Pokemon - Alternate Forms

Do you know all the alternate forms of Pokémon?
Only alternate forms are listed, not 'basic' forms a.k.a. the forms they are found in. Some Pokémon may not have 'basic' forms, and if so, all forms are listed
The word 'form' is spelt 'form', not 'forme'
Quiz by PhalanxRises
Last updated: July 2, 2012
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All known forms up to Black and White 2
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Hint to the form
Alternate Form
Cannot be traded out of HG/SS
Spiky-Eared Pichu
Its form depends on its personality value (1 of 28).
Changes to a fire type in sunlight
Sunny Form Castform
Changes to a water type in rain
Rainy Form Castform
Changes to a ice type in hail
Snowy Form Castform
Appears in this form in FireRed
Deoxys Attack Form
Appears in this form in LeafGreen
Deoxys Defense Form
Appears in this form in Emerald. Did not appear in the original form's movie
Deoxys Speed Form
Changes form after battling in a beach or cave
Sandy Cloak Burmy
Changes form after battling in a building or town
Trash Cloak Burmy
Gains a ground typing after evolving in a certain form
Sandy Cloak Wormadam
Gains a steel typing after evolving in a certain form
Trash Cloak Wormadam
Its Attack and Special Defense increase in sunlight
Sunshine Form Cherrim
It is small and pink, with round bulbs on its head
West Sea Shellos
It is small and blue, with two small fins on its back
East Sea Shellos
Appears in this form West of Mt. Coronet
West Sea Gastrodon
Appears in this form East of Mt. Coronet
East Sea Gastrodon
Seems to be wearing oven mitts
A tube sticks out of its back
Its purple 'hands' are shaped like lighting bolts
Its ability is completely useless due to its typing
Hint to the form
Alternate Form
Even though it levitates, it has wheels
Can only stay in this form holding a specific item
Giratina Origin Form
It will revert to its basic form if frozen, or at nighttime
Shaymin Sky Form
Its fins are spiky, and its eyes wide
Red-Striped Basculin
Its fins are smooth, and its eyes slanted
Blue-Striped Basculin
It adopts a secondary typing, inverts its offenses, and is slower but bulkier
Zen Mode Darmanitan
When found in the Battle Subway, it will be in this form
Deerling - Spring
It can be found in this form when there are additional NPC's in Undella Town
Deerling - Summer
It takes this form in March, July and November
Deerling - Autumn
When snow covers Unova, it is in this form
Deerling - Winter
Pink cherry blossoms bloom on its antlers
Sawsbuck - Spring
It's tail and mane stick straight up and bushes grow on its head
Sawsbuck - Summer
Leaves start falling off its (now brown-orange) head
Sawsbuck - Autumn
It adopts a majestic fur style that makes it look like it's wearing a scarf
Sawsbuck - Winter
Upon changing form, it becomes defensive rather than offensive
Therian Tornadus
If traded from Black and White, its ability will be Volt Absorb
Therian Thundurus
If captured through the Dream Radar, its ability will be Sheer Force
Therian Landorus
When lent the power of Zekrom, it becomes a fearsome physical attacker
Black Kyurem
When lent the power of Reshiram, it becomes a fearsome special attacker
White Kyurem
It changes form when brought to a special area in BW2, and certain conditions are met
Resolution Keldeo
Changes form when using its signature move
Pirouette Form Meloetta
Level 25
Jun 29, 2012
Allow east sea shellos and west sea shellos as well as gastrodon?
Level 17
Jul 2, 2012
I completely forgot. Thanks!
Level 39
Oct 11, 2014
I forgot about Darmanitan and Unown - I was wondering why Spinda wasn't working, but I guess the different spot patterns aren't forms.

However, the answers should be 'Resolute Keldeo', not 'Resolution'; 'Mow Rotom', not 'Cut'; and 'Fan Rotom', not 'Spin'.

Level 58
May 28, 2020
yeah that was my only trouble
Level 29
Jan 5, 2021
You included Origin form Giratina but why not Altered Form Giratina?