All players in the first division 1978-79

The name of every player that played in the english 1st division in the 1978-79 season.
Quiz by JulesVerne
Last updated: June 19, 2022
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IRL, Arsenal, 41/17
Frank Stapleton
NIR, Arsenal, 39
Pat Jennings
ENG, Arsenal, 39/8
David Price
NIR, Arsenal, 39/1
Pat Rice
ENG, Arsenal, 39/3
Graham Rix
IRL, Arsenal, 37/2
David O'Leary
IRL, Arsenal, 37/13
Liam Brady
ENG, Arsenal, 37/9
Alan Sunderland
NIR, Arsenal, 33/2
Sammy Nelson
SCO, Arsenal, 33
Willie Young
ENG, Arsenal, 26(7)/2
Steve Walford
ENG, Ipswich, 21/3 & Arsenal, 20
Brian Talbot
ENG, Arsenal, 19(2)/1
Steve Gatting
IRL, Arsenal, 7
John Devine
ENG, Arsenal, 6(4)/1
Mark Heeley
ENG, Arsenal, 4/2
Malcolm Macdonald
ENG, Arsenal, 3
Paul Barron
NIR, Arsenal, 1(1)
Jimmy Harvey
ENG, Arsenal, 1(1)
Kevin Stead
ENG, Arsenal, 1
Paul Vaessen
ENG, Arsenal, 0(2)
Brian McDermott
AUS, Arsenal, 0(1)
John Kosmina
ENG, Arsenal, 0(1)
Steve Brignall
ENG, Aston Villa, 42
Jimmy Rimmer
ENG, Aston Villa, 38(1)/7
John Gregory
ENG, Aston Villa, 38/3
Dennis Mortimer
SCO, Aston Villa, 36(1)/6
Allan Evans
ENG, Aston Villa, 36/3
John Gidman
ENG, Aston Villa, 34/4
Gordon Cowans
SCO, Aston Villa, 32/1
Ken McNaught
ENG, Aston Villa, 25(1)/10
John Deehan
ENG, Aston Villa, 24/1
Brian Little
ENG, Chelsea, 15/4 & Aston Villa, 24/2
Kenny Swain
SCO, Aston Villa, 23/2
Tommy Craig
ENG, Aston Villa, 21(2)
Gary Williams
ENG, Aston Villa, 19/7
Gary Shelton
SCO, Aston Villa, 15(2)
Alex Cropley
SCO, Aston Villa, 15/6
Andy Gray
ENG, Aston Villa, 11(1)/2
Colin Gibson
SCO, Aston Villa, 6(1) & Tottenham, 1(1)
Gordon Smith
ENG, Aston Villa, 6
Frank Carrodus
ENG, Aston Villa, 4(4)
Ivor Linton
WAL, Aston Villa, 3(2)
Leighton Phillips
SCO, Aston Villa, 3
Willie Young
ENG, Aston Villa, 2(1)
Gary Shaw
ENG, Aston Villa, 2
David Evans
ENG, Aston Villa, 2
Brendan Ormsby
SCO, Aston Villa, 1
Joe Ward
ENG, Aston Villa, 0(2)
Lee Jenkins
ENG, Birmingham, 41/3
Joe Gallagher
IRL, Birmingham, 38(1)/7
Don Givens
ENG, Birmingham, 35(1)/2
Kevin Dillon
WAL, Birmingham, 32
Malcolm Page
ENG, Birmingham, 31(1)/2
Tony Towers
ENG, Birmingham, 31
Mark Dennis
ENG, Birmingham, 29
Neil Freeman
ENG, Birmingham, 27(4)/2
Alan Ainscow
ENG, Birmingham, 26(3)/2
Stewart Barrowclough
ENG, Birmingham, 24(4)/8
Alan Buckley
SCO, Birmingham, 24(1)/1
Jimmy Calderwood
ARG, Birmingham, 23/1
Alberto Tarantini
ENG, Birmingham, 13(3)/1
Kevan Broadhurst
ENG, Birmingham, 13(1)
Steve Fox
ENG, Birmingham, 13
Jim Montgomery
WAL, Birmingham, 12(1)
Gary Emmanuel
ENG, Birmingham, 9(1)
Gary Pendrey
ENG, Birmingham, 9/2
Keith Bertschin
ENG, Birmingham, 8(1)/3 & Nottingham Forest, 19(1)/6
Trevor Francis
WAL, Birmingham, 7(1)
Pat Van Den Hauwe
ENG, Birmingham, 5
Pat Howard
ENG, Birmingham, 3(2)
Paul Ivey
ENG, Birmingham, 2(3)/1
Trevor Dark
