One sentence TV

Name a TV-show based on one sentence introduction.
Includes "the internet tv" as well as your "traditional tv".
Shows from America, UK, S.Korea and Japan.
Color coded per assumed difficulty level.
Quiz by WillemLAif
Last updated: November 30, 2019
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Agents are trying to solve paranormal cases.
The X-Files
No ma'am, it isn't easy to provide for a useless family as a shoe-salesman.
Married... with Children
A gun hating man with a mullet solves problems.
An older greaser suspiciously hangs around kids in the 1950s real America.
Happy Days
Six supposedly twenty-somethings figure out friendship in NYC.
Two undercover detectives fight crime in Florida in Italo-casual fashion.
Miami Vice
A family of father and many sons, each from a different wife, help the community from their Nevada ranch.
A police squint solves crimes on both sides of the law while splattering a lot of blood.
A radio persona talks smart and gets inconvenienced by his flaming brother, cane wielding father, the old man's dog, his ex-wife and others.
A teacher with lung cancer makes an extra buck by manufacturing drugs.
Breaking Bad
United Federation of Planets has sent their best crew to where no man has gone before.
Star Trek
A woman with a cheap name moves next to some eccentric geniuses and somebody falls in lust - I mean love.
The Big Bang Theory
Two brothers save the world and each other over and over and over again.
Bearded men set sail for a good old fashioned pillage and plunder in the name of Odin.
A stupid fat man likes to cause havoc in Rhode Island, drink with his buddies and fart on his daughter's face from time to time.
Family Guy
A bunch of kids come to experience humiliating changes in their body while allowing monsters to guide them.
Big Mouth
A female lawyer gets hired by old school mate, advised in love by her roommate and her fantasies seem just a little bit too real sometimes.
Ally McBeal
A hippie and a conservative find love on a first date and support each other despite being polar opposites.
Dharma & Greg
A bunch of British teenagers are trying to grow up despite questionable parenting, teachers trying to be friends, sometimes with benefits, and loads of drugs and skin between each other.
A man travels to Oahu to avenge his father's death, but ends up the head of a special task force for the police.
Hawaii Five-0
Two blood brothers from different mothers run drug operations in Manhattan until they part ways and try to kill each other while both being in good terms with one of their family.
A chubby British man's wife has died and her brother, the editor of the local newspaper where the said man works, tries to keep him afloat and not that suicidal.
After Life
The Twelve Colonies have been destroyed and the remaining humanity has to travel through space in search for the fabled lost thirteenth colony, while Cylons are trying to wipe them out.
Battlestar Galactica
Belters, Mars and Earth are squabbling with each other, but it seems a new threat has come to play them against each other in a full scale war with a potential to, guess what, wipe out humanity.
The Expanse
An old doctor ends up in trouble all the time and, with the help of his homicide detective son and a couple of other doctors, seems to solve more murder cases than cure patients.
Diagnosis Murder
Newly made friends Tim and Daisy rent an apartment in North London as a fake couple and end up in many weird and funny situations with their landlady, a frustrated painter neighbor and their TA fanatic and fashion nut friends.
Korean soil is threatened by a mysterious plague that has turned a king into a monster and the crown prince as the only hope for a future.
A virtual reality has become a prison for gamers and were you to die in the game, you will die in real life, also, but there is a way out and that is playing the game all the way through.
Sword Art Online
Two mysteriously connected strangers go into a pharmaceutical trial that is supposed to solve all their problems permanently, but the trials go awry.
In the future, consciousness is stored on a disc of sorts that allows you to avoid physical death by re-sleeving to new bodies, but murders/suicides still happen and a criminal ends up researching one such case with the hope of winning freedom for a solved case.
Altered Carbon
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