Dead Space Necromorphs

Name every necromorph type from the first Dead Space game.
Descriptions from here:
MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!! The final boss and more are spoiled here. You’ve been warned.
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Last updated: May 20, 2022
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The most common form of Necromorph, it attacks using two large blades sprouted from the victim's shoulders and hands. It has an enhanced form which is encountered later in the game.
A Necromorph more commonly found in Zero Gravity areas, it attacks with its large tail, a fusion of the victim's legs and intestines. It also has an enhanced form encountered later in the game.
Reanimated infants that prowl the corridors and are often found in Zero Gravity. They attack with three barbed tentacles that fire quills. It also has an enhanced form encountered later in the game.
Tiny Necromorphs which appear to be reanimated flesh that travel in large groups and can jump at victims and rip away at their flesh.
A bat-like Necromorph with the sole-purpose of infecting corpses with a proboscis and turning them into new Necromorphs. It can create enhanced forms of certain other Necromorphs.
A long and thick tentacle with a glowing yellow pustule. They drag victims to their deaths, usually into holes in walls.
A large hulking Necromorph that carries a payload of the tiny Necromorphs with the exception of one encounter, it will carry another kind instead. It has two large scythe-like blades.
A very large and powerful Necromorph that can charge with great bursts of speed using its weight and strength to crush its victims.
A stationary Necromorph plastered to a wall with six deadly tentacles. It will decapitate anyone who gets to close to it and can fire out the below Necromorphs as a form of self-defense.
Small embryo-like Necromorphs that sprout tentacles and fire quills at anything alive. They are usually 'born' out of the above Necromorphs but are sometimes found alone.
A slasher-like Necromorph able to regenerate lost limbs after dismemberment. One was biologically engineered by Doctor Challus Mercer. It stalks the player in Chapter 5 and Chapter 10.
The only Necromorph that cannot attack directly. With the host's lungs expanded and relocated to the back, it can render the surrounding environment toxic. They are only found on the Hydroponics Deck contaminating the air.
A small thin Necromorph with an appendage containing a highly explosive organic compound which rivals its own size.
A tall and thin Necromorph with the ability to divide itself into multiple segments. It emits haunting sounds similar to that of whales.
A spastic and remarkably fast Necromorph formed by marines with Stasis units built into their suits.
A massive, amorphous Necromorph found in the USG Ishimura's food storage facility in Chapter 6. It has a gaping mouth concealing a bulbous orb, surrounded by three orifices out of which tentacles sprout. Serves as the first boss battle of the game.
The Leviathan
A large Necromorph found on the hull of the USG Ishimura in Chapter 8. It has five tentacles sprouting from its body which it uses to hurl objects at the tower, where the player uses the anti-asteroid cannons to defeat it. Serves as the second boss battle of the game.
The Slug
A gigantic Necromorph which rests within a crater on Aegis VII, and is fought at the end of Chapter 12. It has the appearance of a segmented worm, with multiple tentacles, and several yellow sacs located in the mouth and chest. It spits out explosive projectiles and certain Necromorphs at the player. Serves as the third and final boss battle of the game.
The Hive Mind
Level 30
Jul 21, 2022
The scariest Necromorph is the Leaper. Specifically when it sprints at you on nothing but its hands.