Super Smash Bros. Fighters #04E - The Dark Samus Quiz

Answer these questions about the ever-popular Dark Samus.
Quiz by Insaniot
Last updated: March 24, 2022
First submittedOctober 16, 2020
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What substance is Dark Samus made of?
What creature produced the substance that 'birthed' Dark Samus?
Metroid Prime
What planet was Dark Samus created on?
Tallon IV
On what planet does Samus first meet Dark Samus?
Which organization initially confused Dark Samus for Samus, then tried to forge an alliance with her after discovering that was not the case?
Space Pirates
Members of said organization refer to Dark Samus with what nickname?
The Dark Hunter
Dark Samus was inspired by a phase of what Zero Mission boss?
Ruins Test
Which of Samus' weaponry is Dark Samus especially weak to?
Dark Beam / Darkburst
What other Metroid character is a clone of Samus?
What was the first game Dark Samus appeared in?
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Dark Samus is the main antagonist of what game?
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
According to a logbook entry, Dark Samus' suit is based off of which of Samus' suits?
Varia Suit
Before becoming a proper fighter in Smash Bros., Dark Samus appeared in the 3DS/WiiU entries as a what?
Assist Trophy
Despite Dark Samus' wide range of abilities, in Smash Ultimate she was relegated to what class of fighter?
Echo Fighter
Level 30
Oct 19, 2020
Dang it, you got me! I got them all (without much difficulty, actually) until the Zero Mission boss question. I knew what boss it was; that one where Zero Suit Samus fights a mirror of herself from the Chozo Statue, but I couldn't remember the name and had to give up. This might be my favorite fighter quiz so far. You tried to trick me with the planet of origin and beam weakness questions and tried to stump me with the Space Pirates' name for her, but I persevered!

...until the Zero Mission question. Anyway, great job (and great picture). I accept defeat...for now.

Level 30
Oct 19, 2020
Also, while Metroid Prime sort of produces Phazon, it is by no means the sole producer of it, and it only produces it because a Leviathan corrupted the planet (which might be a good question for this quiz as well, because Dark Samus launches multiple Leviathans at multiple planets in Prime 3). I think a better question would be this: What boss from the original Metroid Prime partially created Dark Samus? You could probably word it better than I did, though.
Level 55
Oct 19, 2020
Yeah, I'll probably reword that to something better.

EDIT: I just read the last part of your comment. You're definitely on the right track, but I'll probably change it so the answer isn't in the question. Thanks for the help, and I'm glad you had fun!

Level 58
Feb 26, 2022
Could the answer to the first encounter question technically be Dark Aether and the answer to the antagonist question be Metroid Prime 2? Both of these seem like they should at least work as type-ins.
Level 55
Feb 27, 2022
Dark Aether will work now and I added Metroid Prime 2 as a separate answer to avoid confusion.