All players in the first division 1979-80

The name of every player that played in the english 1st division in the 1979-80 season.
Quiz by JulesVerne
Last updated: August 9, 2022
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ENG, Arsenal, 42/1
Brian Talbot
IRL, Arsenal, 39/14
Frank Stapleton
ENG, Arsenal, 38/4
Graham Rix
SCO, Arsenal, 38/3
Willie Young
NIR, Arsenal, 37
Pat Jennings
IRL, Arsenal, 36(1)/14
Alan Sunderland
NIR, Arsenal, 35/2
Sammy Nelson
IRL, Arsenal, 34/1
David O'Leary
IRL, Arsenal, 34/7
Liam Brady
NIR, Arsenal, 26
Pat Rice
ENG, Arsenal, 23(3)/1
John Hollins
ENG, Arsenal, 21(1)/1
David Price
IRL, Arsenal, 20
John Devine
ENG, Arsenal, 16(3)/1
Steve Walford
ENG, Arsenal, 9(5)/1
Steve Gatting
ENG, Arsenal, 8(6)/2
Paul Vaessen
ENG, Arsenal, 5
Paul Barron
ENG, Arsenal, 1(1)
Paul Davis
ENG, Arsenal, 0(1)
Brian McDermott
ENG, Aston Villa, 42/6
Gordon Cowans
ENG, Aston Villa, 41
Jimmy Rimmer
ENG, Aston Villa, 41
Kenny Swain
SCO, Aston Villa, 36/3
Des Bremner
SCO, Aston Villa, 35/8
Allan Evans
ENG, Aston Villa, 30(1)/2
Colin Gibson
SCO, Aston Villa, 30/1
Ken McNaught
ENG, Aston Villa, 29/5
Brian Little
ENG, Aston Villa, 28/9
Gary Shaw
ENG, Aston Villa, 26/6
Dennis Mortimer
ENG, Aston Villa, 21(2)
Brendan Ormsby
ENG, Aston Villa, 19(1)/2
David Geddis
ENG, Aston Villa, 15(3)/3
Tony Morley
ENG, Aston Villa, 12(3)
Ivor Linton
ENG, Aston Villa, 10
Mike Pejic
IRL, Aston Villa, 9/2
Terry Donovan
ENG, Everton, 1 & Aston Villa, 9
Pat Heard
ENG, Aston Villa, 6 & West Bromwich Albion, 27(1)/3
John Deehan
ENG, Aston Villa, 6
Terry Bullivant
ENG, Aston Villa, 4
Gary Shelton
ENG, Aston Villa, 4 & Everton, 29/1
John Gidman
WAL, Aston Villa, 3
Noel Blake
IRL, Aston Villa, 2(1)
Eamonn Deacy
ENG, Aston Villa, 1(1)
Gary Williams
ENG, Aston Villa, 1(1)
Joe Ward
SCO, Aston Villa, 1
Alex Cropley
ENG, Aston Villa, 1
Nigel Spink
ENG, Aston Villa, 0(2)/1
Robert Hopkins
ENG, Aston Villa, 0(1)
Lee Jenkins
IRL, Bolton, 42
Seamus McDonagh
IRL, Bolton, 42/1
Mike Walsh
ENG, Bolton, 40(1)/16
Neil Whatmore
ENG, Bolton, 32/1
Paul Jones
ENG, Bolton, 30(1)
Len Cantello
ENG, Bolton, 30
Peter Nicholson
ENG, Bolton, 29
Dave Clement
ENG, Bolton, 24(3)
David Burke
ENG, Bolton, 24/1
Alan Gowling
SCO, Bolton, 21/3
Willie Morgan
ENG, Bolton, 20(1)/2
Roy Greaves
POL, Bolton, 19(1)/1
Tadeusz Nowak
ENG, Bolton, 17/3
Peter Reid
ENG, Bolton, 17/1
Phil Wilson
ENG, Bolton, 16(1)/2
Sam Allardyce
ENG, Bolton, 14(8)/5
Mike Carter
ENG, Bolton, 13(2)/1
Chris Thompson
SCO, Bolton, 11(1)/1
Neil McNab
ENG, Bolton, 8(1)
Mike Graham
ENG, Bolton, 6(2)
Mike Bennett
ENG, Bolton, 5(2)
Frank Worthington
SCO, Bolton, 2(1)
David Hoggan
ENG, Brighton, 42/2
Gary Williams
ENG, Brighton, 42/4
Brian Horton
ENG, Brighton, 41(1)/16
Peter Ward
WAL, Brighton, 38(1)/1
