Draw all US and Canada State, Province and Territory Borders

This quiz was designed as a sadistic torture device. Only true Gluttons for punishment should attempt.
I do mean ALL borders.
Which bodies of water you have to use is somewhat arbitrary. Deal.
Quiz by plattitude
Last updated: March 18, 2021
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First submittedMarch 18, 2021
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Alabama Florida
Alabama Georgia
Alabama Gulf of Mexico
Alabama Mississippi
Alabama Tennessee
Alaska Arctic Ocean
Alaska British Columbia
Alaska Pacific Ocean
Alaska Yukon Territory
Alberta British Columbia
Alberta Montana
Alberta Northwest Territories
Alberta Saskatchewan
Arctic Ocean Northwest Territories
Arctic Ocean Nunavut
Arctic Ocean Yukon Territory
Arizona California
Arizona Colorado
Arizona Mexico
Arizona Nevada
Arizona New Mexico
Arizona Utah
Arkansas Louisiana
Arkansas Mississippi
Arkansas Missouri
Arkansas Oklahoma
Arkansas Tennessee
Arkansas Texas
Atlantic Ocean Connecticut
Atlantic Ocean Delaware
Atlantic Ocean Florida
Atlantic Ocean Georgia
Atlantic Ocean Maine
Atlantic Ocean Maryland
Atlantic Ocean Massachusetts
Atlantic Ocean New Brunswick
Atlantic Ocean New Hampshire
Atlantic Ocean New Jersey
Atlantic Ocean New York
Atlantic Ocean Newfoundland & Labrador
Atlantic Ocean North Carolina
Atlantic Ocean Nova Scotia
Atlantic Ocean Prince Edward Island
Atlantic Ocean Quebec
Atlantic Ocean Rhode Island
Atlantic Ocean South Carolina
Atlantic Ocean Virginia
British Columbia Idaho
British Columbia Montana
British Columbia Northwest Territories
British Columbia Pacific Ocean
British Columbia Washington
British Columbia Yukon Territory
California Mexico
California Nevada
California Oregon
California Pacific Ocean
Colorado Kansas
Colorado Nebraska
Colorado New Mexico
Colorado Oklahoma
Colorado Utah
Colorado Wyoming
Connecticut Massachusetts
Connecticut New York
Connecticut Rhode Island
Delaware Maryland
Delaware New Jersey
Delaware Pennsylvania
Florida Georgia
Florida Gulf of Mexico
Georgia North Carolina
Georgia South Carolina
Georgia Tennessee
Gulf of Mexico Louisiana
Gulf of Mexico Mississippi
Gulf of Mexico Texas
Hawaii Pacific Ocean
Hudson Bay Manitoba
Hudson Bay Nunavut
Hudson Bay Ontario
Hudson Bay Quebec
Idaho Montana
Idaho Nevada
Idaho Oregon
Idaho Utah
Idaho Washington
Idaho Wyoming
Illinois Indiana
Illinois Iowa
Illinois Kentucky
Illinois Lake Michigan
Illinois Missouri
Illinois Wisconsin
Indiana Kentucky
Indiana Lake Michigan
Indiana Michigan
Indiana Ohio
Iowa Minnesota
Iowa Missouri
Iowa Nebraska
Iowa South Dakota
Iowa Wisconsin
Kansas Missouri
Kansas Nebraska
Kansas Oklahoma
Kentucky Missouri
Kentucky Ohio
Kentucky Tennessee
Kentucky Virginia
Kentucky West Virginia
Lake Erie Michigan
Lake Erie New York
Lake Erie Ohio
Lake Erie Ontario
Lake Erie Pennsylvania
Lake Huron Michigan
Lake Huron Ontario
Lake Michigan Michigan
Lake Michigan Wisconsin
Lake Ontario New York
Lake Ontario Ontario
Lake Superior Michigan
Lake Superior Minnesota
Lake Superior Ontario
Lake Superior Wisconsin
Louisiana Mississippi
Louisiana Texas
Maine New Brunswick
Maine New Hampshire
Maine Quebec
Manitoba Minnesota
Manitoba North Dakota
