Super Smash Bros. Fighters #67 - The King K. Rool Quiz

Kome and kuiz your knowledge koncerning the kruel king, King K. Rool.
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Quiz by Insaniot
Last updated: October 16, 2022
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First submittedOctober 15, 2022
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What is the name of the crocodile-like species K. Rool rules over?
What family does K. Rool try multiple times to kill?
Kong Family
Aside from King, K. Rool has had two other main personalities in the DKC games. What are they?
Kaptain K. Rool
Baron K. Roolenstein
What is the name of K. Rool’s pirate ship?
Gangplank Galleon
What is the name of K. Rool’s flying machine?
Flying Krock
What is the name of K. Rool’s submarine?
K. Rool appears as a playable character in which Mario sports game?
Mario Super Sluggers
Despite stealing an entire hoard of them, K. Rool hates this fruit:
What device does K. Rool use to threaten to blow up DK Isle in Donkey Kong 64?
Name a song K. Rool sings in the Donkey Kong Country TV Show:
Finest Hour, The Diddy Drop Rap, The Coconut is Cursed!…
K. Rool’s name is a clever pun based on which common English word?
What DK game was K. Rool first playable in?
DK: King of Swing
List one of K. Rool names proposed during development of Donkey Kong Country:
Krudd, King Klinker
What is K. Rool “kredited’ with in Donkey Kong Country’s Kredits?
Level 29
Oct 15, 2022
I feel bad that I have to tell you this, but K. Rool appears in more than one game as a playable character on the Wii. Why do I feel bad telling you? Because the other game is Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Don't...don't play that game. Anyway, this is another great quiz in the series! I missed the Flying Krock and Kommander, which I feel bad about missing. I also missed the DKC TV Show song and the development names, which I feel much less bad about missing.
Level 59
Oct 16, 2022
Diddy Drop Rap is straight fire. Shame on you. Anyways, I’ll change Wii game to Mario game.