Statistics for A Level PE - Concepts of Physical Activity and Sport

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Free time during which individuals can choose what to doLeisure
Key features used to identify a particular conceptCharacteristics
A scale representing gradual changeContinuum
Activities which take place in the natural environment and utilise nature/geographical resourcesOutdoor education
An emphasis on taking part recreationally with enjoyment as a key motivator to participate Participation level
A challenge that stimulates a sense of danger and adventure for beginners or inexperienced performers in a safe environment, with danger minimised via stringent safety measuresPerceived risk
Initiative to increase participation in school sport from intra/inter-school level through to county and national levelsSchool Games
The creation of increased opportunities for school sport via junior/primary schools working together with secondary schools and further education providersSchool Sport Partnerships
Participation in various forms of physical activity at various stages of developmentSporting development continuum

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