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1,5792022-07-22The Grand European football quiz 2022/23
2912018-01-16Where do all these airplanes come from?
1752021-03-08Messi or Ronaldo
1522018-05-01Countries NOT recognized by all
1142018-06-26Worst country to be a woman in?
1052018-01-29Where is it? - Level 1 - super easy
962020-01-2535 most watched movies of ALL times
962018-09-26Teen drinking in Europe
902018-05-01Once countries, now 'occupied'
892019-11-17American Ninja Warrior Quiz
892018-01-29Countries of elected and appointed female heads of state
892019-08-24Countries that invaded China
872019-08-06All NHL nationalities
862018-10-20Which country's football league?
852019-09-16I give team, you give city. (Europe, hard)
852019-02-26The Occult and Magic quiz
842018-12-17Cities by clues: Germany
842020-01-17European football records
802018-11-23This means war: the most warmongering countries
772018-11-02Cities with the most sex workers
772019-11-01EU - everyone who is, was, wanted to join, resigned
762022-01-1622 British bands by songs
752020-06-11Famous Jews
712019-05-18Unwanted passports
702021-06-13Famous siblings
672018-04-26Terrorism through decades
652019-02-14Tourism: Worst tourists in the world!
652019-09-16I give team, you give city. (Europe, easy)
642018-12-17Cities by clues: Italy
642020-04-14Clubs of football icons - 1
632021-03-06Most Expensive Football XI
622019-10-17The Most Polluted Europe
592017-12-22Band from which country? (Europe)
572021-03-09US languages: 1 million+ speakers
572019-04-28The loneliest countries in Europe
562019-09-05Metal subgenres
562019-09-15Football team in European capital
542019-06-22Largest Battles in History
542018-12-17Cities by clues: France
532018-04-26Crime: most common in (country)
532019-02-13Tourism: Best tourists in the world!
512019-06-15Countries by temperatures
492018-04-26Crime: rape
482017-12-28The best English in the world!
462019-02-13Tourism: Most visited places in most visited countries?
462019-10-23WPS: The best and worst countries for women 2019/20
452019-07-23Worst hyperinflation in history
442020-05-19Guess the anime
432018-10-21Famous fat actors
422021-03-06Most Expensive Football XI: "big 5" leagues
422020-04-14Clubs of football icons - 2
412021-05-06Football stadiums to teams 1/3 (EASY)
412019-10-17Worst inflation right now
412020-06-14Irish things [pic]
402018-01-14Where is it? - Level 4 - average
392019-06-22The Largest Beer Companies
392019-10-23Women suffering domestic violence
392018-05-03Countries with the most and the least polluted air
382021-12-08Country by beer [pic]
382021-03-09US languages: 10k+ to 100k speakers
372021-02-28Slovakian things [pic]
372022-03-11Type in the Color you see
372018-06-03Singer of which band? #3
372018-01-15Where is it? - Level 6 - very hard
372018-10-23Store from which country?
372018-09-07Tourism: Best budget countries
362020-06-11Famous Muslims
362021-04-22What's the name in French?
352018-01-14Where is it? - Level 5 - hard
352018-05-31Singer of which band? #1
352018-08-28This means war: lets die for nationalistic feelings (not?)
342018-05-03Tourism: Chinese favorites
342019-11-21Single-payer healthcare countries
332019-02-13Tourism: Best performing cities?
332018-09-14Top universities for your CV?
332020-06-09Sacred languages
332018-10-18Drummer of which band #2?
332020-06-26British things [pic]
332020-01-17Most football goals ever
332022-01-1622 European bands by songs
322018-01-14Where is it? - Level 2 - very easy
322018-04-06Where was I born?
322020-03-20Airports after people 1/3
322021-03-08Most expensive football clubs
322020-06-14Famous football players
322020-06-11Famous Christians
312022-06-11What's the name in Polish?