ENG, Birmingham, 2
Mike Rathbone
ENG, Birmingham, 2/1
Steve Lynex
SCO, Derby, 7(1) & Birmingham {L}, 3
Bruce Rioch
IRL, Bolton, 42
Jim McDonagh
IRL, Bolton, 42/1
Mike Walsh
ENG, Bolton, 42/24
Frank Worthington
ENG, Bolton, 41/1
Roy Greaves
SCO, Bolton, 41/2
Willie Morgan
ENG, Bolton, 36/15
Alan Gowling
ENG, Bolton, 34
Peter Nicholson
ENG, Bolton, 31(1)/1
Paul Jones
IRL, Bolton, 24(2)
Tony Dunne
ENG, Bolton, 23(6)/3
Neil Whatmore
SCO, Tottenham, 2 & Bolton, 22(1)/3
Neil McNab
ENG, Bolton, 19(1)/1
David Burke
ENG, Bolton, 18(2)/1
Sam Allardyce
ENG, Bolton, 18(2)/1
Brian Smith
ENG, Bolton, 14
Peter Reid
ENG, Bolton, 9
Mike Graham
ENG, Bolton, 5
Ray Train
POL, Bolton, 1(1)
Tadeusz Nowak
ENG, Bolton, 0(1)
Garry Jones
SCO, Bristol City, 42
Gerry Sweeney
SCO, Bristol City, 40
John Shaw
ENG, Bristol City, 40/7
Joe Royle
SCO, Bristol City, 39(1)/9
Tom Ritchie
ENG, Bristol City, 39/1
Norman Hunter
SCO, Bristol City, 38/5
Gerry Gow
ENG, Bristol City, 37/1
Trevor Tainton
ENG, Bristol City, 36/5
David Rodgers
SCO, Bristol City, 27/1
Don Gillies
ENG, Bristol City, 26(1)/9
Kevin Mabbutt
ENG, Bristol City, 23(5)/1
Jimmy Mann
ENG, Bristol City, 22(8)/2
Clive Whitehead
SCO, Bristol City, 14(3)/3
Peter Cormack
ENG, Bristol City, 11
Terry Cooper
ENG, Bristol City, 9
Gary Collier
NED, Bristol City, 9/2
Geert Meijer
ENG, Bristol City, 4(1)/1
Chris Garland
SCO, Bristol City, 3(1)
John Bain
ENG, Bristol City, 2
Ray Cashley
WAL, Bristol City, 1
Howard Pritchard
FIN, Bristol City, 0(1)
Pertti Jantunen
ENG, Bristol City, 0
Brian McNeill
ENG, Chelsea, 40(1)/15
Tommy Langley
ENG, Chelsea, 38(2)
Ron Harris
ENG, Chelsea, 35/3
Ray Wilkins
ENG, Chelsea, 32(4)/5
Garry Stanley
ENG, Chelsea, 32
David Stride
ENG, Chelsea, 28/1
Graham Wilkins
ENG, Chelsea, 23(7)/4
Clive Walker
ENG, Chelsea, 23/1 & Derby, 19
Steve Wicks
SCO, Chelsea, 19/1
Eamonn Bannon
ENG, Chelsea, 16
Peter Bonetti
ENG, Chelsea, 15/4 & Aston Villa, 24/2
Kenny Swain
ENG, Chelsea, 15/4
Duncan McKenzie
ENG, Chelsea, 15
Mickey Nutton
ENG, Chelsea, 14
Micky Droy
ENG, Chelsea, 13(2)/2
Trevor Aylott
YUG, Chelsea, 12
Petar Borota
ENG, Chelsea, 11(1)
John Sitton
ENG, Chelsea, 10
Ray Lewington
SCO, Chelsea, 9(4)
Ian Britton
ENG, Chelsea, 9/2
Peter Osgood
ENG, Chelsea, 8
Gary Locke
SCO, Chelsea, 8
David Hay
ENG, Chelsea, 7
Bob Iles
WAL, Chelsea, 7
John Phillips
ENG, Chelsea, 6(2)/1
John Bumstead
ENG, Chelsea, 6(1)
Mike Fillery
ENG, Chelsea, 5
Gary Chivers
SCO, Chelsea, 2(1)
Jim Docherty
ENG, Chelsea, 2(1)
Lee Frost
ENG, Chelsea, 1
Bill Garner
ENG, Chelsea, 1/1
Gary Johnson
SCO, Coventry, 42/4
Bobby McDonald
SCO, Coventry, 42/6
Tommy Hutchison
SCO, Coventry, 38/15
Ian Wallace
ENG, Coventry, 38/9
Barry Powell
ENG, Coventry, 36
Les Sealey
ENG, Coventry, 36
Mick Coop
SCO, Coventry, 34
Jim Holton
SCO, Coventry, 25(1)
Andy Blair
WAL, Coventry, 21
Terry Yorath
