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73,5512019-02-26 Austria... or Australia?
52,5952021-01-12 The United States... or the United Kingdom?
34,6002021-05-14 Iceland... or Ireland?
33,0642021-01-28 Slovakia... or Slovenia?
21,4462019-02-12 Paraguay... or Uruguay?
3,8972022-02-21Poland... or Portugal?
1,8772019-02-21China... or Taiwan?
1,7422021-08-17Latvia... or Lithuania?
1,6802022-02-21Croatia... or Czechia?
9082019-06-13Spain Multiple Choice Quiz
8052022-02-21Bahrain... or Brunei?
7962019-09-28Spain... or Portugal?
7402019-03-21Luxembourg... or Liechtenstein?
7142019-03-12Switzerland... or Swaziland?
6312019-02-24Iraq... or Iran?
6062019-04-02Wakanda... or Uganda?
5692019-03-25Dog... or Cat?
4882022-02-21Gambia... or Zambia?
4812022-02-21Dominica... or Dominican Republic?
4662019-02-17Niger... or Nigeria?
4582022-02-22Yemen... or Oman?
4462022-02-21Mauritania... or Mauritius?
3932019-04-05Countries with the Highest Percentage of Blue-Eyed People
3712021-01-20Montenegro... or Moldova
3682019-02-19Guyana... or French Guiana
3372019-02-19Tajikistan... or Turkmenistan
3362019-02-26Guinea, Equatorial Guinea.. or Guinea Bissau?
3112019-04-04Countries with the Highest Percentage of Redheads
2632019-01-04Countries that Speak Arabic
2462019-05-31Polynesia, Melanesia... or Micronesia?
2242019-04-04Countries with the Highest Percentage of Blond People
2212018-12-29Most Forgotten Countries per Continent
2042019-04-05Countries with the Highest Percentage of Green-Eyed People
1962019-01-05Countries that Speak Spanish
1712019-01-06Countries that Speak English
1672019-06-11Most Tattooed Countries
1662018-12-29Most Forgotten European Capitals
1622019-04-19Texas Multiple Choice
1462019-02-20Countries with no McDonalds restaurants
1362019-04-21New York Multiple Choice
1152019-04-15Countries with the most deaths during World War 1
1122019-05-08Name the Singer Quiz
1112019-03-29Top 3 Languages by Country
1052019-01-17Countries closest to the Europe/Asia Border
982018-12-30Most Forgotten U.S. States
802019-04-08Top 5 Producers per Product
702019-02-20Fill in the Country
672019-04-19Do you say ____ or ____?
662019-02-18Rivers, Lakes and Islands
652018-12-29Most Forgotten Canadian Provinces
632019-01-28Are they Countries or not?
592019-06-08Botswana Multiple Choice
552019-01-19Countries closest to the Europe/Africa Border
532018-12-30Country Shape Quiz--Very Hard
532019-01-28Disputed Areas -- Africa
512018-02-25Countries with most Tourists per Year
512019-02-21US States without Vowels
512019-02-21Countries of the World without Vowels
502019-04-28Coastal Countries with the Shortest Coastlines
482019-04-18US States with the most Lighthouses
482019-01-17Countries closest to the Africa/Asia border
462019-01-30Random Countries of the World
452019-03-03Countries of the 17th Century
452019-05-01Capital Cities Closest to Each Other
432019-05-02Largest Country Subdivisions of the World
402019-05-12Largest River A-Z
392019-05-10Original Skittles Flavors Quiz
362018-02-2615 most recent lead singers at the Super bowl
342022-03-02Canada Country Quiz
322019-03-29Slovaquie... ou Slovénie?
312019-06-16Bordering Capital Cities with Same First Letters
302019-01-20Countries closest to the Australia/Asia Border
302019-03-05The Last Place Quiz
282019-02-27The #1 Quiz
272018-12-31Country Shape Quiz--Very Hard #3
252019-01-05Country Shape Quiz--Very Hard #2
232019-02-21Most Used Emojis
222019-02-22Countries ranked by Protected Area
192019-06-12Country Size vs State Size