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PlotSong% Correct
She's just a girl who claims that I was the one (but her kid was not my son)Billie Jean
He's riding his horse til he can't no moreOld Town Road
Musician knows all the regulars at the bar, including John the bartenderPiano Man
The ex thinks so highly of himself, he probably thinks she wrote the song for himYou're So Vain
Overnight stay turns into a lifelong prison sentence (of their own device)Hotel California
She has a long list of ex-lovers who will tell you she's insaneBlank Space
Twenty-somethings get high in the bathroom, party until the bar closes, find someone to carry them homeWe Are Young
Future rock star goes to a rigid boarding school where they won't let him have pudding if he doesn't eat his meatAnother Brick in the Wall
If he consummates their relationship, he must promise to marry her; he regrets itParadise by the Dashboard Light
Remember when we made love in the green grass behind the stadium?Brown Eyed Girl
Mom shows up at a PTA meeting to sock it to those hypocrites, after they sent an insulting note about her clothing and behaviorHarper Valley PTA
Kid kills himself in front of his classJeremy
Everybody meets up at a dilapidated building to party: tin roof rustedLove Shack
He kills people in fancy gloves and leaves their bodies oozing lifeMack the Knife
Lola's man is killed by a mobster at the club where she workedCopacabana
Betty's parents made her break up with Jimmy, the big man on campus - but he drove too fast in the rain that same nightLeader of the Pack
He knows that she's leaving for the cheating side of townLyin' Eyes
After a summer suicide up at Choctaw Ridge, a family is oblivious to the fact that their daughter was involved with him, eats apple pieOde to Billie Joe
Abused girl gets revenge on her daddy with a bullet to his brain - she ain't never gonna be the sameJanie's Got a Gun
Guy tries to pick up girls at a high class luncheon, movie theater, the beach, and Larry's weddingBust a Move

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