ENG, Coventry, 20(4)/5
Steve Hunt
ENG, Coventry, 19(1)/8
Garry Thompson
ENG, Coventry, 17
Brian Roberts
ENG, Coventry, 16(2)/6
Mick Ferguson
WAL, Coventry, 16
Don Nardiello
SCO, Coventry, 14(1)
Gary Gillespie
IRL, Coventry, 12(1)
Jim Hagan
ENG, Coventry, 11
Keith Osgood
ENG, Coventry, 6(5)/1
Alan Green
SCO, Coventry, 6
Jim Blyth
ENG, Coventry, 5(1)/1
John Beck
ENG, Coventry, 3(1)
Gary Bannister
ENG, Coventry, 2(2)
Ray Gooding
ENG, Coventry, 2
Paul Dyson
ENG, Coventry, 1
Mark Hateley
ENG, Derby, 42/4
Steve Buckley
ENG, Derby, 41/3
Steve Powell
IRL, Derby, 40
David Langan
IRL, Derby, 37/13
Gerry Daly
ENG, Derby, 29
Steve Carter
NIR, Derby, 27(4)
Vic Moreland
ENG, Derby, 26
John Middleton
ENG, Derby, 24/3
Roy McFarland
NIR, Derby, 22(2)/3
Billy Caskey
ENG, Derby, 19(1)/1
Roy Greenwood
ENG, Chelsea, 23/1 & Derby, 19
Steve Wicks
WAL, Derby, 17
Jonathan Clark
SCO, Tottenham, 2/1 & Derby, 16(1)/5
John Duncan
SCO, Derby, 16
David McKellar
ENG, Derby, 12(2)/1
Gordon Hill
ENG, Derby, 12(1)/3
Andy Crawford
ENG, Derby, 9(1)/1
Dave Webb
ENG, Derby, 8/2 & Southampton, 2
Charlie George
SCO, Derby, 7(1) & Birmingham {L}, 3
Bruce Rioch
ENG, Derby, 6(4)/1
David Nish
ENG, Derby, 6(1)/1
Peter Daniel
IRL, Derby, 6
Gerry Ryan
ENG, Derby, 6
Aidan McCaffery
ENG, Derby, 6
Paul Emson
ENG, Derby, 4 & Everton, 29
Colin Todd
ENG, Derby, 3
Paul Bartlett
SCO, Derby, 1
John Clayton
ENG, Derby, 1
Steve Spooner
ENG, Derby, 0(1)
Colin Chesters
SCO, Everton, 42
George Wood
ENG, Everton, 40/12
Andy King
ENG, Everton, 40/4
Martin Dobson
ENG, Everton, 39/2
Billy Wright
ENG, Everton, 37/6
Mike Lyons
ENG, Everton, 36/11
Bob Latchford
ENG, Everton, 33/2
Dave Thomas
ENG, Derby, 4 & Everton, 29
Colin Todd
SCO, Everton, 26(1)/6
Trevor Ross
ENG, Everton, 20/1
Mark Higgins
ENG, Everton, 19
Mike Pejic
IRL, Everton, 18(3)/1 & Queens Park Rangers, 10
Mickey Walsh
ENG, Everton, 13(5)/1
Geoff Nulty
ENG, Everton, 11
Dave Jones
ENG, Everton, 10(2)/2
George Telfer
ENG, Everton, 9(1)
Pat Heard
ENG, Everton, 9(1)
John Barton
ENG, Manchester City, 19(1)/7 & Everton, 9/2
Brian Kidd
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 26/3 & Everton, 7(1)
Peter Eastoe
ENG, Everton, 7
Terry Darracott
ENG, Everton, 4(3)
Neil Robinson
ENG, Everton, 3
Roger Kenyon
SCO, Everton, 1/1
Ross Jack
ENG, Ipswich, 42/2
Mick Mills
SCO, Ipswich, 42/6
John Wark
ENG, Ipswich, 41
Paul Cooper
ENG, Ipswich, 41/5
Clive Woods
NED, Ipswich, 41/8
Arnold Mühren
ENG, Ipswich, 39/2
Russell Osman
SCO, Ipswich, 38/1
George Burley
ENG, Ipswich, 33/13
Paul Mariner
ENG, Ipswich, 21/3 & Arsenal, 20
Brian Talbot
ENG, Ipswich, 21/2
Terry Butcher
ENG, Ipswich, 20(2)/7
Eric Gates
ENG, Ipswich, 19(1)/1
Kevin Beattie
NED, Ipswich, 16/1
Frans Thijssen
SCO, Ipswich, 14(5)/9
Alan Brazil
WAL, Ipswich, 11
Les Tibbott
ENG, Ipswich, 8(5)/1
Trevor Whymark
ENG, Ipswich, 6(9)/1