Peter O'Sullivan
ENG, Brighton, 38/1
Steve Foster
ENG, Brighton, 33
John Gregory
IRL, Brighton, 33/1
Mark Lawrenson
ENG, Brighton, 33
Graham Moseley
ENG, Brighton, 30/8
Ray Clarke
IRL, Brighton, 25(10)/5
Gerry Ryan
ENG, Brighton, 21(5)/1
Gary Stevens
ENG, Brighton, 21(2)
Peter Suddaby
SCO, Brighton, 15(1)
Neil McNab
WAL, Brighton, 14(3)
Peter Sayer
ENG, Brighton, 11/2
Teddy Maybank
ENG, Brighton, 9
Eric Steele
ENG, Brighton, 7(4)/2
Paul Clark
ENG, Brighton, 7/1
Andy Rollings
ENG, Brighton, 1(2)/1
Malcolm Poskett
ENG, Brighton, 1(1)
Martin Chivers
ENG, Brighton, 0(1)
Giles Stille
SCO, Bristol City, 41
Tony Fitzpatrick
SCO, Bristol City, 40(1)
Gerry Sweeney
ENG, Bristol City, 40
Clive Whitehead
ENG, Bristol City, 39/1
Geoff Merrick
SCO, Bristol City, 35(3)/13
Tom Ritchie
ENG, Bristol City, 34(5)
Trevor Tainton
ENG, Bristol City, 34(1)/3
Joe Royle
SCO, Bristol City, 31/4
Gerry Gow
ENG, Bristol City, 28(1)/3
Jimmy Mann
SCO, Bristol City, 28
John Shaw
ENG, Bristol City, 26/6
David Rodgers
ENG, Bristol City, 21(6)/6
Kevin Mabbutt
WAL, Bristol City, 15(1)
Howard Pritchard
ENG, Bristol City, 14
Ray Cashley
ENG, Bristol City, 10
Chris Garland
SCO, Bristol City, 7(1)
Don Gillies
FIN, Bristol City, 7/1
Pertti Jantunen
ENG, Bristol City, 4
Roger Kenyon
NED, Bristol City, 3(3)
Geert Meijer
SCO, Bristol City, 3(1)
Alan Hay
SCO, Bristol City, 1(3)
Peter Cormack
ENG, Bristol City, 1(1)
Ian Doyle
SCO, Coventry, 40/1
Tommy Hutchison
SCO, Coventry, 38/1
Gary Gillespie
SCO, Coventry, 37/4
Bobby McDonald
ENG, Coventry, 34(1)/1
Steve Hunt
ENG, Coventry, 31/1
Mick Coop
SCO, Coventry, 30(2)/1
Andy Blair
ENG, Coventry, 30/10
Tommy English
SCO, Coventry, 25/13
Ian Wallace
SCO, Coventry, 24
Jim Holton
ENG, Coventry, 23(1)/2
Ray Gooding
SCO, Coventry, 21
Jim Blyth
ENG, Coventry, 20
Les Sealey
ENG, Coventry, 18/2
Paul Dyson
ENG, Coventry, 17/10
Mick Ferguson
ENG, Coventry, 16(1)/6
Garry Thompson
ENG, Coventry, 10(4)
Brian Roberts
ENG, Coventry, 10/4 & Derby, 25/3
Barry Powell
BEL, Coventry, 8
Roger Van Gool
ENG, Coventry, 7
Dave Jones
ENG, Coventry, 5(2)
Gary Bannister
ENG, Coventry, 4(1)
Nicky Phillips
WAL, Coventry, 4
Don Nardiello
ENG, Coventry, 3
David Barnes
ENG, Coventry, 2(2)
Mark Hateley
ENG, Coventry, 2
Gary Collier
ENG, Coventry, 1(6)
Steve Whitton
ENG, Coventry, 1
Steve Murcott
ENG, Coventry, 1
Steve Jacobs
ENG, Coventry, 0(3)
Danny Thomas
ENG, Crystal Palace, 42/2
Paul Hinshelwood
SCO, Crystal Palace, 42/4
Jim Cannon
ENG, Crystal Palace, 42/5
Vince Hilaire
ENG, Crystal Palace, 40/1
Billy Gilbert
WAL, Crystal Palace, 39/2
Peter Nicholas
IRL, Crystal Palace, 36(1)/3
Jerry Murphy
ENG, Crystal Palace, 36
John Burridge
ENG, Crystal Palace, 36/1
Kenny Sansom
ENG, Crystal Palace, 36/5
Mike Flanagan
