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Let's talk family. Which member of BTS has the most siblings?Taehyung
Jimin has a younger brother named Jihyun. But is Jihyun older or younger than Jungkook?Older
Which of the boy's parents own a café that has a large picture of their shirtless son on the wall?Jimin
We all know that the boys are untouchable when it comes to records. How many Guinness World Records do they hold?14
Webtoons now! Who was the last character to appear in the BTS Save Me webtoon?Jimin
The boys rock any hair color they choose, (obviously) but what color were Hoseok's highlights in the Fake Love music video?Purple
What color were Yoongi's shoes in the Love Yourself: Answer 結 Concept Photos (Version F)Green
Look to the stars! What is Namjoon's rising sign?Scorpio
Speaking of siblings, what is the name of Yoongi's older brother?Geumjae
Back into the present now! BTS' music video for the song 'Boy With Luv feat. Halsey' broke the record for the biggest 24 YouTube debut of all time. But how many views did it get?78,052,562
In the recent BangtanBomb 'Curious Jungkook', what can he be seen playing with for the whole video?Eyelash Curler
At the 2017 BBMAs, who told a starstruck Yoongi that they liked BTS' music?Machine Gun Kelly
Moving on.A blast from the past! BTS' first tour was the Red Bullet Tour. But what was the first stop...and when?Kuala Lumpur, June 5th 2015
Jimin received a bouquet of flowers from his father for his 23rd birthday in Amsterdam. But what was the first sentence of the note that came with it?To My Lovely Son

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