Famous People Born in California

Name these famous people whom were born in California.
Quiz by TylerKutschbach
Last updated: July 9, 2018
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Famous Person
Birth City
Actor of Argo and The Town
Ben Affleck
Actress of Sin City and Fantastic 4
Jessica Alba
Actor of Black-ish and Kangaroo Jack
Anthony Anderson
Actress as Hogarth's mom in The Iron Giant
Jennifer Aniston
Los Angeles
Actress of Married With Children and Anchorman
Christina Applegate
Los Angeles
Actor of Lord of the Rings and Rudy
Sean Astin
Santa Monica
Actress of Curious George and 50 First Dates
Drew Barrymore
Culver City
Child actress of The Land Before Time, murdered at age 10
Judith Barsi
Los Angeles
Actor of Drake and Josh
Drake Bell
Newport Beach
Actress as Amy in The Big Bang Theory
Mayim Bialik
San Diego
Actor of Kung Fu Panda and Shark Tale
Jack Black
Santa Monica
Voice actor of many Looney Tunes characters
Mel Blanc
San Francisco
Actor of The Big Lebowski and True Grit
Jeff Bridges
Los Angeles
Actor as Marlin in Finding Nemo
Albert Brooks
Beverly Hills
Director of Beetlejuice and Batman
Tim Burton
Star of All That and The Amanda Show
Amanda Bynes
Thousand Oaks
Actor of The Croods and National Treasure
Nicolas Cage
Long Beach
Believe pop star, Moonstruck actress
El Centro
Actress of iCarly and Despicable Me
Miranda Cosgrove
Los Angeles
Actor of Field of Dreams and Dances with Wolves
Kevin Costner
Actor as Walter on Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston
Los Angeles
Actor of Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron and Big Hero 6
James Cromwell
Los Angeles
Actress as Penny in The Big Bang Theory
Kaley Cuoco
Actress of True Lies and Halloween
Jamie Lee Curtis
Santa Monica
Actor as Luis on Sesame Street
Emilio Delgado
Actress of New Girl
Zooey Deschanel
Los Angeles
Former child actor as Sid in Toy Story
Erik von Detten
San Diego
Actress as Princess Fiona in Shrek
Cameron Diaz
San Diego
Nephew of a legendary animator
Roy E. Disney
Los Angeles
Rapper of Gin & Juice and Drop it Like It's Hot
Snoop Dogg
Long Beach
Actor of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now
Robert Duvall
San Diego
Actor and director of Unforgiven and Gran Torino
Clint Eastwood
San Francisco
Actor of High School Musical and Neighbors
Zac Efron
San Luis Obispo
Prolific film composer, Oingo Boingo singer
Danny Elfman
Los Angeles
Dharma & Greg, Looney Tunes Back in Action actress
Jenna Elfman
Los Angeles
Voice actor as Patrick in SpongeBob
Bill Fagerbakke
Actor of Elf and Megamind
Will Ferrell
Late actor of Robot Chicken and Rio
Miguel Ferrer
Santa Monica
Actress of Steel Magnolias and Forrest Gump
Sally Field
Actress known as Angela in Family Guy
Carrie Fisher
Actress of Silence of the Lambs and Contact
Jodie Foster
Los Angeles
Actor of Pineapple Express and 127 Hours
James Franco
Palo Alto
Guitarist of the Grateful Dead, lost middle finger
Jerry Garcia
San Francisco
Actor/comedian of a bug's life and Ratatouille
Brad Garrett
Los Angeles
Actor of Lethal Weapon and Antz
Danny Glover
San Francisco
Actor best known as Tarzan
Tony Goldwyn
Los Angeles
Producer of A Beautiful Mind
Brian Grazer
Los Angeles
Actor of Donnie Darko and Nightcrawler
Jake Gyllenhaal
Los Angeles
Retired actor of The French Connection and Antz
Gene Hackman
San Bernardino
Star of the original Star S'mores trilogy
Mark Hamill
Actor as Woody in Toy Story
Tom Hanks
Legendary skateboarder of video game fame
