Ultimate Percy Jackson Characters Quiz

How many Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus characters do you know?
Generally we are looking for first names
Last names will also work unless multiple characters have the same last name
Quiz by Lauren16
Last updated: November 12, 2018
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First submittedJanuary 21, 2013
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The main character
Percy Jackson
Blonde friend/girlfriend of ^
Annabeth Chase
Satyr friend of the previous two
Grover Underwood
Centaur mentor
Percy's father
Roman form of ^
Percy's mother
Sally Jackson
Percy's 1st (and pretty mean)
Gabe Ugliano
Percy's 2nd (and much nicer)
Paul Blofis
New oracle
Rachel Elizabeth
Camp bully
Clarisse La Rue
Father of ^
Love interest of Clarisse
Chris Rodriguez
Wine god
Roman form of ^
Annabeth's mother
Roman form of ^
King of the gods
Queen of the gods
Roman form of ^
God of music, healing, and
terrible poetry
Goddess of the hunt
Roman form of ^
Stolen from New Rome by Hera
Jason Grace
Girlfriend of ^
Piper McLean
Mother of ^
Can control fire
Leo Valdez
Father of ^
Roman form of ^
Father of Jason
Can summon gems
Hazel Levesque
Father of ^
Frank Zhang
Father of ^
Stuffed-animal murderer
Female praetor in New Rome
Reyna Avila
Artemis's right-hand huntress
Zoe Nightshade
Club-brandishing satyr
Coach Hedge
Best friend of Clarisse
Silena Beauregard
Boyfriend of ^
Charlie Beckendorf
Trouble-maker brothers
Travis and
Connor Stoll
Boy obsessed with Mythomagic
Nico di Angelo
Sister of ^, dies in battle
Bianca di Angelo
Mother of previous two
Maria di Angelo
Father of previous two children
100-eyed camp guard
Lovable cyclops, Percy's half-brother
Friendly hundred-handed-one
Percy's pegasus
Possessed by Kronos
Luke Castellan
Father of ^
Roman form of ^
Snakes on the caduceus of ^
George and Martha
Tyson's hippocampus friend
An eye for an eye!
Ethan Nakamura
Mother of ^
Old friend of Hazel's
Sammy Valdez
The Last Olympian
Giant spider defending
Athena Parthenos
Giant monster destroying the country
Nicest Hellhound ever
Mrs. O'Leary
Gorgon under cover as a
creepy sculptor
Grover's hyper girlfriend
Some pretty wild centaurs
that save the day
Party Ponies
Hera in freaky babysitter form
Tia Callida
Earth goddess trying to take over
Sorceress that turns Percy
into a guinea pig
Creepy God of Love
Greek form of ^
The friendly titan
What Percy renamed him
Level 10
Jun 15, 2013
Awesome quiz! had 1:23 left to spare.
Level 61
Sep 25, 2020
what about Ella, skippy, tempest, aaron, Thalia, ring a bell?
Level 21
Jul 26, 2014
71/71 with 1:39 to spare! Awesome quiz!
Level 33
May 23, 2015
Awesome Quiz! 71/71 with 2:48 to spare. At the top you say that only full names would be accepted, but Reyna's whole name isn't there. It's Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano
Level 44
Jan 16, 2021
By full names, I think they meant first and last names. Avila is Reyna's middle name and it wouldn't make sense to put it there, especially since we don't know most other character's middle names.
Level 16
Feb 10, 2021
Level 47
Nov 28, 2016
I had troubles remembering some of the last names, maybe accept only the first names for some of them? I don't think any have repeated first names.

Also, I'm very annoyed that Annabeth's clue is "Blonde friend/girlfriend of". I think she's a character that deserves more of a clue than that, which could also apply to Piper.

It could also use another minute or two.

Otherwise, a nice quiz.