ENG, Crystal Palace, 34/3
Gerry Francis
WAL, Crystal Palace, 22(7)/6
Ian Walsh
ENG, Crystal Palace, 21(4)/7 & Derby, 12/4
Dave Swindlehurst
ENG, Crystal Palace, 11(4)
Terry Fenwick
ENG, Crystal Palace, 10(3)/1
Steve Kember
ENG, Crystal Palace, 6
David Fry
ENG, Crystal Palace, 5(3)/1
Neil Smillie
WAL, Crystal Palace, 4(1)
Terry Boyle
ENG, Crystal Palace, 0(1)
Gary Goodchild
ENG, Crystal Palace, 0(1)
Shaun Brooks
ENG, Derby, 42
Steve Buckley
IRL, Derby, 40/1
David Langan
ENG, Derby, 31(1)/3
Keith Osgood
ENG, Derby, 26(1)/2
Steve Emery
ENG, Derby, 25(6)/4
Aidan McCaffery
ENG, Coventry, 10/4 & Derby, 25/3
Barry Powell
SCO, Derby, 25
David McKellar
ENG, Derby, 22/3
Roger Davies
ENG, Derby, 20(6)/4
Paul Emson
IRL, Derby, 20(1)/1
Gerry Daly
ENG, Derby, 20
Roy McFarland
ENG, Derby, 18/9
Alan Biley
ENG, Derby, 17(1)
Steve Powell
ENG, Derby, 16
Dave Webb
SCO, Derby, 16/7
John Duncan
ENG, Derby, 13
John Middleton
SCO, Derby, 13
Bruce Rioch
ENG, Crystal Palace, 21(4)/7 & Derby, 12/4
Dave Swindlehurst
WAL, Derby, 11(3)/1
Jonathan Clark
NIR, Derby, 11/1
Vic Moreland
ENG, Derby, 9/3
Gordon Hill
ENG, Derby, 7(4)
Roy Greenwood
ENG, Derby, 5
Steve Wicks
NIR, Derby, 4
Billy Caskey
ENG, Derby, 4
Steve Cherry
ENG, Derby, 3(1)
Steve Carter
NIR, Derby, 3(1)
Kevin Wilson
ENG, Derby, 2
Trevor Whymark
ENG, Derby, 1(4)
Andy Crawford
ENG, Derby, 1
Paul Bartlett
ENG, Derby, 0(1)
Steve Spooner
ENG, Derby, 0(1)
Wayne Richards
ENG, Everton, 42/2
John Bailey
ENG, Everton, 40(1)
Billy Wright
ENG, Everton, 35(4)
Mike Lyons
SCO, Nottingham Forest, 3 & Everton, 35/1
Asa Hartford
SCO, Everton, 31(1)/3
Trevor Ross
ENG, Everton, 31/10
Brian Kidd
ENG, Everton, 29/9
Andy King
ENG, Aston Villa, 4 & Everton, 29/1
John Gidman
ENG, Everton, 26/6
Bob Latchford
ENG, Everton, 24/1
Garry Stanley
ENG, Everton, 23(3)/6
Peter Eastoe
ENG, Everton, 23
Martin Hodge
SCO, Everton, 19
George Wood
ENG, Everton, 19
Mark Higgins
SCO, Everton, 17(1)/1
Joe McBride
ENG, Everton, 12/1
Gary Megson
ENG, Everton, 9(1)/1
Geoff Nulty
ENG, Everton, 6(1)
John Barton
ENG, Everton, 3(1)
Eamon O'Keefe
ENG, Everton, 3
Colin Todd
ENG, Everton, 2(2)
Imre Varadi
WAL, Everton, 2
Kevin Ratcliffe
SCO, Everton, 1(1)
Graeme Sharp
ENG, Everton, 1 & Aston Villa, 1
Pat Heard
ENG, Ipswich, 42/2
Russell Osman
ENG, Ipswich, 41/17
Paul Mariner
SCO, Ipswich, 40(1)/12
John Wark
ENG, Ipswich, 40
Paul Cooper
SCO, Ipswich, 38
George Burley
ENG, Ipswich, 37/1
Mick Mills
NED, Ipswich, 37/2
Frans Thijssen
NED, Ipswich, 37/4
Arnold Mühren
ENG, Ipswich, 36/2
Terry Butcher
ENG, Ipswich, 34(2)/13
Eric Gates
SCO, Ipswich, 31(4)/12
Alan Brazil
NIR, Ipswich, 16/2
Allan Hunter
ENG, Ipswich, 10
Kevin Beattie
ENG, Ipswich, 9 & Norwich, 11/1
Clive Woods
ENG, Ipswich, 4(2)
Roger Osborne
ENG, Ipswich, 3(7)
Steve McCall
