HARD Marvel Comics Superheroes/Villains Quiz.

Try and guess as many as you can! Recommended for fans who have read a lot of the comics. P.S Sorry if my comic knowledge isn't very good.
Quiz by samclose08
Last updated: May 3, 2018
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An American Super Soldier.
Captain America
Filthy Rich and Genius Inventor.
Iron Man
Bitten by a Radioactive Spider.
When he gets angry, turns into an angry green monster.
The God of Thunder.
The God of Mischief, brother of above.
Ruler of Asgard, father to the two above.
The Sorcerer Supreme.
Dr Strange
An Arch-Nemesis of above, ruler of the Dark Dimension.
The cousin of the Hulk.
Superhuman powers given to her by the Kree.
Captain Marvel
Evil robot invented by Hank Pym.
Black Symbiote, Spidermans nemesis.
He has the power of a million exploding suns.
The Sentry
Lead Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Nick Fury
Can channel the powers of his Chi, one of the best Martial Artists in the Marvel Universe.
Iron Man
The offspring of the Venom symbiote, even more psychotic after bonding with a serial killer.
Leader of the Shi'Ar Imperial Guard, has a red mohawk.
Restricted to a wheelchair, powerful telepath, creator of the X-Men.
Professor X
Can teleport himself, other beings, and objects at will, with a blue puff of smoke.
Most notable subject of the Weapon X program, adamantium claws come from his knuckles.
The host of the Phoenix Force.
Jean Grey
Can control and bend metal at his will.
The daughter of above. Powerful sorcerer.
Scarlet Witch
The sister/son of the two above. Incredibly fast.
A very powerful sorcerer, wears a metal mask and green garments.
Doctor Doom
Can bend and stretch his limbs at his will.
Mr Fantastic
Can coat his body in flames, and also fly.
Human Torch
Has the ability to make herself and other things invisble.
Invisible Woman
His body is made out of pure, solid rock. Former pilot.
Can control the molecules of any object he wants.
Molecule Man
The King of Wakanda, has low superhuman abilities.
Black Panther
Possesses the Power Cosmic, chooses people to become his Herald.
Most notable herald of above, seen flying on a surfboard.
Silver Surfer
An Eternal with purple skin, his goal is to collect all the infinity stones.
The daughter of above, has green skin.
The daughter/sister of the two above.
Was originally known as "him", has the ability to manipulate cosmic energy.
Adam Warlock
A self-proclaimed "outlaw", his ship is called the Milano.
Star Lord
A foul-mouthed animal who has some of the most high-tech gadgetry in the Universe.
Rocket Raccoon
The tree-like companion of the above, can only utter three words.
The Destroyer, team mates of the above.
Once he starts running, he cannot be stopped.
Has the ability to manipulate anti-matter energy.
Blue Marvel
Can copy the fighting style of anybody.
Highly skilled with a bow and arrow, has been under the aliases Ronin and Goliath.
Similar to the above. A highly skilled female secret agent.
Black Widow
He can telepathically communicate with birds, and has his own set of wings on his back.
Was the best friend of Captain America, before being brainwashed and sent to kill him. Has a metal arm.
Winter Soldier
The King of Atlantis.
Namor the Sub Mariner
One of Marvel's versions of Superman. Formerly a member of the Squadron Sinister.
Marvels version of Batman. Usually fights crime at knight, given boosted attributes by someone called "Khonshu".
Moon Knight
Goes by the same name as Iron Man's original suit. A good friend of Iron Man.
War Machine
"Quantum Bands" are permanently fused to his wrists, giving him incredible powers of Energy Manipulation.
Can shrink to the size of an ant, but can also grow to become a giant, using Pym Particles.
Possesses a black symbiote like another on this list, however uses it for good. In human form, he is restrained to a wheelchair due to an event in the military.
Agent Venom
The red version of the angry green monster.
Red Hulk
Can control the weather.
Proclaimed "First Mutant". Literally has all the powers. A great nemesis to the X-Men.
The arch-nemesis of Captain America.
Red Skull
An enemy of Spiderman. Can shapeshift different parts of his body into sand.
The sister of Thor and Loki, and the Goddess of Death.
Was given the same powers as Thor. His hammer is called the "Stormbreaker".
Beta Ray Bill
The God of War.
He wears a suit which makes him look the animal he is named after. Another enemy of Spiderman.
A Nigh-Omnipotent being, and a member of a mysterious alien race. You could say he is "one from beyond".
The Beyonder
Very similar to Wolverine, except he is a villain. Another standout recipient of the Weapon X Program.
Level 62
Oct 20, 2018
you have iron fist named as iron man
Level 60
Feb 27, 2019
Also, the clue about the Spider-Man enemy is a bit vague. I tried vulture and scorpion before I got it.