Level 24
Dec 31, 2016
Great quiz! I had trouble spelling arachne lol. I'm kinda disappointed that Thalia wasn't in it but hey you can't have every character!
Level 83
Nov 12, 2018
I have no idea what this is, but mythology knowledge was enough for one point :)
Level 73
Jan 3, 2019
Yeah got 2 points from typing Olympian Gods and the character names written in the clues
Level 86
Dec 31, 2018
Can't believe Thalia isn't in this quiz at all.
Level 67
Jan 7, 2019
100% Boiiii

Also Zoe is spelled Zoë with a diacritic on top Quizmaster!

Level 60
Jun 21, 2021
More specifically, an umlaut.
Level 43
Oct 26, 2019
100% with 5 mins to spare. Lets goooooooooo
Level 67
Jan 3, 2020
There should be an umlaut displayed over Zoë Nightshade's name.
Level 50
Jan 28, 2020
1/71 with 4:58 to spare!!
Level 33
Feb 6, 2020
Hi everyone, I've made Percy Jackson quiz over on my account that only has the characters from Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series characters on it, but a LOT of them. Feel free to check it out if that interests you. It is pretty difficult :)
Level 61
Oct 30, 2020
Kind of bummed Festus wasn't on there I love him.
Level 16
Feb 10, 2021
Level 39
May 10, 2020
71/71 with 5:45 remaining
Level 15
May 12, 2020
Wow. Good job. You must be as big a fan as I am. lol
Level 55
Jun 10, 2020
Why wasn't Festus in it?
Level 30
Aug 18, 2020
Who is ^
Level 38
Sep 14, 2020
I think you should change Artemis's right-hand huntress cause that is giving away another answer. And Grovers hyper girlfriend
Level 44
Jan 6, 2021
How is Thalia not in this, she is one of the characters that appears in most books.
Level 61
Jan 14, 2021
add alternate spellings for hephaistos, please
Level 61
Apr 21, 2021
100 percent 7:43 Left to spare!
Level 48
Apr 21, 2021
good quiz ! though the ethan nakamura question was a little off
Level 60
Jun 6, 2021
How was Ethan's mother more commonly guessed than Ethan?

Also, I was thinking of the dwarves for the trouble-makers...

Level 22
Jun 12, 2021
Nemesis is very easily remembered. Ethan is a easily forgettable name I guess
Level 29
May 2, 2022
100% with 7:58 to spare! great quiz!
Level 64
May 4, 2022
reyna isnt the praetor of new rome anymore
Level 15
Jun 8, 2022
What 1% didn't get Percy? It's in the title

Also Tyson was very a very cool character I forgot about him

Level 41
Jun 12, 2022
why did i panic and forget grovers name but i could remember briares lmao
Level 51
Jun 20, 2022
what happened to Thalia
Level 70
Oct 5, 2022
Who is that one percent that didn't get PERCY JACKSON in the PERCY JACKSON characters quiz?????????
Level 23
Oct 31, 2022
3:04 left to spare!
Level 54
Nov 1, 2022
7.55 to spare
Level 47
Jan 10, 2023
Loved this quiz but...the THALIA GRACE erasure...

But it was good! I had fun!

Level 34
Jan 18, 2023
I couldn't put in iapetus. I kept typing Plus, Thalia, Festus, the titans, the giants, calypso, etc. Weren't there! I'll make another one. Or, I'll try doing so.
Level 61
Feb 4, 2023
Please include Thalia, Calypso, Pan, Meg, Festus, Janus, Commodus, Nero, Caliguli
Level 45
Feb 22, 2023
as a huge percy jackson fan i got 100%
Level 34
Dec 25, 2023
What about Thalia, Kronos and Daedalus?
Level 55
Jan 9, 2024
I haven;t read the books in years and forget a lot, but wasn't Atlas mentioned? I feel like he could be in the spot for "friendly titan"
Level 27
Feb 12, 2024
he's not friendly... he literally kills zoë 😭😭
Level 34
Jan 20, 2024
How did only 99% Get Percy Jackson
Level 28
Apr 10, 2024
I got all of them except for Coach Hedge...