David Geddis
NIR, Ipswich, 4
Allan Hunter
ENG, Ipswich, 3(1)
Tommy Parkin
ENG, Ipswich, 1(3)
Mick Lambert
ENG, Ipswich, 1
Laurie Sivell
ENG, Ipswich, 0
Robin Turner
SCO, Leeds, 41/6
Frank Gray
WAL, Leeds, 41/3
Brian Flynn
ENG, Leeds, 40/5
Paul Hart
SCO, Leeds, 39
David Harvey
ENG, Leeds, 39/1
Paul Madeley
SCO, Leeds, 39/8
Arthur Graham
ENG, Leeds, 38/6
Trevor Cherry
ENG, Leeds, 32/7
Tony Currie
ENG, Leeds, 29(3)/16
John Hawley
WAL, Leeds, 29(2)/3
Carl Harris
ENG, Leeds, 29(1)/9
Ray Hankin
SCO, Leeds, 25(3)/4
Eddie Gray
WAL, Leeds, 14(1)/1
Byron Stevenson
ENG, Leeds, 13(1)
Kevin Hird
ENG, Leeds, 4
Peter Hampton
ENG, Leeds, 3(2)
Keith Parkinson
SCO, Leeds, 3
David Stewart
SCO, Leeds, 3
Peter Lorimer
WAL, Leeds, 1(1)
Gwyn Thomas
ENG, Liverpool, 42
Ray Clemence
ENG, Liverpool, 42/5
Phil Neal
ENG, Liverpool, 42/10
Ray Kennedy
SCO, Liverpool, 42/21
Kenny Dalglish
SCO, Liverpool, 41/8
Graeme Souness
ENG, Liverpool, 39
Phil Thompson
ENG, Liverpool, 37/3
Alan Kennedy
ENG, Liverpool, 37/7
Jimmy Case
ENG, Liverpool, 34(3)/8
Terry McDermott
SCO, Liverpool, 34/1
Alan Hansen
ENG, Liverpool, 26(4)/16
David Johnson
IRL, Liverpool, 26(2)/4
Steve Heighway
ENG, Liverpool, 16
Emlyn Hughes
ENG, Liverpool, 3(1)/2
David Fairclough
ENG, Liverpool, 1(1)
Sammy Lee
ENG, Manchester City, 42
Joe Corrigan
SCO, Manchester City, 39/3
Asa Hartford
SCO, Manchester City, 38
Willie Donachie
ENG, Manchester City, 36/11
Mike Channon
ENG, Manchester City, 34(1)/11
Gary Owen
ENG, Manchester City, 33/1
Dave Watson
ENG, Manchester City, 32/3
Paul Power
ENG, Manchester City, 29/1
Peter Barnes
ENG, Manchester City, 24
Paul Futcher
ENG, Manchester City, 20
Tommy Booth
ENG, Manchester City, 19(1)/7 & Everton, 9/2
Brian Kidd
RSA, Manchester City, 16
Colin Viljoen
ENG, Manchester City, 15
Kenny Clements
ENG, Manchester City, 13(2)
Tony Henry
ENG, Manchester City, 12/3
Barry Silkman
POL, Manchester City, 11(2)/6
Kazimierz Deyna
ENG, Manchester City, 10(7)/7
Ron Futcher
ENG, Manchester City, 10(4)/4
Roger Palmer
ENG, Manchester City, 10
Colin Bell
ENG, Manchester City, 8
Ray Ranson
ENG, Manchester City, 7(1)
Nicky Reid
ENG, Manchester City, 4
Ged Keegan
ENG, Manchester City, 0(1)
Dave Bennett
ENG, Manchester United, 42/11
Steve Coppell
NIR, Manchester United, 40/5
Sammy McIlroy
SCO, Manchester United, 37/2
Martin Buchan
SCO, Manchester United, 36/6
Gordon McQueen
ENG, Manchester United, 33/11
Jimmy Greenhoff
ENG, Manchester United, 32(1)/2
Brian Greenhoff
SCO, Manchester United, 32(1)
Arthur Albiston
SCO, Manchester United, 31(1)/6
Lou Macari
SCO, Manchester United, 30/6
Joe Jordan
ENG, Manchester United, 28
Gary Bailey
WAL, Manchester United, 25/1
Mickey Thomas
SCO, Manchester United, 21(1)
Stewart Houston
NIR, Manchester United, 19(2)
Jimmy Nicholl
ENG, Manchester United, 16(1)/10
Andy Ritchie