Tony Hawk
Actor as Howard in The Big Bang Theory
Simon Helberg
Los Angeles
Famous Person
Birth City
Actor of How to Train Your Dragon and Megamind
Jonah Hill
Los Angeles
Actor as Shifu in Kung Fu Panda
Dustin Hoffman
Los Angeles
Actor as Mr. Noodle on Elmo's World
Bill Irwin
Santa Monica
Co-founder of Apple
Steve Jobs
San Francisco
Actor/wrestler nicknamed The Rock
Dwayne Johnson
Actress of Kung Fu Panda and Shark Tale
Angelina Jolie
Los Angeles
Reality star of to Keep Up with
Kim Kardashian
Los Angeles
Actress as Marge in The Simpsons
Julie Kavner
Los Angeles
Actress of Annie Hall and Finding Dory
Diane Keaton
Los Angeles
Actor of Batman Forever and The Prince of Egypt
Val Kilmer
Los Angeles
Actress as Mrs. Templeton in The Boss Baby
Lisa Kudrow
Los Angeles
Actor of Holes and Transformers
Shia LaBeouf
Los Angeles
Voice actor of Samurai Jack and Futurama
Phil LaMarr
Los Angeles
Director of Toy Story, CCO of Pixar
John Lasseter
Actor as Syndrome in The Incredibles
Jason Lee
Santa Ana
Actress of Fast Times at Richmont High and Miami Blues
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Los Angeles
Actor as Jim in Treasure Planet
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Los Angeles
Eponymous sitcom star of Rio
George Lopez
Los Angeles
Filmmaker of Indiana Jones
George Lucas
Actor as Spiderman
Tobey Maguire
Santa Monica
Actor of Cars and Coco
Cheech Marin
Los Angeles
Iconic actress of Some Like it Hot
Marilyn Monroe
Los Angeles
Actress known as Peggy in King of the Hill
Kathy Najimy
San Diego
Singer of You've Got a Friend in Me
Randy Newman
Los Angeles
37th president
Richard Nixon
Yorba Linda
Child actress of Poltergeist, died at 12
Heather O'Rourke
San Diego
Child actor of The Sixth Sense
Haley Joel Osment
Los Angeles
Actress of Shakespeare in Love and Iron Man
Gwyneth Paltrow
Los Angeles
Pop singer of Firework and Roar
Katy Perry
Santa Barbara
Actress of Scarface and Sinbad
Michelle Pfeiffer
Santa Ana
Actor of Scooby Doo and She's All That
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Los Angeles
Late worker for Pixar
Joe Ranft
Actor of The Sting and Ordinary People
Robert Redford
Santa Monica
Actress of Casper and The Addams Family
Christina Ricci
Santa Monica
First American woman to go in space
Sally Ride
Los Angeles
Actor known as Clifford the Big Red Dog
John Ritter
Actress of Black-ish
Tracee Ellis Ross
Los Angeles
Puppeteer of Abby Cadabby on Sesame Street
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
Walnut Creek
Actress of Felicity and The Americans
Keri Russell
Fountain Valley
Actress known as Leela in Futurama
Katey Sagal
Los Angeles
Actor of Despicable Me and The Muppets
Jason Segel
Los Angeles
Film critic of Good Morning America
Joel Siegel
Los Angeles
Former football player who murdered his wife
O.J. Simpson
San Francisco
Author of The Grapes of Wrath
John Steinbeck
Lead actress of Twilight
Kristen Stewart
Los Angeles
Actor as Sulu in Star Trek
George Takei
Los Angeles
Actor known for Muppets from Space, Tangled and The Grinch
Jeffrey Tambor
San Francisco
Child star of Heidi
Shirley Temple
Santa Monica
Actress of Family Guy and Monsters Inc
Jennifer Tilly
Los Angeles
Late actor of The Fast and Furious films
Paul Walker
Famous tennis player with sister Serena
Venus Williams
Legendary golfer of 14 major wins since 1996
Tiger Woods
Parody musician of Eat It
Weird Al Yankovic
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