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Red background with a white cresent moon and star.Turkey
A dark blue background, with the Union Jack in the upper left corner, and four red stars with white borders to the right.New Zealand
White background with a red circle in the centre.Japan
Thirteen horizontal stripes of red alternating with white, with a blue rectangle in the upper left corner with 50 white stars.United States of America
Tri-colour; 3 horizontal bars with blue on top, then black in the middle, then white on the bottom.Estonia
Two red horizontal bars on the top and bottom, with a white centre. In the white field is the image of a green ceder tree.Lebanon
A white background, with a blue bar running horizontally through the middle. Intersecting that blue bar is another blue bar running vertically, just off centre towards the left, which almost looks like a cross. Many other flags in this region share this design.Finland
5 sunburst-like bands of colour radiate out from the bottom left corner. The top band is coloured blue, the one underneath it is yellow, then red, then white, then green.Seychelles
Tri-colour; 3 horizontal bars of yellow, blue and red. In the centre is an arch of 8 white stars.Venezuela
A blue circle with a white constellation, with a banner inscribed with the national motto running across it, inside a yellow diamond, on a green background.Brazil
A tri-colour flag; a horizontal band of orangy-yellow at the top, then white, then green. In the white band there is a navy coloured spinning wheel.India
A red background, with a thick black diagonal bar with two thinner white bars on the sides of it going from the top left to the bottom right.Trinidad and Tobago
6 horizontal strips consisting of black, yellow and red in that order. In the centre is a white circle and within the circle the national symbol, a grey crowned crane, is depicted facing left.Uganda
A block of red on the top, then a block of black on the bottom. In the centre is a half a cog wheel with a machete with a gold star.Angola
Three equal horizontal bands of white (top), blue, and red. To the left is the coat of arms, which depicts a white mountain against a blue background, with 3 golden stars and 2 blue wavy lines going through the mountain.Slovenia

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