NIR, Manchester United, 14(1)
David McCreery
IRL, Manchester United, 14
Paddy Roche
IRL, Manchester United, 5(11)
Ashley Grimes
NIR, Manchester United, 3(1)
Tom Sloan
NIR, Manchester United, 2
Tom Connell
SCO, Manchester United, 1(2)
Steve Paterson
IRL, Manchester United, 1
Kevin Moran
NIR, Manchester United, 0(2)
Chris McGrath
ENG, Middlesbrough, 42/11
David Armstrong
ENG, Middlesbrough, 41
John Craggs
WAL, Middlesbrough, 40
John Mahoney
ENG, Middlesbrough, 40/1
Stuart Boam
SCO, Middlesbrough, 38/1
Tony McAndrew
ENG, Middlesbrough, 33(4)/6
Billy Ashcroft
ENG, Middlesbrough, 31(2)/9
Mark Proctor
ENG, Middlesbrough, 31/14
Micky Burns
SCO, Middlesbrough, 27
Jim Stewart
ENG, Middlesbrough, 21
Peter Johnson
ENG, Middlesbrough, 18(1)
Ian Bailey
NIR, Middlesbrough, 18(1)/3
Terry Cochrane
ENG, Middlesbrough, 17/6 & West Bromwich Albion, 15(3)/3
David Mills
NIR, Middlesbrough, 15
Jim Platt
ENG, Middlesbrough, 14
Alan Ramage
ENG, Middlesbrough, 13(6)/1
David Hodgson
ENG, Middlesbrough, 11(1)/1
Stan Cummins
YUG, Middlesbrough, 4(4)/1
Bozo Jankovic
ENG, Middlesbrough, 4(1)/1
Billy Woof
SCO, Middlesbrough, 2(3)/1
David Shearer
ENG, Middlesbrough, 1(1)
Craig Johnston
ENG, Middlesbrough, 1
Charlie Bell
ENG, Middlesbrough, 0(1)
Graeme Hedley
ENG, Norwich, 42/2
Kevin Bond
ENG, Norwich, 42/1
Tony Powell
ENG, Norwich, 39
Phil Hoadley
ENG, Norwich, 38(1)/10
Martin Peters
ENG, Norwich, 38/9
Kevin Reeves
ENG, Norwich, 33(1)/2
Jimmy Neighbour
ENG, Norwich, 26(3)/4
Keith Robson
ENG, Norwich, 26(1)/2
Ian Davies
ENG, Norwich, 25/9
John Ryan
ENG, Norwich, 22(2)
Mick McGuire
ENG, Norwich, 22
Kevin Keelan
ENG, Norwich, 18
Roger Hansbury
ENG, Norwich, 17(2)
Richard Symonds
ENG, Norwich, 16(1)/1
Graham Paddon
ENG, Norwich, 13(3)/5
Justin Fashanu
ENG, Norwich, 11/4
Martin Chivers
ENG, Norwich, 10
Colin Sullivan
ENG, Norwich, 7(1)
Peter Mendham
SCO, Norwich, 4(1)/1
Davie Robb
ENG, Norwich, 4/1
Doug Evans
SCO, Norwich, 3(1)
Duncan Forbes
ENG, Norwich, 3
Phil Lythgoe
ENG, Norwich, 2
Peter Baker
ENG, Norwich, 1(2)
Greg Downs
ENG, Norwich, 0(1)
Dave Bennett
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 42
Peter Shilton
SCO, Nottingham Forest, 42/9
John Robertson
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 40/1
Viv Anderson
SCO, Nottingham Forest, 36
John McGovern
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 36
Larry Lloyd
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 36/10
Tony Woodcock
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 35/14
Garry Birtles
NIR, Nottingham Forest, 28/10
Martin O'Neill
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 26(3)/4
Ian Bowyer
SCO, Nottingham Forest, 25
Kenny Burns
SCO, Nottingham Forest, 24/1
Archie Gemmill
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 23(3)/2
Dave Needham
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 20
