Star Wars Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back

Answer the questions right to win
Quiz by mellowWriter703
Last updated: December 4, 2018
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First submittedNovember 27, 2017
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What is the name of the snowy planet at the beginning of the movie
Who is the jedi who almost dies at the end of the movie
Luke Skywalker
Who is the smuggler/rebel that loves the princess
Han Solo
Who is the smugglers co pilot
Who is the princess
Princess Leia
What is the creature that the jedi rides to find the imperial droid
A taun taun
What is the animal that eats the tantan and puts the jedi frozen in ice
A Wampa
What is the name of the rebels base on the snow planet
Echo Base
What is the thing that protects the base from being destroyed by the empire
The Shield Generator
Who is the general who leads the attack on the rebel outpost
Maximilian Veers
Who is the robot droid who can walk and is yellow
Who is the droid that always accompanies the robot droid
What ship does the group escape the ice planet on
The millennium Falcon
Where does the group go to escape the empire
Cloud City
Where does the jedi go to get more jedi training
Who lives on this swampy planet
Who is the ghost who visits the jedi before he leaves
Obi wan kenobi
Who is the sith lord that the jedi challenges to save his friends
Darth Vader
Who is the leader of the Sky city
Lando Calrissian
Who is the gangster who put a bounty on the smuggler
Jabba the Hutt
A bounty hunter after the smuggler
A bounty hunter after the smuggler
A bounty hunter after the smuggler
A bounty hunter after the smuggler
A bounty hunter after the smuggler
The bounty hunter that sucessfully captures the smuggler
Boba Fett
What happens to the smuggler after hes captured
He's carbonated
What is the body part the sith cuts off of the jedi
His hand
Level 60
Nov 27, 2017
You have taun taun misspelled in a question.

Add an "s" to "live" on the yoda question.

Please accept solo for Han Solo, Chewy for Chewbacca, and hand for his hand. You accept arm but not hand.

Also please accept degobah for dagobah.

Also accept milleniumfaclon for the millenium falcon.

These changes will probably help your quiz get rated higher as the acceptable answers will be more in line with other star wars quizes on here.

Level 15
Nov 28, 2017
@QuizFace thanks for the advice :)
Level 66
Dec 3, 2018
Couple of things: 1. I'm glad you accept tauntaun, but your quiz still shows the incorrect spelling "tan tan." 2. It's wampa, not wompa. 3. Would you consider accepting "Chewie" as a type-in for Chewbacca? 4. When did Han Solo become a fizzy drink? I don't remember that part of the movie.
Level 44
Oct 15, 2019
Could Bespin be accepted as Cloud City?