ENG, Ipswich, 3(4)
Robin Turner
ENG, Ipswich, 2
Laurie Sivell
IRL, Ipswich, 1(3)
Kevin O'Callaghan
ENG, Ipswich, 1(1)
Mich D'Avray
ENG, Leeds, 39/8
Kevin Hird
ENG, Leeds, 39/2
Trevor Cherry
ENG, Leeds, 33
John Lukic
ENG, Leeds, 30/3
Paul Hart
SCO, Leeds, 30/2
Eddie Gray
SCO, Leeds, 26(1)/3
Arthur Graham
WAL, Leeds, 25(1)
Byron Stevenson
ENG, Leeds, 25
Paul Madeley
WAL, Leeds, 24/3
Brian Flynn
ENG, Leeds, 22(2)
Brian Greenhoff
WAL, Leeds, 22/4
Alan Curtis
ENG, Leeds, 20(3)/6
Terry Connor
ENG, Leeds, 18(1)/1
Gary Hamson
ENG, Leeds, 17
Peter Hampton
ENG, Leeds, 16/3
Ray Hankin
IRL, Leeds, 13(4)/2
Jeff Chandler
WAL, Leeds, 13(2)/4
Carl Harris
SCO, Leeds, 11/3
Derek Parlane
ENG, Leeds, 10(1)
Keith Parkinson
SCO, Leeds, 9
David Harvey
ENG, Leeds, 7(4)/2
Wayne Entwistle
ENG, Leeds, 6
Martin Dickinson
ENG, Leeds, 3
Neil Firm
WAL, Leeds, 3
Gwyn Thomas
ENG, Leeds, 1
John Hawley
ENG, Liverpool, 42/1
Phil Neal
ENG, Liverpool, 42
Phil Thompson
SCO, Liverpool, 42/16
Kenny Dalglish
ENG, Liverpool, 41
Ray Clemence
SCO, Liverpool, 41/1
Graeme Souness
ENG, Liverpool, 40/9
Ray Kennedy
SCO, Liverpool, 38/4
Alan Hansen
ENG, Liverpool, 37/1
Alan Kennedy
ENG, Liverpool, 37/3
Jimmy Case
ENG, Liverpool, 37/21
David Johnson
ENG, Liverpool, 37/11
Terry McDermott
ENG, Liverpool, 9(5)/5
David Fairclough
ENG, Liverpool, 7(1)/2
Colin Irwin
ENG, Liverpool, 6(1)
Sammy Lee
ISR, Liverpool, 3(1)/1
Avi Cohen
IRL, Liverpool, 2(7)
Steve Heighway
ENG, Liverpool, 1
Steve Ogrizovic
ENG, Manchester City, 42
Joe Corrigan
ENG, Manchester City, 42
Tommy Caton
ENG, Manchester City, 41/7
Paul Power
ENG, Manchester City, 40
Ray Ranson
ENG, Manchester City, 33/2
Steve Daley
ENG, Manchester City, 29(3)/4
Tony Henry
IRL, Manchester City, 29(1)/8
Michael Robinson
ENG, Manchester City, 24
Tommy Booth
ENG, Manchester City, 23(2)/2
Dave Bennett
ENG, Manchester City, 22(1)
Nicky Reid
POL, Manchester City, 21(1)/6
Kazimierz Deyna
SCO, Manchester City, 19
Willie Donachie
ENG, Manchester City, 17(2)/2
Steve Mackenzie
YUG, Manchester City, 13(1)
Dragoslav Stepanovic
ENG, Manchester City, 12(1)
Paul Futcher
ENG, Manchester City, 11/5
Dennis Tueart
ENG, Manchester City, 9(2)
Colin Viljoen
ENG, Norwich, 23/8 & Manchester City, 9/2
Kevin Reeves
ENG, Manchester City, 7
Barry Silkman
ENG, Manchester City, 6(1)/2
Stuart Lee
ENG, Manchester City, 5(2)/1
Roger Palmer
ENG, Manchester City, 5
Bobby Shinton
ENG, Manchester City, 2/1 & Southampton, 37/10
Mick Channon
ENG, Manchester City, 1
Paul Sugrue
ENG, Manchester United, 42
Gary Bailey
NIR, Manchester United, 42
Jimmy Nicholl
SCO, Manchester United, 42
Martin Buchan
ENG, Manchester United, 42/8
Steve Coppell
NIR, Manchester United, 41/6
Sammy McIlroy
SCO, Manchester United, 39/9
Lou Macari
ENG, Manchester United, 37/2