312018-04-26Crime: human trafficking and migrant smuggling
312021-03-09US languages: 100k+ to 1m speakers
312021-05-18Football stadiums to teams 2/3 (MEDIUM)
312018-08-18Singer of which band #6?
302019-04-27All World Expo cities
302019-09-20Expat destinations, the best and the worst
302020-03-26Bands and the city
302017-12-28European English proficiency, top 15
302022-02-26Names: masculine or feminine?
302020-04-14Clubs of football icons - 3
302021-01-02The busiest airports by country
292018-01-14Where is it? - Level 3 - easy
292020-07-09Weird looking actors [pic]
292018-08-20Singer of which band #4?
292021-04-21What's the name in Spanish?
292018-11-02Cities with the most hipsters
292021-04-21What's the name in Russian?
292018-10-18Drummer of which band? #1
292018-12-16Cities by clues: Spain
282020-06-11Famous Hindus
282019-10-13Countries most invested in education
282021-04-21What's the name in German?
282018-09-07Cities the most Michelin
282018-01-15Where is it? - Level 7 - super hard
282018-06-02Singer of which band #2?
282018-06-26Most dangerous megacities for women?
282018-12-28I Give Songs, You Give Band #2
272018-11-02Cities with the most rich
272018-08-20Singer of which band? #5
272019-06-22The Largest Libraries in the World
272018-08-16Last king of ___
272018-10-20Cartoons from where?
272021-04-19Name in other languages: John
272018-12-28I Give Songs, You Give Band #3
262019-06-06Best/worst water in EU-rope
262019-10-23Women NOT OK at work
262018-10-26Beer connoisseur? #1
262018-04-26Crime: drugs and trafficking
262020-03-20Airports after people 2/3
262019-05-08Cities by clues: UK+Ireland
262020-09-25Real name: Musicians
262020-04-14Clubs of football icons - 4
262020-07-10Weird looking actresses [pic]
252017-12-24Big5 (European football/soccer)
252020-12-01Swiss things [pic]
252022-06-04Miss World - where from
252019-01-06US Presidential superquiz
252019-01-03Tourism: Malaria
252018-02-08Words J. Trudeau does NOT approve
252020-06-26German things [pic]
252018-12-17Cities by clues: Nordics
242020-03-20Airports after people 3/3
242019-11-12Singer A-Z
242020-06-14Dutch things [pic]
242020-06-14Famous football players #2
242021-08-10Weird and Random #1
242018-10-21Drummer of which band? #3
232020-06-11Famous atheists
232020-06-02Things people confuse
232018-04-26Most environmentally harmful cars
232021-05-06Football stadiums to teams 3/3 (HARD)
232022-07-30The most polluting celebrities
232019-09-16I give team, you give city. (Americas, easy)
232020-06-14Famous football players #4
232021-05-24Lines from a song - 1. Too Easy
232021-04-19Name in other languages: Mary
232018-04-10Which country has the most satisfied workers?
232020-01-19One sentence sports
232022-05-17Movies with a City in the Title #1
222021-04-02Where was I born, again?
222021-06-11Bank to European country
222019-10-27Grand Band Quiz: TOOL
222021-04-20Name in other languages: Katherine
222021-12-08Country by beer #2 [pic]
222020-07-29Most foreign prisoners
222021-05-11Recognize parts of: a human?
222021-02-07The most EVIL companies in the world
222018-10-20Famous Asian & African actors
222018-12-28I Give Songs, You Give Band #1
222020-10-30Recognize: the American #1 [pic]
212021-12-08Country by beer #3 [pic]
212020-06-14Famous football players #6
212020-06-12Most domestic football wins
212021-05-24Lines from a song - 2. Easy
212018-09-07Tourism: Most instagrammed beaches
212020-03-27Healthy life expectancy, by continent
212020-10-15French things [pic]
212020-04-14Clubs of football icons - 5
212021-01-14Cultural appropriation
202019-01-03Tourism: Yellow Fever
202020-06-14Famous football players #3
202021-03-11Half/half: Music instruments [pic]
202018-09-07Vocabulary of Pain
202022-07-245 movie stars per country
202018-04-07Top 10 richest people in human history
202019-09-04Whose biopic?
