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1024 bytes make up one of these.
8 bits make up one of these (a total of eight 1s and 0s)
A type of graph or chart that shows values plotted over TIME.
Line Chart
A type of graph/chart that shows values as a PERCENTAGE OF A WHOLE.
Pie Chart
A type of graph/chart that shows values plotted HORIZONTALLY OR VERTICALLY.
Column Chart or Bar Chart
A type of hard drive that has no moving parts inside of a computer. Ex: Flash drives and thumb drives. These are considered faster and more efficient.
Solid State Drives
A type of software that helps people organize information using a series of bubble, circles, shapes, and arrows.
Concept Mapping Software
A way to highlight certain cells. (Ex: highlighting passing grades vs. Failing grades).
Conditional Formatting
A way to perform a function in Excel. Begins with =
An instruction sent to a computer to run a statement more than once.
Cells that have been given a border.
Change the magnification here. + or -
Zoom Slider
Code used by computers to translate letters and numbers into signals. Code comprised of 1s and 0s.
Binary Code
Contains the important features UNDER THE RIBBON TABS. Above the ribbon groups.
Ribbon Bar
Devices for data to be seen by users.
Output Device
Devics that allow users to enter data into the computer.
Input Device
First program we used this year. We used loops, statements, comments, and variables to produce desired outputs.
Small Basic
Found at the end of a file, and they tell the computer what program to use to run or view it. Ex: Word = docx, Excel = xlsx, and PowerPoint = pptx
File Extension
Identified by a letter in Excel.
Identified by a number in Excel.
Identifies the Column and Row that has been selected. Ex: B2
Name Box
Lines of code that provide information about what it is doing at a certain statement line. May include contact information, but it is often a memory tool to help editors. Don’t affect the program’s functions or performance.
Lines that make up programs. A computer reads them one at a time
Numerical representation to code letters and characters.
Order from Smallest to Largest: Terabyte, Byte, Gigabyte, Bit, Kilobyte, Megabyte
Bit Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte
Replaced with real data when a program is run. They are in all programming, ex: block code, small basic, and Python.
Smallest amount of data read by a computer. Ex: Just 1 or just 0
Software best for creating charts of data and budgets. Ex: Excel
Spreadsheet Software
Software best for creating tri-fold brochures or party invitations. Ex: Publisher
Desktop Publishing Software
Software designed to accomplish a SPECIFIC TASK. Ex: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
Application Software
Software that includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, and databases. It also includes programs like video and photo editing.
Computer Software
Software used to RUN the computer. Ex: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc...
System Software
Sorting out certain data in a cell range.
The cells that are selected. You can see a green border around them.
Active Cell
The place where you can see formulas, or anything typed into a cell
Formula Bar
When educators and students can freely and legally use copyrighted work of others.
Fair Use
When you give credit to someone this is what you create.
When you organize data alphanumerically either ascending or descending.
When you use a reference that doesn’t change when you copy and paste it. Hint: $
Absolute Cell Reference
Where the name of the file is displayed at the top of the program.
Title Bar
Where you can search for help. Search bar.
Tell Me What To Do
Worksheets at the bottom. Ex: Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3
Sheet Tabs
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