Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Fill in the blank with the correct answer using the hints given.
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Last updated: February 19, 2020
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Mercenary Group formed from the remnants of the CGS
Protagonist of the series
Mikazuki Augus
Name of the Gundam he pilots
Best Friend of the Protagonist. Leader of the Mercenary Group
Orga Itsuka
Close friend of the Protagonist and later mother of his child. She quits her job to become the cook of the Mercenary Group
Atra Mixta
The Maiden of Revolution, forms a sort-of triangle relationship with the above and the protagonist
Kudelia Aina Bernstein
Former leader of CGS' "Human Debris", the quiet, muscular pilot of another Gundam frame
Akihiro Altland
Name of his Gundam frame
Informant and strategist of the group, whose Grandma has a farm
Biscuit Griffon
Pilots the ship during heavy combat. Known as the "Deputy Boss"
Eugene Sevenstark
Cheerful pilot known for his customizing his machines, naming them Ryusei-Go I-IV
Norba Shino
Original name for his Gundam Frame that he receives in the second season
A sharped tongued boy, with red hair, he is saved by the leader in a drive-by shooting
Ride Mass
A red-headed ex-CGS Human Debris who specializes in electronic warfare
Dante Mogro
Brunette ex-CGS Human Debris, assigned commander of the Earth-branch in the second season
Chad Chaden
Member who often acts as a supply courier and messenger, leaves Mercenary group after establishing life on Earth with his sister
Takaki Uno
Known as "Old Man", he is a mobile worker technician, and later a mobile suit technician
Nady Yukinojo Kassapa
A young man who specializes in equipment maintenance, in love with the cheerful pilot
Yamagi Gilmerton
A member of the trio who join in the second season, loathes the protagonist and later becomes his "protege"
Hush Middy
Another member of the trio who join in the second season, went to school to study mobile systems and later wants to leave the group
Zack Lowe
The last of the trio who join in the second season, a large, quiet individual with a rough past
Dane Uhai
The Maiden of Revolution's maid, serves as the communications officer and is a mole.
Fumitan Admoss
Military organization that ended the Calamity War and acts as an independent peacemaker supported by Earth's four power blocs
Officer of the above organization and wants to reform it from the inside, teams up with mercenary group for much of the second season
McGillis Fareed
The above's Gundam frame that he claims in the second season
Best Friend of the above's pilot, is betrayed and assumes the name "Vidar" for much of the second season
Gaelio Bauduin
The above's Gundam frame
Commander of the Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet, killed by an avenging protagonist
Carta Issue
A branch of Teiwaz that is responsible for its parent organization's shipping and transportation duties, it was founded by a maverick smuggler and is comprised of all females
Leader of the above, takes a liking to the mercenary group and is reffered to as "Brother"
Naze Turbine
Closest of the above's many "wives", she was originally a mercenary who took up escort jobs
Amida Arca
Normally carefree and playful, one of the two pilots "lent" to the group, later falls in love with a Gundam Pilot.
Lafter Frankland
The quieter of the two pilots "lent" to the group, she offers her skills to help train new recruits
Azee Gurumin
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