202020-04-14Clubs of football icons - 6
202020-06-14Famous football players #5
202021-06-11Mythological objects
202019-01-18I Give Songs, You Give Band #6
202018-04-26Living out of the tourists pocket
202021-02-15Norwegian things [pic]
192019-11-21Countries with universal public healthcare (excl. s-p)
192021-04-21What's the name in Finnish?
192019-04-27Important World Expo cities
192017-12-28Asia English proficiency, top 10
192022-04-02Best-selling Game by Console
192018-04-26Crime: homicide
192019-06-15Rivers with top discharge
192022-01-1622 N.American bands by songs
192019-06-22Big 4 meanings
192020-06-03Things people confuse #2
182021-03-19Half/half: Actors 2 [pic]
182020-06-11Famous agnostics
182021-06-10Name character: Horror [pic]
182019-11-30One sentence TV
182019-06-15Freshwater Resources
172020-07-29Countries with prisons too full
172022-05-06Actors you probably don't know [pic]
172021-05-11Recognize parts of: a salad?
172021-12-05Hungarian things [pic]
172022-01-13First 3 women...
172020-07-09Weird looking actors #2 [pic]
172021-03-11Half/half: Actresses 2 [pic]
172020-10-15Icelandic things [pic]
172020-04-05Tourism: Which place am I visiting?
172017-12-28African English proficiency, top 15
172018-10-23Store from which country? #2
162018-08-28This means war: who wins the most blood money
162021-04-19Name in other languages: Steven
162021-01-14Pizza toppings
162021-04-19Name in other languages: William
162019-06-22The Largest McDonald's
162021-02-07The most corrupt tech companies in the world
162021-03-11Half/half: Actresses [pic]
162020-06-14Danish things [pic]
162021-12-04Croatian things [pic]
162021-04-21What's the name in Irish?
162021-04-27Slightly obscure history
162020-06-14Belgian things [pic]
162021-06-20Best childcare in the world
162021-02-07The most POWERFUL companies in the world
162022-05-06Actresses you probably don't know [pic]
162020-04-05Do you know your zombie movies?
162021-05-26Buried, but where?
162019-02-03Country by highest/lowest point
162017-12-28Americas English proficiency, top 10
162020-06-09Religion, who founded it?
162020-10-30Recognize: the Asian [pic]
162020-06-09Northernmost things
162022-05-31Sight to city: Europe #1 [pic]
152017-12-28The worst English in the world!
152021-08-14Somewhat famous animals #1 [pic]
152019-05-20Cities by Leaders: UK
152018-09-07The best donuts in the US
152018-08-28This means war: Trump vs Xi trade war
152018-04-10Which country has the most satisfied FEMALE workers?
152021-03-11Half/half: Foods [pic]
152019-01-18Cities by clues: Russia
152022-02-26Enemies of the Internet
152021-02-07The most DANGEROUS companies
152019-10-23Women run the country 2019
152019-06-22Big4+1 first draft nationalities
152020-09-25Real name: Actors/Actresses
152020-06-11Country calling codes
152018-04-26Crime: females
152022-05-31Sight to City: Europe #2 [pic]
152021-01-14Home country of inventions
152020-01-29US cities with most single parents
142018-10-20Famous Asian & African actors #2
142022-07-30Austrian things [pic]
142019-09-04Whose biopic? #2
142021-05-24Lines from a song - 3. Medium
142019-05-20Cities by Leaders: France
142021-04-21What's the name in Arabic?
142022-05-15Name a dog breed, medium. [pic]
142022-05-15Name a dog breed, easy. [pic]
142020-06-19Canadian bands [pic]
142019-10-29Stand-Up comedian naming
142022-01-13Pick the bands that started...