Ray Wilkins
WAL, Manchester United, 35/8
Mickey Thomas
SCO, Manchester United, 33/9
Gordon McQueen
SCO, Manchester United, 32/13
Joe Jordan
SCO, Manchester United, 25
Arthur Albiston
IRL, Manchester United, 20(6)/3
Ashley Grimes
SCO, Manchester United, 14
Stewart Houston
IRL, Manchester United, 9/1
Kevin Moran
ENG, Manchester United, 4(1)/1
Jimmy Greenhoff
ENG, Manchester United, 3(5)/3
Andy Ritchie
NIR, Manchester United, 1(4)
Tom Sloan
YUG, Manchester United, 1(1)
Nikola Jovanovic
SCO, Manchester United, 0(1)
Steve Paterson
NIR, Manchester United, 0(1)
Chris McGrath
ENG, Middlesbrough, 42/1
John Craggs
ENG, Middlesbrough, 42/11
David Armstrong
ENG, Middlesbrough, 40/7
David Hodgson
SCO, Middlesbrough, 39/1
Tony McAndrew
ENG, Middlesbrough, 38/2
Mark Proctor
NIR, Middlesbrough, 37
Jim Platt
ENG, Middlesbrough, 34(1)/3
Billy Ashcroft
AUS, Middlesbrough, 29(1)/5
Craig Johnston
NIR, Middlesbrough, 25(4)/1
Terry Cochrane
ENG, Middlesbrough, 23(1)/10
Micky Burns
ENG, Middlesbrough, 18
Ian Bailey
YUG, Middlesbrough, 17(2)/3
Bozo Jankovic
ENG, Middlesbrough, 17(1)
Peter Johnson
ENG, Middlesbrough, 14(6)/1
Graeme Hedley
ENG, Middlesbrough, 13(3)/1
Alan Ramage
ENG, Middlesbrough, 10(3)
Irving Nattrass
ENG, Middlesbrough, 6
Jeff Peters
SCO, Middlesbrough, 5
Jim Stewart
ENG, Middlesbrough, 4(1)/2
Stan Cummins
SCO, Middlesbrough, 4(1)/2
David Shearer
ENG, Middlesbrough, 3
Charlie Bell
ENG, Middlesbrough, 1
Billy Woof
ENG, Middlesbrough, 1
Mike Angus
ENG, Middlesbrough, 0(1)
Billy Askew
ENG, Norwich, 40/9
Kevin Bond
ENG, Norwich, 40/8
Martin Peters
ENG, Norwich, 39(1)/2
Graham Paddon
ENG, Norwich, 31(3)/11
Justin Fashanu
ENG, Norwich, 26
Kevin Keelan
ENG, Norwich, 23/8 & Manchester City, 9/2
Kevin Reeves
ENG, Norwich, 23/8
Keith Robson
WAL, Norwich, 22(1)/1
David Jones
ENG, Norwich, 21
Tony Powell
ENG, Norwich, 20(4)/5
Alan Taylor
ENG, Norwich, 20(1)
John McDowell
ENG, Norwich, 17(3)/2
Peter Mendham
ENG, Norwich, 17(1)
Greg Downs
ENG, Norwich, 16
Roger Brown
ENG, Norwich, 16
Roger Hansbury
ENG, Norwich, 15
Phil Hoadley
ENG, Norwich, 14(5)/2
Mick McGuire
ENG, Norwich, 14(1)
Richard Symonds
ENG, Ipswich, 9 & Norwich, 11/1
Clive Woods
ENG, Norwich, 10(2)
John Ryan
ENG, Norwich, 6(3)
Mark Nightingale
ENG, Norwich, 5
Jimmy Neighbour
ENG, Norwich, 5/1
Steve Goble
ENG, Norwich, 4
Dave Bennett
ENG, Norwich, 3(1)
Mark Barham
ENG, Norwich, 2
Mark Halsey
WAL, Norwich, 1
Doug Evans
SCO, Norwich, 1
Greig Shepherd
ENG, Norwich, 0(1)
Phil Lythgoe
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 42
Peter Shilton
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 42/3
Larry Lloyd
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 42/12
Garry Birtles
SCO, Nottingham Forest, 42/11
John Robertson
