Franchises in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Name all of the franchises with playable fighters in Super Smash Bros. Melee
Fighter number based on number of slots a series takes up
Quiz by Insaniot
Last updated: March 18, 2021
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First submittedMarch 18, 2021
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# of Fighters
Super Mario
The Legend of Zelda
Fire Emblem
Star Fox
Donkey Kong
Game & Watch
Ice Climber
Yoshi’s Island
Level 59
Mar 18, 2021
I made this quiz a couple of months ago as a celebration that Franchises in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hit 1000 takes (tied with Category Elimination - Super Smash Bros to be the first one of my quizzes to do so!) but I just forgot to upload it until now :/ Oopsie doopsies
Level 29
Mar 19, 2021
The Smash games get worse with every single installment when it comes to franchise representation equality. Smash 64 was PERFECT in my opinion. Melee was perfect in terms of franchises represented, but faltered a tiny bit with an inconsistent amount of characters in those franchises (though Melee was pretty close to perfect if you consider Zelda and Sheik to be the same fighter). Brawl was also fine, until you take Sonic and Snake into consideration, at which point the roster is definitely not representing enough of 3rd party franchises. Smash 4 was the worst of all but at least passable, until the DLC came along and threw common sense out the window. We reached a point where SO many franchises only had one fighter when they clearly deserved more, and there were a few too many Fire Emblem fighters. Ultimate doesn't even try to be consistent, with TWO MORE FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS THEN ZELDA, and only two Final Fantasy characters and 9 Mario ones! Before Sephiroth you could've just...
Level 29
Mar 19, 2021
...said that 3rd parties could only get one fighter (excluding echoes), but that doesn't work anymore! At this point, it feels like a crossover of franchises, trying to get as many franchises in as possible, but with like 6 too many characters from every Nintendo franchise. Like a crossover with a few characters per series and 80,000,000 extras thrown in from Nintendo. And don't even get me started on Min Min. She single-handedly (not that she really has hands) ruined ANY logic when picking characters. Because she isn't the main protagonist, that means that EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IN THE HISTORY OF VIDEO GAMES is on the table. Falling Slab from Super Mario Land is next I swear. How about that corpse that Samus encounters in Super Metroid? The wrench from Advance Wars? Put it in, why not. The pixel on coordinates 200 horizontally and 34 vertically on the TV while in the eye mini-game in Dead Space 2? Just a likely as Crash mathematically speaking. Okay maybe that's a bit much, but this..
Level 29
Mar 19, 2021 easily my biggest complaint with Smash Ultimate (other than online), and it REALLY drives me crazy. I know this sounds nitpicky, but to me, this is a huge deal. Sorry about the insanely long rant. I just wanted to get my thoughts out there on this. I have minor OCD, and these are the kinds of things that keep me up at night as a gamer (not literally but it's really frustrating!). Good quiz by the way.
Level 59
Apr 8, 2021
I hear ya. Scrolling through the fighters page of the official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website is one of the saddest parts of the games. You see all of these franchises at the top of the list with so many fighters, and then the bottom of the list is just franchises with just one (occasionally two) fighters to represent them. For some franchises I get that you really can't have more than one fighter, as there isn't really a whole lot of potential for a fighter. But the imbalance is so glaringly obvious. I do disagree about how Nintendo franchises having more characters than third-party ones is a bad thing. Smash was meant to be a crossover of Nintendo franchises originally. Third-parties are just guest characters in Smash. You can't expect them to get too many fighters too often, but when they do it is HYPE. And about Min-Min: I think the reason that she was included was because ARMS is game about its unique roster. Put in Spring-Man and you don't really get the whole of ARMS
Level 59
Apr 8, 2021
...represented. Min-Min does a much better job at this than Spring-Man imho. Similar deal with Sephiroth. He's like the Bowser of Sony games, so his inclusion is not only big Final Fantasy representation, but villain representation too. So I think their spots are justified, even if they break Smash tradition a little bit. Besides, when has Smash ever followed its own rules? Sometimes what makes a character so hype is that they don't follow tradition, and prove that what we once thought was right is now wrong. Going against the odds to become a major member in the greatest video game crossover in history; nay, the biggest CROSSOVER in history. I'm probably looking into things too deeply, but regardless of what come from, I'm always hyped for a new character (except for Fire Emblem)