132021-08-14Somewhat famous animals #2 [pic]
132021-04-18Lithuanian things [pic]
132020-06-19American bands [pic]
132020-03-26Bands and the City #2
132020-01-17My name is Smith!
132019-09-16I give team, you give city. (Africa, easy)
132021-08-15Pick the band's members #1
132019-10-23Women un/afraid to go out
132021-06-10Legendary creatures
132018-10-18Famous Johnsons, 2nd edit.
132018-08-17Do you really know: Russia?
122021-03-19Half/half: Car brands [pic]
122018-11-02Cities with the most Venture Capita
122018-04-26Crime: participation in organized crime
122022-06-01Sight to City: Europe #3 [pic]
122020-03-27Low healthy life expectancy, by continent
122018-04-26Crime: kidnapping
122021-03-06Football by value [tile]
122021-04-02Where did I act? #1
122020-12-07US state capitals then & now
122021-08-02Animal sounds
122018-10-26Drummer of which band #4?
122020-06-26Luxembourger things [pic]
122020-12-01Spanish things [pic]
122018-09-07Music trivia
122019-09-16I give team, you give city. (Asia, easy)
122021-07-13Guess 6: Sights per country
112021-06-10Fictional settlements
112022-06-01Sight to City: Europe #4 [pic]
112021-03-18Half/half: Actors [pic]
112022-07-02State with City of same name
112019-01-18I Give Songs, You Give Band #5
112021-04-22Smalltown Europe
112021-07-07Give the FULL name 1
112018-10-26Drummer of which band? #5
112022-05-17Movies with a City in the Title #2
112021-04-19Name in other languages: Elizabeth
112018-12-28Cities by clues: Central Europe
112022-05-15Name a dog breed, hard. [pic]
112021-12-05European cartoon characters [pic]
112021-09-02Pic pick #1
112021-04-02Where did I act? #2
112019-06-22The Largest Drug Companies
112020-03-12Blood type and country: O
112020-03-12Blood type and country: AB
112020-06-19American bands 2 [pic]
112020-03-27Healthy life expectancy
112021-02-12The Great Pantheon Quiz
102019-11-21National motto quiz #1
102021-12-04Chubby Hollywood
102018-04-26Crime: burglary
102020-01-29Do you know your vampire movies?
102021-06-10Fantasy worlds
102022-05-15African Union quiz
102019-01-18I Give Songs, You Give Band #4
102022-06-03Sight to City: Europe #6 [pic]
102019-02-12Books by word count
102019-06-15Union of Ibero-American Capital Cities
102022-06-03Sight to City: Europe #5 [pic]
102020-05-11Words that end in -plex
92022-06-07Sight to City: Asia #2 [pic]
92022-06-07Sight to City: Asia #6 [pic]
92020-06-09Symbols of Religions
92021-07-07Give the FULL name 3
92020-03-27Low healthy life expectancy
92021-05-26Choose by nicknames
92021-05-26Philosophers were born
92019-10-23Women 100% OK at work
92022-06-12Sight to City: North America #1 [pic]
92019-09-20TOP 15 Easiest to find friends in
92022-06-12Sight to City: North America #4 [pic]
92019-06-15Under 5,50USD/day
92022-05-06National animals
92021-03-19Interpol top leader countries
92018-04-26Crime: robbery
92021-02-04Do you really know Vatican?
82021-10-08Worst Post in the world 2021
82020-12-01Portuguese things [pic]
82021-03-19Half/half: Sights 1 [pic]
82021-07-07Give the FULL name 2
82022-06-07Sight to City: Asia #4 [pic]
82019-09-20BOTTOM 15 Feel welcome
82021-05-24Lines from a song - 4. Hard
72018-04-29IHWC all countries in top division (men)
72021-02-12Pick out the FAKE: Entertainers
72022-05-06City by amusement park
72020-12-01Maltese things [pic]
72020-07-29Female prisoner countries
72019-09-20TOP 10/BOTTOM 5 To find a date in
72022-06-12Sight to City: North America #6 [pic]
72021-04-21What's the name in Hawaiian?