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 41/3
Viv Anderson
SCO, Nottingham Forest, 41/2
Frank Gray
SCO, Nottingham Forest, 41/2
John McGovern
SCO, Nottingham Forest, 34/3
Kenny Burns
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 30/14
Trevor Francis
NIR, Nottingham Forest, 28/3
Martin O'Neill
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 19/2
Stan Bowles
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 16/4
Tony Woodcock
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 12(7)/1
Ian Bowyer
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 10(3)/1
Gary Mills
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 8(3)/1
Dave Needham
SCO, Nottingham Forest, 7
John O'Hare
SCO, Nottingham Forest, 3 & Everton, 35/1
Asa Hartford
ENG, Nottingham Forest, 2
Bryn Gunn
ENG, Southampton, 20/3 & Nottingham Forest, 2 (L)
Charlie George
ENG, Southampton, 42/23
Phil Boyer
ENG, Southampton, 41/5
Nick Holmes
ENG, Manchester City, 2/1 & Southampton, 37/10
Mick Channon
ENG, Southampton, 35(1)/2
Trevor Hebberd
NIR, Southampton, 33/1
Chris Nicholl
ENG, Southampton, 32/2
Steve Williams
YUG, Southampton, 30(1)/2
Ivan Golac
ENG, Southampton, 30/2
Malcolm Waldron
ENG, Southampton, 30/4
Dave Watson
ENG, Southampton, 26/1
Alan Ball
ENG, Southampton, 25
Peter Wells
ENG, Southampton, 23/4
Graham Baker
ENG, Southampton, 21/2
David Peach
ENG, Southampton, 20/3 & Nottingham Forest, 2 (L)
Charlie George
ENG, Southampton, 13
Terry Gennoe
ENG, Southampton, 11(1)/1
Manny Andruszewski
IRL, Southampton, 7(4)/2
Austin Hayes
YUG, Southampton, 4
Ivan Katalinic
ENG, Southampton, 2(1)
George Shipley
ENG, Southampton, 0(2)
Andy Rogers
ENG, Southampton, 0(1)
Oshor Williams
ENG, Southampton, 0(1)/1
Steve Moran
ENG, Southampton, 0(1)
Martin McGrath
ENG, Stoke, 40
Ray Evans
ENG, Stoke, 40/12
Garth Crooks
ENG, Stoke, 38/5
Adrian Heath
ENG, Stoke, 36(1)/1
Alan Dodd
ENG, Stoke, 34(2)/2
Paul Richardson
ENG, Stoke, 34/2
Denis Smith
IRL, Stoke, 32(4)/5
Brendan O'Callaghan
ENG, Stoke, 28
Mike Doyle
SCO, Stoke, 26/3
Sammy Irvine
ENG, Stoke, 25
Paul Johnson II
ENG, Stoke, 23
Peter Fox
ENG, Stoke, 19
Roger Jones
ENG, Stoke, 16/1
Geoff Scott
ENG, Stoke, 15
Paul Johnson
ENG, Stoke, 14(3)/3
Lee Chapman
ENG, Stoke, 13(1)/4
Jeff Cook
ENG, Stoke, 12(4)
Paul Randall
NED, Stoke, 7
Loek Ursem
ENG, Stoke, 4(6)/1
Viv Busby
ENG, Stoke, 4(2)
Paul Bracewell
ENG, Stoke, 1
Kevin Sheldon
ENG, Stoke, 1
Mel Pejic
SCO, Stoke, 0(1)
John Lumsden
ENG, Tottenham, 41/19
Glenn Hoddle
ENG, Tottenham, 40/1
Steve Perryman
ARG, Tottenham, 40/3
Osvaldo Ardiles
IRL, Tottenham, 39/1
Chris Hughton
ENG, Tottenham, 36(1)/9
Chris Jones
ENG, Tottenham, 35(1)/1
Don McAllister
WAL, Tottenham, 33/1
Terry Yorath
ENG, Tottenham, 32
Barry Daines
NIR, Tottenham, 28(2)/4