Manitoba Northwest Territories
Manitoba Nunavut
Manitoba Ontario
Manitoba Saskatchewan
Maryland Pennsylvania
Maryland Virginia
Maryland Washington DC
Maryland West Virginia
Massachusetts New Hampshire
Massachusetts New York
Massachusetts Rhode Island
Massachusetts Vermont
Mexico New Mexico
Mexico Texas
Michigan Ohio
Michigan Ontario
Michigan Wisconsin
Minnesota North Dakota
Minnesota Ontario
Minnesota South Dakota
Minnesota Wisconsin
Mississippi Tennessee
Missouri Nebraska
Missouri Oklahoma
Missouri Tennessee
Montana North Dakota
Montana Saskatchewan
Montana South Dakota
Montana Wyoming
Nebraska South Dakota
Nebraska Wyoming
Nevada Oregon
Nevada Utah
New Brunswick Nova Scotia
New Brunswick Quebec
New Hampshire Quebec
New Hampshire Vermont
New Jersey New York
New Jersey Pennsylvania
New Mexico Oklahoma
New Mexico Texas
New Mexico Utah
New York Ontario
New York Pennsylvania
New York Quebec
New York Vermont
Newfoundland & Labrador Quebec
North Carolina South Carolina
North Carolina Tennessee
North Carolina Virginia
North Dakota Saskatchewan
North Dakota South Dakota
Northwest Passages Nunavut
Northwest Passages Quebec
Northwest Territories Nunavut
Northwest Territories Saskatchewan
Northwest Territories Yukon Territory
Nunavut Saskatchewan
Ohio Pennsylvania
Ohio West Virginia
Oklahoma Texas
Ontario Quebec
Oregon Pacific Ocean
Oregon Washington
Pacific Ocean Washington
Pennsylvania West Virginia
Quebec Vermont
South Dakota Wyoming
Tennessee Virginia
Utah Wyoming
Virginia Washington DC
Virginia West Virginia
Level 80
Mar 18, 2021
Great quiz with a lot of work! Accept Columbia as a spelling though plz
Level 71
Mar 18, 2021
Really interesting quiz, but there's a typo with British Columbia (should be a 'u' rather than an 'o'). Also needs a little more consistency (accepts "Yukon" for the border between Alaska and Yukon, but requires you to type "Territory" too for the other borders). I think it would be more fun if there was a bit more leniency in how you type it. I don't think it would hurt the quiz at all to allow you to leave out "Lake" or "Territory" for all of them, and maybe even to allow postal abbreviations. Especially if you keep the requirement to type everything out, it needs more time. Typing as fast as I could go (and knowing almost all of the borders), 20 minutes wasn't enough time to get them all in.
Level 92
Mar 18, 2021
Thanks, I meant to make most of the Lakes and Territories optional. I've gone back through and polished them up, please let me know if I missed something.
Level 92
Mar 18, 2021
Also fixed the CO-KA border, which was drawing the CO-OK border as well, making it look like that one had been guessed already.
Level 51
Mar 18, 2021
Level 87
May 14, 2021
Great quiz. Could you possibly allow at least the abbreviation BC for British Columbia and maybe even the abbreviations for the directional US states (North Dakota, South Carolina, West Virginia, etc.)?
Level 86
May 23, 2021
I like that kind of quiz and it's nicely crafted, but you really should have chosen something else than the Mercator projection. Canada (and Alaska) are simply too big... apart from hurting the eye, the 48 states appear really small and are hard to see.