72021-06-11The New York Times Best Sellers
72018-10-31Freedooommm! of thought
72021-09-12Pic pick #3
72022-04-30Finnish things [pic]
72021-10-08Best Post in the world 2021
72020-06-11Name a stand-up
72018-11-02Cities by fat people
72021-05-24Lines from a song - 5. Too Hard
72022-06-12MTV Quiz
62020-06-11Name a stand-up #2
62022-05-02Toxic dating tactics
62021-09-11Pic pick #2
62022-05-15Dog Extreme Quiz
62020-03-12Blood type and country: B
62022-06-12Sight to City: North America #2 [pic]
62019-09-20TOP 15 Feel welcome
62022-06-07Sight to City: Asia #5 [pic]
62019-10-13Name the form of government
62020-10-15Andorran things [pic]
62018-10-26Drummer of which band #6?
62021-04-02Where did I act? #3
62021-03-19Interpol, who's not in?
62022-06-12Sight to City: North America #3 [pic]
52022-06-12Sight to City: North America #5 [pic]
52021-02-04Everything Pope
52020-03-12Blood type and country: A
52018-04-26Crime: assault and major assault
52019-06-15Rags and riches
52020-01-17Cartoons: Asterix
52020-06-09Northernmost things #2
52020-01-17Cartoons: Tintin
52020-05-31NOT a real city! #1 (multi)
52021-07-07Born and died, where? #1
52022-06-05Sight to City: Africa [pic]
52022-06-07Sight to City: Asia #1 [pic]
52021-06-11Banks from places
52022-06-07Sight to City: Asia #3 [pic]
42020-05-31Cities on the same Latitude #2 (multi)
42020-05-30Cities on the same Latitude #1 (multi)
42020-06-09Northernmost things #3
42022-04-02Name the homos
42022-04-02Everything Romulus and Remus
42022-04-02Legendary Kings of Rome
42018-08-11Guess which University #2
42019-11-21National motto quiz #2
42018-04-26More valuable than family
42021-02-04Vatican things [pic]
42018-04-26Crime: bribery
42018-04-26Crime: arm of the law
42022-07-30Bosnian things [pic]
42021-02-15Name the Queen (or similar)
42018-04-29IHWC all countries in top division (women)
42022-02-26Old West gunfights
32020-05-31NOT a real city! #2 (multi)
32021-08-15Pick the band's members #3
32022-06-06Sight to City: South America [pic]
32020-05-31Cities on the same Latitude #3 (multi)
32020-10-15Monégasque / Monacan things [pic]
32022-02-26Missing people
32021-06-20Which calendar
32019-11-21National motto quiz #3
32021-08-15Pick the band's members #2
32018-09-07Tourism: Largest megahotels
32019-11-21National motto quiz #4
32020-01-29America acquired
32019-06-22Name the Largest Pyramids in the World
32020-05-31NOT a real city! #5 (multi)
22018-06-23Willem quotes lyrics #1
22020-12-01Liechtensteiner things [pic]
22019-11-21National motto quiz #5
22022-03-12Roadtrip! 1
22018-04-26Crime: motor vehicle theft
22022-06-04Sight to City: Oceania [pic]
22020-05-31NOT a real city! #4 (multi)
22019-11-21National motto quiz #6
12020-02-27Where was it filmed? #1
12022-04-30Moldovan things [pic]
12020-05-31NOT a real city! #3 (multi)
12022-06-06Sight to City: Central Am. & Caribbean [pic]
12021-06-10UK prime outside UK
12022-02-11Will'em TV
12021-02-28Sammarinese things [pic]
02022-06-05Tycho Brahe quiz
02021-06-11FBI most wanted at the end of the decade