Gerry Armstrong
ENG, Tottenham, 27/2
Paul Miller
ARG, Tottenham, 22/3
Ricardo Villa
ENG, Tottenham, 19(5)/2
John Pratt
SCO, Tottenham, 14
Gordon Smith
ENG, Tottenham, 8(2)
Colin Lee
ENG, Tottenham, 8
Milija Aleksic
ENG, Tottenham, 7(2)/2
Mark Falco
IRL, Tottenham, 7(2)/4
Tony Galvin
ENG, Tottenham, 7(2)
Peter Taylor
ENG, Tottenham, 6(1)
Terry Naylor
ENG, Tottenham, 4
John Lacy
ENG, Tottenham, 3
Micky Hazard
ENG, Tottenham, 2(1)
Stuart Beavon
WAL, Tottenham, 2
Mark Kendall
ENG, Tottenham, 1
Peter Southey
ENG, Tottenham, 1
Terry Gibson
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 42
Tony Godden
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 42/1
John Wile
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 40
Brendon Batson
SCO, West Bromwich Albion, 38/1
Ally Robertson
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 37(1)/15
Peter Barnes
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 37/5
Gary Owen
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 35/9
Bryan Robson
SCO, West Bromwich Albion, 27(2)/6
Ally Brown
ENG, Aston Villa, 6 & West Bromwich Albion, 27(1)/3
John Deehan
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 24(2)/8
Cyrille Regis
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 18
Garry Pendrey
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 18/1
Remi Moses
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 17(3)/2
John Trewick
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 16
Derek Statham
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 15(2)
David Mills
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 12(4)/2
Tony Brown
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 9
Barry Cowdrill
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 4
Martyn Bennett
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 3(1)
Derek Monaghan
ENG, West Bromwich Albion, 1(2)
Kevin Summerfield
WAL, Wolverhampton, 41
George Berry
ENG, Wolverhampton, 40
Geoff Palmer
ENG, Wolverhampton, 40
Derek Parkin
SCO, Wolverhampton, 40
Willie Carr
ENG, Wolverhampton, 37
Paul Bradshaw
ENG, Wolverhampton, 37
Peter Daniel
SCO, Wolverhampton, 35
Andy Gray
ENG, Wolverhampton, 33(2)
Emlyn Hughes
ENG, Wolverhampton, 32
Ken Hibbitt
ENG, Wolverhampton, 29
John Richards
ENG, Wolverhampton, 27(4)
Mel Eves
ENG, Wolverhampton, 16(4)
Colin Brazier
ENG, Wolverhampton, 13(3)
Wayne Clarke
ENG, Wolverhampton, 10
Dave Thomas
ENG, Wolverhampton, 8
John McAlle
IRL, Wolverhampton, 5(2)
Hugh Atkinson
ENG, Wolverhampton, 5
Martin Patching
ENG, Wolverhampton, 5
Mick Kearns
SCO, Wolverhampton, 4
Billy Rafferty
ENG, Wolverhampton, 2(3)
Norman Bell
ENG, Wolverhampton, 2
John Humphrey
ENG, Wolverhampton, 1
Craig Moss
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