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1582018-02-19Popular Chinese foods
1422018-02-17German tanks in WW2 (and before)
1352018-02-17Famous WW2 German commanders
792018-02-19Star Wars clone legions
782019-04-11Harry Potter Death Eaters Quiz
722018-02-19Italian food
712018-02-19How many pieces (Chopin)?
702018-02-07Modern chinese history (1900-2017)
702018-02-21Russian cities
612018-02-19Canadian food
542018-02-16General Secretaries of Chinese Communist Party
452018-02-16Name all of the leaders of the USSR
422018-02-21American cities
392018-02-19Russian food
352018-02-16Most popular Second Languages
292019-04-11Harry Potter General Knowledge Quiz
262018-02-19How many pieces (Mozart)?
262018-02-17Famous British military leaders
232018-02-16Famous Jedi
222018-02-16Largest Empires in History
202018-02-19The Thrawn Quiz
202018-02-16Eras of China
192018-02-19Star Wars word chain
192018-02-19German food
182018-02-19Do you know these famous composers
172018-02-16Countries by food
152018-02-16German Field Marshals
152018-02-16Republics of the USSR
142018-02-07Leaders of China
122018-02-19How many pieces (Bach)?
112018-02-16Historic figures with over 100 Billion dollars net worth
112018-02-17Russian military figures
102018-02-16American aircraft carriers
82018-02-16Members of the Chinese Politburo
72018-02-16Provinces of Modern China
72018-02-16Marshals of the Soviet Union
62018-02-16Previously Classified US Weapons Projects
62018-02-16Leaders of China
62018-02-21Chinese cities
52018-02-16Every Chinese Marshall
42018-02-21Books of German military leaders
42018-02-19Name their ship (Star Wars)
32018-02-21Trump products
32018-02-19Imperial Grand Admirals
22018-02-17Chinese military figures
12018-02-19I have a bad feeling about this
12018-02-16Chairmans of the Chinese National People's Congress
02018-02-19Imperial Grand Moffs