Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Let's see if you should have passed or failed fifth grade!
There are 2 questions for each grade (except the bonus question); i.e. the first two are from first grade and so on.
Quiz by nyrethearcher
Last updated: August 17, 2012
First submittedAugust 17, 2012
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What three colors will you find on a street light?
Red, yellow, and green
True or False: Castanets are percussion instruments.
Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
How many feet are in a yard?
In what year did Neil Armstrong land on the moon?
Your tibia bone is located where?
Your leg
Canada has two official languages: English and ______?
Pollen grains are made in what part of the flower?
The anther
If you fly from Halifax to Vancouver, how many time zones do you pass through?
Ozone is made of what gaseous element?
Kingdom, phylum, class, _______?
Level 34
Aug 16, 2012
Please except more combinations of the stoplight colors.
Level 48
Aug 17, 2012
Agree with poster above. I tried every combination, you should not require the word "and" in there.
Level 20
Aug 17, 2012
Sorry about that...I didn't even think to make more combinations! Thanks!
Level 35
Aug 19, 2012
You should accept green amber and red, seen as amber is its actual colour.
Level 20
Aug 20, 2012
I'm pretty sure 98% of the people in the world know the stoplight colors as what I have...unless those 2 percent are color blind or partially color blind (like me!!).
Level 52
Aug 27, 2012
You've forgotten one thing lotrlover14 - The British!!!
Level 68
Aug 18, 2016
Unless they live in a country without traffic lights, such as Bhutan.
Level 81
Aug 24, 2015
Seconded for amber. I almost never call it yellow. It's probably a British thing.
Level 20
Aug 28, 2012
@Isaac... are stoplights really different colors in England?? And actually, I'm making another AYStaFG quiz that has European facts!!
Level 51
Mar 13, 2022
What if I am a fifth grader.
Level 51
Jul 28, 2022
Get off of this website because this site is reserved for those over 13.
Level 51
Mar 13, 2022
8 of 11. Did oxygen but spelled it wrong. It didn't count.
Level 35
Jun 17, 2022
Colors are hard to see on dark mode and I think you could just accept Philadelphia or Pennsylvania instead of only accepting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Good quiz tho!