You could also give a hint for the "four corners" spots, I like the idea but touching only by a point is arguably not really a "border".

Level 92
Jul 13, 2021
Yeah, I'm working on another version that includes the states of Mexico, but the SVG is currently too large to upload to JetPunk. However, I don't think there's any way you can argue that the four corners spots don't border each other.
Level 92
Aug 17, 2021
Here's the expanded quiz! Hope you enjoy the better projection!
Level 86
Jul 17, 2021
Well, yes, a version with the mexican states would be nice, though I would bomb it at first ;).

But I was mostly complaining about the size of the picture. It doesn't even take all the width of the answer columns... the 48 states look really tiny. The quiz is still pleasurable thanks to the zoom, but it could be better. Is it because of the size of the file? If it is possible to zoom, I don't see why the scale of the picture couldn't be chosen to better fill the space (sorry, it's hard for me to explain this in English, and I'm not a specialist of IT at all either).

As for the projection, I just regret the choice of Mercator, though another one would not solve the width problem. This is in absolute terms, of course, I don't ask you to redo all the work for that.

Four corners: Well, for me, a border is a line, not just a dot. I would say Utah and New Mexico touch, but don't border. I accept your choice though, just asking for a clarification in the header, that's all.

Level 92
Jul 17, 2021
Sorry, I wasn't clear. The version that I'm working on including Mexico uses a better projection. This one was actually a mashup of 2 maps--Canada and USA--that was fudged together. As to the size of this image relations to the answer bar, I hadn't even noticed, I'll see if I can tweak it.
Level 21
May 30, 2021
Level 92
Jul 15, 2021
Elapsed, or remaining?
Level 64
Jul 15, 2021
I’d argue that the Northwest Passage and Hudson Bay should be included with the Arctic Ocean, however personal opinion aside, Nunavut and Newfoundland and Labrador share a border.
Level 92
Jul 15, 2021
You could also argue that the Gulf of Mexico is part of the Atlantic Ocean, but I'm still going to count it as a separate body of water on this quiz. Thanks for the note about Newfoundland and Nunavut, though, I had no idea about Killiniq Island.
Level 65
Aug 20, 2021
the newfoundland nunavut border doesnt work. other than that great quiz!
Level 92
Aug 20, 2021
It doesn't work because I haven't edited this quiz to add it in yet. It can be found on the expanded quiz here.
Level 86
Jul 17, 2021
I have noticed that the poor spelling of Tenesee doesn't work with all the states. Yes, I'm lazy. And I hate to type Massachusetts too :p.
Level 92
Jul 17, 2021
You and me both. I'll see what's going on with 'Tenessee.'
Level 23
Aug 1, 2021
The actual torture is getting to the 160th WITH TEN MINUTES ON THE CLOCK AND HAVING YOUR COMPUTER ''encounter error''
Level 92
Aug 1, 2021
Ouch, that's rough!
Level 77
Sep 28, 2021
Great quiz! Please red lines for missed answers!
Level 92
Sep 28, 2021
I know how to do this now! Will add.
Level 77
Oct 7, 2021
any thoughts on adding river borders? :D

not sure how it could be done. maybe for example you type columbia-washington-oregon and a blue border appears?

Level 92
Oct 7, 2021
I've actually been kicking around a version of the world map that would show all borders except where rivers and lakes are, and you have to name the waters that fill the map in the rest of the way. So basically a watered down (oh gosh, that pun actually wasn't intended) version of Draw the World Map where all you need is to name the bodies of water. Could do a similar thing here.
Level 77
Oct 8, 2021
Level 61
Oct 14, 2022
i have to turn off dark mode and my eyes are bleeding
Level 85
Oct 14, 2022
Put BC down as a write-in for British Colombia and NWT for the Northwest Territories. NWT is common, nobody calls it just 'Northwest.'
Level 85
Apr 15, 2023
Certainly, no one says "Northwest". Typically it's spoken "Northwest Territories" and written "NWT", because it's too much work to write the whole name.
Level 52
Dec 10, 2022
BC should be acceptable
Level 85
Apr 15, 2023
Agreed. Canadians call British Columbia "BC". It's rare to hear the full name, because ain't nobody got time for that.
Level 53
Dec 23, 2022
You have to put "Ontario Ontario", "Michigan Michigan" and "New Mexico Mexico"! Very funny!

Also, could you add Hans Island (Nunavut & Greenland) and the territories?

Level 56
Apr 13, 2023
fun! i got 185 before running out of time :P
Level 68
Jun 28, 2023
Did it! Finally did it!
Level 78
Aug 29, 2023
If this quiz includes territories, why not include US territories like Guam, American Samoa, USVI, Puerto Rico, and Northern Mariana Islands?
Level 92
Dec 8, 2023
Too far away, too far away, I dated a girl from there and would rather not think about them, their national team beat the DR in 1994 and I still hate it, and too far away.
Level 74
Dec 14, 2023
I really think this needs more time. You must allow for finger-stretching breaks and frequent typos that are bound to occur with this much typing involved!
Level 32
May 3, 2024
Agreed about the more time. I could only get ~ 150 within the limit, and I just went untimed so that I could finish it.
Level 61
May 10, 2024
Needs a bit more time and the 4 Corner spots are cruel!