbert Hoover
10. What Is The Date That President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Is Talking About When He Asks Congress To Declare War On Japan. FDR Says This Date "Will Live In Infamy"
December 7, 1941
December 8, 1942
December 3, 1941
August 4, 1943
11. Name Of 2 Major Wars That The U.S Fights In From 1950 - 1975
Korean War and Cambodian Fight For Communism War
North Korean War and Indochina War
Korean War and Vietnam War
South Korean War and Mongolia War
12. Name Of U.S President During "The Watergate Scandal"
Henry R. Ford
Richard Nixon
George McHoward
Robert Byrd
13. Which President Said This Quote: " Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!"
Jimmy Carter
George H.W Bush
John Rudolph
Ronald Reagan
14. Who Was President During The Gulf War?
George H.W Bush
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton
Lionel Regineo
15. Which Year Was The Closest Ever U.S Presidental Election To Date?
16. Name Of U.S President During The Invasion Of Iraq and Afghanistan
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama
Alex McCay
17. This President Was The Most Recent To Lose The Popular Election, But Win The Electoral College
Hillary Clinton
Bill Di Blasio
Donald Trump
Richard R. Ninert
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