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January 1941: Hitler held a conference with his generals to discuss plans to attack the Soviet Union in Operation ________.Barbarossa
April 1941: The German and Italian armies gained a lot of ground in North-Africa. Under the lead of the Desert Fox, they captured the important city of Benghazi. Who had the nickname "The Desert Fox" though?Erwin Rommel
December 1941: The Japanese surprise attack on _______ _______ began at 7:55 a.m. Hawaiian Time. 21 American ships and over 300 aircraft were sunk or damaged and 2,418 Americans were killed. Japan lost 29 planes in return.Pearl Harbor
September 1941: The German troops laid siege to the northern Soviet city of _______. This would be the longest siege of the war.Leningrad
February 1941: The Desert Fox became head of the German military unit soon to be known as the ________ _______.Afrika Korps
August 1941: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced an embargo on the export of ________ and aviation fuel to anywhere outside the Western Hemisphere with the exception of the British Empire. This action was aimed at Japan.Oil
March 1941: The United States Senate passed the _______ _______ bill. This was a policy that allowed military equipment to be sent to other Allied nations like the UK and the Soviet-Union and for them to repay these after the war.Lend - Lease
July 1941: The Finnish troops started their advance on Lake Ladoga after they rejoined the war on the Axis side. This Second Soviet-Finnish War is more commonly known as the _______ ________.Continuation War
October 1941: Operation Typhoon, the German attack on _______ began.Moscow
June 1941: The largest offensive in human history started. The German Army, the ________ in German, crossed the border into the Soviet-Union.Wehrmacht
November 1941: The British Eighth Army began Operation Crusader, once again trying to lift the Siege of the Australian and New Zealand troops at _______.Tobruk
May 1941: The Battle of Crete began with an airborne invasion by the Germans. What was the name of the elite WW2 German unit of paratroopers?Fallschirmjäger

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