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QuestionCharacter% Correct
Summons a giant iceberg that sits in the middle of the screen, dealing damage to anyone near it or on the ground.Ice Climbers
Shoots two giant fire balls spiraling outwards from each other, rarely killing someone.Mario
Uses the seven Chaos Emeralds to transform into a powered up version of himself that can fly around the screen.Sonic
Releases all of his Pokémon and then unleashes a powerful attack using each of their strongest moves.Pokémon Trainer
Wielding a sword bigger them himself, he traps his opponents in the air and repeatedly slashes at them.Kirby
Pulling out his trusty pair of bongos, he starts to play music that hurts his enemies.Donkey Kong
Shoots yoga poses in a triangular pattern.Wii Fit Trainer
Calls Up Tom, Timmy and Tommy to have them build a house - on the unlucky smasher that gets stuck inside.Villager
Calls his blue ride, then runs over his opponents.Captain Falcon
Transforms into an octopus and can move around the screen. Extending your tentacles deals extra damage.Mr. Game and Watch
Even though he personally prefers the air, this smasher jumps off the screen and returns with a landmaster.Falco
This space explorer jumps onto his ship and flys into the air to avoid the enemies that damage the other fighters left down below.Olimar
Performing an Omnislash, this fighter traps his opponents near the top of the screen and hits them multiple times, before hitting them to the ground.Cloud
Being the original Critical Hit guy, he now shares this final smash with two other representatives of his series.Marth
Changing into his purple clad alter ego, all of his moves are faster, stronger and more intense.Wario

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