Frank Clark
ENG, Birmingham, 8(1)/3 & Nottingham Forest, 19(1)/6
Trevor Francis
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 11/1
Colin Barrett
SCO, Nottingham Forest, 9(3)
John O'Hare
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 4
Steve Elliott
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 4/1
Gary Mills
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 1
Peter Withe
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 1
Bryn Gunn
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 41
John Hollins
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 41/3
Don Shanks
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 38/3
Ian Gillard
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 38/1
Ernie Howe
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 31/2
Gerry Francis
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 31/1
Stan Bowles
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 29(6)/6
Martyn Busby
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 29/1
Dave Clement
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 27/4
Glenn Roeder
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 26/3 & Everton, 7(1)
Peter Eastoe
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 24
Phil Parkes
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 20(3)/6
Paul Goddard
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 18
Derek Richardson
IRL, Queens Park Rangers, 17(4)/3
Paul McGee
ALG, Queens Park Rangers, 14(1)/3
Rachid Harkouk
IRL, Everton, 18(3)/1 & Queens Park Rangers, 10
Mickey Walsh
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 9
Tommy Cunningham
NIR, Queens Park Rangers, 8(3)/2
Billy Hamilton
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 4(6)/4
Clive Allen
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 4(1)
Barry Wallace
WAL, Queens Park Rangers, 2(1)
Karl Elsey
WAL, Queens Park Rangers, 1
Leighton James
ENG, Queens Park Rangers, 0(2)
Ron Abbott
ENG, Southampton, 42/6
Malcolm Waldron
ENG, Southampton, 42/2
Alan Ball
ENG, Southampton, 42/7
Phil Boyer
ENG, Southampton, 38/5
David Peach
ENG, Southampton, 38
Steve Williams
NIR, Southampton, 38/3
Chris Nicholl
ENG, Southampton, 38/8
Nick Holmes
YUG, Southampton, 36
Ivan Golac
ENG, Southampton, 25(1)
Terry Curran
ENG, Southampton, 23
Terry Gennoe
ENG, Southampton, 20(2)/5
Graham Baker
ENG, Southampton, 19
Peter Wells
ENG, Southampton, 16(6)/2
Trevor Hebberd
IRL, Southampton, 13(2)/3
Austin Hayes
SCO, Southampton, 10/5
Ted MacDougall
ENG, Southampton, 10
Manny Andruszewski
ENG, Southampton, 5(1)
Oshor Williams
ENG, Southampton, 3
Mike Pickering
ENG, Southampton, 2
Tony Funnell
ENG, Derby, 8/2 & Southampton, 2
Charlie George
ENG, Southampton, 0(5)
Tony Sealy
ENG, Southampton, 0(1)
Kevin Dawtry
ENG, Tottenham, 42/1
Steve Perryman
