Mario Kart Series Items

List all the items that have ever been in a Mario Kart game.
Not counting arcade releases
Not counting Mario Kart Tour
Quiz by Insaniot
Last updated: June 7, 2021
First submittedJune 19, 2018
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Slips players when placed on the ground
Homes in on racers, launching three random items when in contact; Birdo’s varient
Birdo Egg
Splashes ink onto the opponent’s screen
Blows up when thrown near a player
Turns the user invisible, and steals another racer’s item
Shoots a projectile that returns to the user up to 3 times
Boomerang Flower
A projectile that bounces of the walls 10 times before breaking
Bowser Shell
Makes the user invincible and rockets them ahead
Bullet Bill
Makes the user jump and steal a balloon in battle mode
Cape Feather
Latches onto the front of the kart for a bit and pulls it forwards
Chain Chomp
Instead of picking up one of these off the ground, if you use this item you’ll get two
Summons 8 different items that spiral around the user
Crazy 8
Tricks your opponents into thinking they’ll be getting an item, only to stun them in the end
Fake Item Box
Shoots fireballs
Fire Flower
The first answer, but giant
Giant Banana
Gives you a bunch of speed boosts
Golden Mushroom
Shoots five green and hot projectiles
Green Fireball
A basic projectile that shoot forwards in a straight line
Green Shell
When activated, it will steal an item the user would’ve been hit by
Shrinks all other racers
Gives the user 7 individual items to use
Lucky 7
Makes the user big, and can crush all opponents
Mega Mushroom
Gives the user a speed boost
A plant that eats other racers and items
Piranha Plant
Sends a shockwave the other racers that can be dodged with a well timed trick
Pow Block
Shoots five red-hot projectiles
Red Fireball
A projectile that travels to the racer in front of you
Red Shell
Ruin first place’s day with this
Spiny Shell
Destroys the above item
Super Horn
Gives you a tail that can hit racers and obstacles away
Super Leaf
Makes you invincible and rainbow
Super Star
A cloud appears above you that will shrink you, can be passed to other players
Thunder Cloud
Three slippery obstacles
Triple Banana
Three basic projectiles
Triple Green Shell
Three short speed boosts
Triple Mushroom
Three homing projectiles
Triple Red Shell
Homes in on racers, launching three random items when contact is made; Yoshi’s varient
Yoshi Egg
Level 38
Jun 19, 2018
You missed the fake item box.
Level 55
Jun 19, 2018
Could’ve sworn I put that in! Fixed.
Level 38
Jun 19, 2018
Level 55
Jun 19, 2018
No problem. It makes my quiz better, so really I should be thanking you.
Level 62
Jun 19, 2018
For "super leaf" and "super star" could you not also just accept "leaf" or "star" alone?
Level 55
Jun 19, 2018
That’s fair. Added some less restrictive type-ins for other answers, too.
Level 30
Aug 22, 2018
Great quiz overall, but the birdo egg and green fireball are exactly the same as the Yoshi egg and fireball respectively; they are just different colors. Also, I would add the triple versions of bananas, mushrooms, red and green shells. Also accept the official name spiny shell for blue shell. Still a great quiz.
Level 55
Sep 4, 2018
They are still separate items, so I'll leave them. Added the triple items and changed the spiny shell answer.
Level 60
Apr 1, 2021
I doubt that they are truly required but if we want to be technical the emerald and animal crossing coins from 8 are powers
Level 55
Apr 2, 2021
Yeah, but rupees bells and coins are all kinda just the same item so I’m keeping them as one answer.