Statistics for WW2 in 1939 - 1940 every month

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September 1939: Germany attacked what country to start the conflict in Europe?Poland
October 1939: The last soldiers of the nation from the previous question surrendered. Germany annexed the western part and the ________ ________ annexed the eastern part.Soviet-Union
November 1939: What war in between the Soviet-Union and Finland started the 30th of this month?Winter War
November 1940: The United States presidential election was held. ________ ________ ________won an unprecedented third term as President of the United States, carrying 38 of 48 states.Franklin D. Roosevelt
June 1940: On the third of this month, the last troops from the British Expeditionary Force in France were evacuated from ________.Dunkirk
October 1940: The Italian Army crossed the southern border of annexed Albania and invaded ________.Greece
July 1940: Philippe Pétain's government moved to southern France. The collaborationist state run from there came to be known as ________ France.Vichy
January 1940: The German government ordered the registration of all ________ owned property in Poland.Jewish
September 1940: The Japanese invasion of ________ Indochina began.French
May 1940: Germany attacked the low countries and France. Through what area did the Germans penetrate the French lines with their spearheads?Ardennes
December 1940: At least 7 new German submarines were commissioned this month. What was the German name for submarine?U-boat
December 1939: The Soviet Army reached the ________ Line. This was a line of Finnish fortifications along the Karelian Isthmus.Mannerheim
August 1940: The Japanese battleship ________ is launched, she would become the largest and heaviest battleship to ever set sail.Yamato
April 1940: The guns of Oscarsborg Fortress sank the Blücher in the Battle of Drøbak Sound, in the fjord leading to ________ (Norway).Oslo
March 1940: ________ ________, the deadliest sniper of all time, was hit by an explosive round in an anti-sniper campaign run by the Soviets, putting him into an 11-day coma.Simo Häyhä
February 1940: Forces of the Royal Navy seized the German steamer ________ in Norwegian waters and freed 299 prisoners of war.Altmark

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