ENG, Tottenham, 38/1
Don McAllister
ARG, Tottenham, 38/3
Ossie Ardiles
ENG, Tottenham, 37(1)/4
John Pratt
ENG, Tottenham, 35
John Lacy
ENG, Tottenham, 34(1)/7
Glenn Hoddle
IRL, Tottenham, 33/1
Jimmy Holmes
ENG, Tottenham, 32(1)/10
Peter Taylor
ARG, Tottenham, 26(6)/2
Ricky Villa
ENG, Tottenham, 26(1)/8
Colin Lee
WAL, Tottenham, 23
Mark Kendall
ENG, Tottenham, 22
Terry Naylor
ENG, Tottenham, 18(1)/5
Chris Jones
ENG, Tottenham, 15
John Gorman
ENG, Tottenham, 14
Barry Daines
NIR, Tottenham, 7(3)/1
Gerry Armstrong
ENG, Tottenham, 7
Paul Miller
ENG, Tottenham, 5
Milija Aleksic
ENG, Tottenham, 2
Ian Moores
SCO, Tottenham, 2/1 & Derby, 16(1)/5
John Duncan
SCO, Tottenham, 2 & Bolton, 22(1)/3
Neil McNab
SCO, Aston Villa, 6(1) & Tottenham, 1(1)
Gordon Smith
IRL, Tottenham, 1
Tony Galvin
ENG, Tottenham, 1
Stuart Beavon
ENG, Tottenham, 1/1
Mark Falco
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 42
Tony Godden
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 42/2
John Wile
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 41
Brendon Batson
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 41/7
Bryan Robson
SCO, West Bromwich Albion, 41/19
Ally Brown
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 39(1)/9
Laurie Cunningham
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 39/1
Derek Statham
SCO, West Bromwich Albion, 39
Ally Robertson
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 38(1)/15
Cyrille Regis
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 32/3
Len Cantello
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 29(2)/8
Tony Brown
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 19(2)/3
John Trewick
ENG, Middlesbrough, 17/6 & West Bromwich Albion, 15(3)/3
David Mills
SCO, West Bromwich Albion, 3(4)
Willie Johnston
IRL, West Bromwich Albion, 1
Mick Martin
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 1
Martyn Bennett
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 0(2)/1
Kevin Summerfield
ENG, Wolverhampton, 42
Derek Parkin
ENG, Wolverhampton, 41
Geoff Palmer
ENG, Wolverhampton, 40/5
Peter Daniel
ENG, Wolverhampton, 39(1)/6
Steve Daley
ENG, Wolverhampton, 39
Paul Bradshaw
ENG, Wolverhampton, 37
John McAlle
ENG, Wolverhampton, 37/6
Kenny Hibbitt
SCO, Wolverhampton, 36/3
Willie Carr
WAL, Wolverhampton, 30/3
George Berry
SCO, Wolverhampton, 24(3)/2
Billy Rafferty
ENG, Wolverhampton, 19/9
John Richards
ENG, Wolverhampton, 17(4)/3
Norman Bell
ENG, Wolverhampton, 17(2)/2
Mel Eves
ENG, Wolverhampton, 12(1)
Bob Hazell
ENG, Wolverhampton, 11(5)/1
Martin Patching
ENG, Wolverhampton, 6(2)/1
Wayne Clarke
ENG, Wolverhampton, 6(1)
Colin Brazier
ENG, Wolverhampton, 3(1)
Ian Arkwright
ENG, Wolverhampton, 3
Gary Pierce
SCO, Wolverhampton, 2
John Black
ENG, Wolverhampton, 1
Craig Moss
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